Honda Stories June 29

Honda announced that an electric SUV called ‘Prologue’ is going to be its first dedicated battery-electric vehicle coming to the US.

We will have to wait for the model-year 2024 to get it.

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Honda Stories June 15

In a Tweet earlier today, autonomous rideshare company Cruise, announced it has secured a multi-year credit line of $5 billion from GM financial, to help purchase thousands of Origin vehicles. This new credit line will give Cruise $10 billion in total capital to help roll out its autonomous Origin vehicles manufactured by GM.

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Honda Stories April 26

Honda recently announced a big push for electrification, pledging that it would be 100% electric by 2040, at which point it would no longer sell gas-powered vehicles. And with motorcycles making up a decent chunk of Honda’s sales, the company is now announcing plans for four new models of electric motorcycles.

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Honda Stories April 23

Honda’s new CEO announced today that the Japanese automaker aims to achieve 100% “electric” vehicle sales by 2040, but there’s a twist.

They are not giving up on fuel cell hydrogen.

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Honda Stories April 8

Honda has just patented a new electric motorcycle that seems to take a page out of the popular Honda Grom’s playbook.

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Honda Stories March 2

Honda, Yamaha, KTM, and Piaggio have inked a deal to work together on developing swappable batteries for light electric vehicles such as electric motorcycles and scooters.

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Honda Stories February 25

When, as people who work, live, and breathe electrification, we think about the future of transport, it’s all too simple to slip into linear logic – an assumption that over the next decade, car owners will switch from gas cars to electric vehicles. But if one of the principal drivers of electrification is environmental, shouldn’t we be taking a long, hard look at the billions of vehicles that have already been built?

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Honda Stories February 24

Well, this is surely one of the weirder news stories I’ve written recently: Honda apparently wants to stuff a mini drone into the tail of an electric motorcycle.

But why?

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Honda Stories February 5

Honda may be working its way towards decent progress in the four-wheeled electric vehicle industry, but its electric motorcycle progress has left much to be desired. Now we’re getting clues in the form of more patent drawings for what could be Honda’s first mass market electric motorcycle.

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Honda Stories January 6

GM is set to produce a Honda-branded electric vehicle and an Acura-branded electric crossover in Mexico and Tennessee starting in 2023.

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