Tesla Powerwall Stories December 3

Tesla’s plan to deploy 50,000 Powerwalls in Australia in order to create a giant virtual power plant is moving forward with 1,000 more homes as part of the second phase. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories October 12

When we talk about Tesla being production constrained, we most often talk about the company’s vehicles. But the Powerwall, Tesla’s home battery pack, might be its most production constrained product.

Now, the company has significantly increased Powerwall’s price just as it is expected to ramp up production. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories August 7

Tesla has updated its Powerwall and mobile app to add new features to its home battery pack system, including a ‘Storm Watch’ feature that automatically detect incoming storms and prepare for them by keeping energy stored in the Powerwall. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories July 16

Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it reached a deal with the South Australian government to install solar arrays and Powerwalls on up to 50,000 homes to create the biggest virtual power plant in the world.

The deal was jeopardized after a new government was elected in the state a few weeks later, but they have since come around and confirmed that they will be moving forward with Tesla’s initiative as long as it gets financing.

Now, Tesla has deployed first 100 Powerwalls for the virtual power plant in Australia and it’s already having an impact. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories July 11

Tesla has finally started delivering and installing the Powerwall 2 Founders series, a long-awaited Tesla referral program reward. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories July 4

Vermont is starting to get a significant number of Tesla Powerwalls installed through the company’s partnership with Green Mountain Power (GMP), an important electric utility in Vermont.

This latest heat wave in the northeast has hit Vermont pretty hard and GMP says that the energy storage capacity of its network of Powerwalls is making the difference during the peak demand. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories May 24

Ever since the island of Puerto Rico’s power grid was destroyed by hurricanes last year, power outages have plagued the island.

Tesla has been focusing on deploying solar and energy storage on the island in order to help get power back to more people quicker.

One homeowner with a Tesla Powerwall and solar array shows how it can keep the lights on and run off-grid during outages. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories May 13

Tesla released a long-awaited software update for the Powerwall 2 which will now enable homeowners to take better advantage of variable energy costs by scheduling their own time-based controls of the home battery pack. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories May 7

Through its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla took over a longstanding lawsuit against Salt River Project (SRP), an electric utility in Arizona, over the company’s practice of imposing “unfair” fees on potential solar power purchasers, which has virtually killed the local solar market.

They agreed on a settlement earlier this year and it includes a SRP financing program to offer significant discounts on home battery packs, like Tesla Powerwall, to its customers.

The program is now in place, but homeowners will have to move quickly. expand full story

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