Tesla Powerwall Stories May 24

Ever since the island of Puerto Rico’s power grid was destroyed by hurricanes last year, power outages have plagued the island.

Tesla has been focusing on deploying solar and energy storage on the island in order to help get power back to more people quicker.

One homeowner with a Tesla Powerwall and solar array shows how it can keep the lights on and run off-grid during outages. expand full story

Home Solar Power

Tesla Powerwall Stories May 13

Tesla released a long-awaited software update for the Powerwall 2 which will now enable homeowners to take better advantage of variable energy costs by scheduling their own time-based controls of the home battery pack. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories May 7

Through its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla took over a longstanding lawsuit against Salt River Project (SRP), an electric utility in Arizona, over the company’s practice of imposing “unfair” fees on potential solar power purchasers, which has virtually killed the local solar market.

They agreed on a settlement earlier this year and it includes a SRP financing program to offer significant discounts on home battery packs, like Tesla Powerwall, to its customers.

The program is now in place, but homeowners will have to move quickly. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories April 21

Just as we start seeing more Powerwall deployment from Tesla, the company slightly increases the price of the home battery pack unit, while thousands of reservation holders are still waiting for the system. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories April 7

Tesla’s Powerwall, a home battery pack, is gaining in popularity with electric utilities looking to create virtual power plants by adding energy storage capacity at the homes of their ratepayers.

Now it is chosen as the battery pack to power a virtual power plant system in Lebanon, New Hampshire, but Sunrun and other solar companies say that they want to be able to compete. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories April 6

Green Mountain Power (GMP), an electric utility in Vermont, was one of the first companies to get on board with Tesla’s energy storage products as they made a deal with the company back when they introduced the first generation of the Powerwall in 2015.

The rollout of Tesla’s home battery pack has been relatively slow, but the company has been making some big deals that led to a wider deployment of the energy storage system.

Now we learn that GMP has now 2,000 Powerwalls and it has installed just over 10 percent of them. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories March 29

After its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla started building an energy product offering that covers everything from energy production, with its solar products, to energy storage, with its Powerwall, to energy consumption, with its electric vehicles.

A perfect customer for the company would own all of those products.

Tri Huynh is one of those perfect new Tesla customers. He owns a Model 3 and just got one of the very first Tesla solar roof installations and 3 Powerwalls installed at his house in the Bay Area. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories March 28

After Tesla’s massive plan to create a 50,000-home virtual power plant with Powerwalls being in jeopardy in Australia, another similar project is now been announced for a new ‘virtual power plant’. expand full story

Tesla Powerwall Stories March 19

Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it reached a deal with the South Australian government to install solar arrays and Powerwalls on 50,000 homes to create the biggest virtual power plant in the world.

Now, new Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, a member of the Liberal party who just replaced the Labor party this week, made his intention clear that his administration doesn’t plan to go through with the rest of Tesla’s plan. expand full story

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