Coal Stories June 10

US electricity generation capacity from renewable energy sources surpassed coal for the first time this April, and that gap looks to grow substantially during the next three years.

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Coal Stories May 16

In today’s EGEB:

  • Democrats look to extend solar and wind tax credits…
  • …while the IEA sees the phaseout as encouraging to wind development.
  • One of the largest coal producers in the US files for bankruptcy.
  • UK solar generation peaked twice in the past week.

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Coal Stories May 10

New York state is on track to close its last remaining coal-fired power plants by the end of 2020 after adopting final regulations that require state power plants to meet new, stricter CO2 emissions limits.

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Coal Stories April 30

Another tipping point in energy seems to be on the horizon, as renewable energy in the US is expected to surpass coal in electricity generation for the first time this month.

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Coal Stories March 27

Constructing new wind and solar projects would be less expensive than continuing to run 74 percent of existing U.S. coal plants, according to a new study. That number jumps to 86 percent of coal plants by 2025.

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Coal Stories November 25, 2016

As of late, the idea of getting rid of coal in their own national electricity grid has become a popular one among several major nations across the world. At 6 least major countries, including Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and now Finland, have all recently announced the imminent phase-out of all coal-fired power plants. expand full story

Coal Stories October 10, 2016

Now that Tesla is venturing further into the energy industry by ramping up its energy storage division, ‘Tesla Energy’, and with solar through its proposed merger with SolarCity, the company is not just causing serious concern to established automakers and big oil, but also traditional energy companies like coal mining corporations.

This morning it became clear that Tesla is not welcomed by those companies either when Robert Murray, a climate-change denier and CEO of Murray Energy Corporation, one of the biggest coal mining firms in the US, called Tesla a “fraud” for receiving subsidies without turning a profit. expand full story

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