Rivian R1T Stories June 25

Rivian has released an awesome video of them testing their R1T electric pickup in the desert to show the impressive capacity of the vehicle. expand full story

Rivian R1T Stories April 28

The effects of the global pandemic are expected to force automakers into alliances to cover development costs for expensive technology. But Ford confirmed today that it canceled plans to use Rivian’s electric skateboard platform for a Lincoln-badged electric vehicle. Ford still plans to produce a Lincoln EV but is using its own technology.

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Rivian R1T Stories March 23

Rivian wants police departments and first responders to use its upcoming electric trucks and it is planning to make them comfortable with seats designed for people who are carrying a gun. expand full story

Rivian R1T Stories January 26

The upcoming Rivian R1T pickup and R1S SUV will be cheaper than previously expected. The R1T was originally announced with a $69,000 base price (and the R1S SUV at $72,000).

Rivian now says that $69,000 will be the price for a “well-equipped vehicle,” and that base model pricing will actually be lower than that.

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Rivian R1T Stories January 7

Rivian announced that it is directly integrating Alexa into its upcoming vehicles, including the R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV.

They say that drivers will be able to “control key vehicle features — even in remote locations with poor reception — and access unique Rivian ‘home-to-car’ and ‘car-to-home’ skills.” expand full story

Rivian R1T Stories December 25, 2019

Rivian gave us a little Christmas present today by releasing real video of an awesome feature they’re calling “tank turn.”

This feature allows the Rivian to turn literally on a dime – it can do a full 360º turn without moving at all.

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Rivian R1T Stories December 19, 2019

New patent applications are flowing for upcoming all-electric pickups. The future electric F-150’s front trunk can be accessed without opening the hood. The F-150 will have multiple battery-storage compartments, creating the possibility of individual motors for each wheel. The Rivian RT1’s tailgate has multiple hinges for greater flexibility, and an extra battery pack could be added to its cargo bed. All kinds of possibilities open up when you ditch the engine.

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Rivian R1T Stories December 13, 2019

The recently revealed Tesla Cybertruck is running neck-and-neck in popularity with upcoming electric offerings from big-name truck brands GM and Ford, according to a survey from Autolist.

The survey also included Rivian, which is similarly popular. Among people who have never owned a truck, all four brands fared roughly equally. Among current and former truck owners, GM and Ford had an advantage, with Rivian trailing closely and Tesla quite far behind.

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Rivian R1T Stories November 22, 2019

Tesla has unveiled its Cybertruck, and whatever you think about its design, you have to be impressed by the specs. The electric pickup truck blows gas-powered pickup trucks out of the water and compares shockingly well to the Rivian R1T, the only other electric pickup with official specs. expand full story

Rivian R1T Stories November 16, 2019

Rivian has released new information on its test program for the R1T electric pickup truck and released a video of a R1T pickup prototype off-roading. expand full story

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