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Rivian’s latest software update boosts range of R1S and even more so in R1T

Rivian Range

Rivian’s online configurator now reflects a myriad of changes for new customers, including the absence of previous add-on options like a full-size spare tire. On a positive note, those who own or purchase Rivian R1T or R1S with the AWD quad motor and large battery pack, should see an increase in range. Rivian fans rejoice, additional range is always welcomed news.

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Rivian announces it will soon be delivering its Ocean Coast interiors, but there is a caveat


We were lucky to receive an update from Rivian today on the new R1 series Ocean Coast interiors. The EV startup is excited to announce a few critical design updates, but there’s a catch.

The automaker also increased the price of the quad motor option from $6,000 to $8,000 and removed its Explore Package trim.

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Rivian R1S review and 1st drive: The best SUV ever made?

Rivian R1S Review

One simple fact is going to tell you more than all of the Rivian R1S Review words, images, and video below: I’m in line to buy a Rivian R1S, and after a few days on and off the roads of upstate NY, I’m more excited than ever to get my hands on it.

But if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell you about this mighty, electric seven-seat off-road SUV and why it is on my, and many many others’ dream car list – from the perspective of someone who is test-driving their next vehicle.

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Supply and Demand 101: Nascent EV trucks reselling well over MSRP on the open market

reselling EV

As new, larger, and more powerful EVs make their way into consumer driveways, their deliveries still remain quite small in number compared to the other electric vehicle types. That being said, the demand for electric trucks has exploded with many manufacturer models reserved into the next couple years. As a result, some early customers of these EV trucks are taking advantage of this demand and reselling them for a profit, some more than double what they paid.

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After backlash, Rivian (RIVN) backtracks on price hike in letter from Founder/CEO RJ Scaringe

Just two days ago, Rivian announced it would be either increasing the price of reservation holder vehicles $12,000+ or making reservation holders wait until 2024 at the earliest and giving them a smaller battery with a slower drivetrain and only two motors. Not the type of note Rivian reservation holders were hoping to see before their delivery.

The backlash from reservation holders, some from as far back as 2018, was alarming. In polls we and others took, a significant majority of reservation holders dropped their reservations. Most of the rest were waiting to see what Rivian did. Just two days later, we have an answer…

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Rivian paused production earlier this month to hone its manufacturing processes, hoping to ramp up output to 200 EVs a week

Rivian Q1 2022

American automaker Rivian reportedly halted its production lines in Illinois to fix some issues and streamline its manufacturing processes. After a difficult start to R1T production amidst COVID-19 and supply chain shortages, Rivian looks to hit higher output targets, aiming for 200 deliverable EVs a week.

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Rivian’s first retail hub to open in Venice, CA, as ‘a space to gather’

Rivian Hub

Fresh off the heels of delivering its flagship R1T electric pickup to first customers, Rivian has shared details of its first hub, centered in Venice, California. Rather than existing as solely a retail space, Rivian hopes this first of several hub locations will offer a space for public gatherings and encourages its community to visit and connect. If you happen to order a $70,000 EV while you’re there… well that’s a welcomed option as well.

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Rivian’s minivan image in patent offers an exercise in imagination more than anything

Rivian minivan

Images discovered by a member of Rivian Forums show Rivian has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark office for a sliding door on a dual-guide-rail. Interestingly enough, the images in the patent show the door on a minivan-style vehicle. Before speculation runs rampant, we want to point out that this patent is one of hundreds filed by the automaker and likely does not allude to a future Rivian minivan. However, it does present a growing niche Rivian would be well suited to fill.

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Rivian becomes the first electric pickup truck maker as R1T roll off production line

Rivian-q2-earnings- R1T Production

A Tweet by Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe shared a pivotal moment for the nascent EV automaker as its first R1T pickup destined for a customer rolled off the production line today. Images show a large group of Rivian’s staff at its Normal, IL facility cheering on the flagship EV completing assembly ahead of customer deliveries this month.

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Rivian forum member gets a slew of updates from guide: Here’s what we know

Rivian Updates

A member of Rivian forums recently got the chance to have an informative call with his “Rivian Guide” this week, where he asked a ton of questions, all of which were answered to some degree. This included everything from R1T and R1S delivery updates, a possible Rivian store, and more details about Apple Carplay compatibility. Here’s everything we know so far.

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Rivian planning to manufacture solid-state batteries

Rivian solid-state batteries

Recent job posts on Rivian’s career page reveal the automaker is searching for manufacturing engineers to develop solid-state batteries. The five positions currently listed are all for Rivian’s Palo Alto facility in California. Solid-state batteries have been touted for their potential of higher capacity compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries EV automakers currently use. That includes Rivian.

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