Tesla Powerwall Stories January 30

A family who was among the first to get a Tesla Powerwall installed at their home four years ago said in a review that the home battery pack helped them save over $8,000 on their power bill. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories October 15, 2019

Tesla is adding a rare new market to its Powerwall deployment. The home battery pack is now available for installation in Japan. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories August 9, 2019

Tesla is starting to ramp up the deployment of Powerwalls and it is proving useful for many homeowners.

Today, Tesla shared a picture of a Powerwall house with lights on while a power outage plunged an entire neighborhood in the dark. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories July 26, 2019

Tesla is working on a giant virtual power plant made of 50,000 Powerwalls and solar systems in Australia and the local government says that the first phases have shown a reduction in electricity rates by “more than 20%.”

Now they are moving to the third phase of the virtual power plant. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories June 21, 2019

Tesla has joined National Grid’s virtual power plant to give Powerwall owners the chance to earn up to $1,000 per year to give the electric utility access to some of their power. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories June 11, 2019

Tesla’s ‘Storm Watch’ was activated for ‘hundreds’ of Powerwall owners living around the California wildfires, says CEO Elon Musk.

Last year, Tesla started integrating features for Powerwall and solar customers to its mobile for vehicle owners.

Earlier this year, it included adding a new ‘Storm Watch’ to detect storms and prepare by storing energy in case of power outages.

Tesla described the new feature:

“When a storm or severe weather is on the horizon, increasing the likelihood of a utility power outage, Powerwall triggers Storm Watch. This mode automatically charges Powerwall to maximum capacity so it can provide backup power.

The Tesla app notifies customers that Powerwall has activated Storm Watch. The mode remains active until the weather event ends, at which time the system returns to its previously selected mode. It is possible to disable this mode by going to the Tesla app, selecting ‘Customize’ and then ‘Storm Watch.’”

It quickly proved useful as homeowners with the Tesla Powerwall in Queensland, Australia have reported that Tesla activated the feature ahead of a cyclone coming.

Tesla now says that the feature was also activated in California for some homeowners with Powerwall.

CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter:

“Storm Watch was active for hundreds of Powerwall customers this weekend as a result of the National Weather Service’s Red Flag Fire Warnings in California, and we will continue to activate it whenever there advance awareness of a potential power outage or physical danger.”

Some wildfires in California have been recently causing power outages.

Tesla decides when to activate Storm Watch and push it to Powerwall owners, but they can opt out of the program if they are not worried about the weather, or the possibility of losing power, and they want their home battery pack to keep cycling like it normally does.

As we recently reported, the rollout of Powerwalls has been relatively slow, but Tesla says that it is planning to ramp production throughout the second half of 2019.

We have heard of a batch of 250 Tesla Powerwalls going to the UK just last week.

Tesla Powerwall Stories June 4, 2019

Tesla has been having a tough time ramping up its Powerwall production, but we are now starting to see more projects including a new batch of 250 Tesla Powerwalls going to the UK. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories April 30, 2019

An electric utility in Vermont is launching a new trial program with the goal to “make traditional meters obsolete” by using Tesla Powerwalls to track energy usage on top of the many other benefits of Tesla’s home energy battery pack. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories February 22, 2019

Tesla is launching today the ability to use Powerwall 2 for backup power in Europe through its new Gateway 2 hardware. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories February 19, 2019

Tesla Powerwall is the most requested home energy storage device by consumers, according to a new survey of solar installers.

The problem is that most of them can’t get Tesla’s home battery pack. expand full story

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