Honda Stories November 21

Honda, with its Chinese partner GAC, has launched a new all-electric crossover in China and it’s going to sell for the equivalent of just ~$25,000 USD. expand full story

Honda Stories October 3

As we have been discussing for a while, we are seeing more consolidation within the auto industry when it comes to autonomous driving technology as automakers are trying to bet on the right horse.

In the latest example of that consolidation, Honda is betting on GM’s cruise to build autonomous vehicles. expand full story

Honda Stories June 7

GM and Honda are both aiming to get more serious about electric vehicles and that means securing a supply of high-performance batteries.

In order to achieve that, the two major automakers are announcing today a new partnership to build next-gen batteries for electric vehicles. expand full story

Honda Stories May 23

Honda is currently seen as lagging behind when it comes to electrification at this moment with very little electric vehicle efforts.

But the Japanese automaker is now reportedly working on an important new global electric vehicle program in partnership with CATL, China’s biggest battery maker. expand full story

Honda Stories January 10

At CES in Las Vegas this week, Honda has unveiled a new swappable battery pack ecosystem that powers a series of different electric vehicles and products from ATVs to mobile power solutions. expand full story

Honda Stories December 7, 2017

Bi-directional charging or vehicle-to-grid (V2G), the capacity to send power from an electric car to the grid or another battery, has been under development and in pilot programs with several different automakers, but it has yet to be widely implemented.

Now Honda is the latest automaker to get on board with a new bi-directional charging station at its European headquarters as it considers the technology for its upcoming series of electric cars. expand full story

Honda Stories November 27, 2017

Several Japanese and Korean automakers have been entrenched in fuel cell hydrogen technology for their zero-emission vehicle effort supposedly due to its range and refueling advantages over battery-powered vehicles.

Now that those advantages are fading away and they are starting to make electric vehicles, it’s interesting to see what approach they are taking to charging infrastructure. As for Honda, the automaker is reportedly aiming for a 15-minute charging system for its upcoming electric cars. expand full story

Honda Stories October 25, 2017

Honda is among the several automakers unveiling new electric vehicle concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show today.

The automaker brought a new retro-looking all-electric sports car concept based on a new electric platform that they plan to bring to market in 2019. expand full story

Honda Stories September 29, 2017

Today, Honda released a teaser of a new electric car concept – pictured above – to be unveiled at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 next month. expand full story

At the upcoming 45th Tokyo Motorshow (October 27 to November 5), Honda will introduce their new ‘Riding Assist-e’ self-balancing motorcycle. As the name suggests this motorbike is aimed at motorcyclists who are just starting out and are still getting used to riding on two wheels. To make it easier for the rider, Honda lowered the seat, the center-of-gravity and added self-balancing technology without the use of a gyroscope. Take a look at the video below to see what a difference that makes.

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