ChargePOint Stories September 14

ChargePoint, already one of the biggest makers and operators of charging stations, announced a new pledge to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure by having 2.5 million charge points in operation by 2025. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories May 10

There’s currently a lot of talk about charge rate for electric vehicles as Porsche is preparing to bring its 350 kW charging technology to market and Tesla is throwing some cold water on their plans.

Now ChargePoint unveils a new 2 MW charging technology, but it will be for electric aircraft and semi-trucks – not passenger cars. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories April 24

Only a week after Walmart announced that it is partnering with Electrify America to deploy hundreds of electric car charging stations, competitor Target announced its own plans with Electrify America, as well as with Tesla and ChargePoint, to deploy “more than 600 chargers” at “over 100 stores.” expand full story

ChargePOint Stories February 8

Electric vehicle charging is turning into big business. ChargePoint, one of the leading electric vehicle companies, says that it is now delivering 8 GWh of electricity in over 1 million electric car charges per month. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories June 29, 2017

US-based electric vehicle charging network operator ChargePoint is in the midst of a European expansion and it is apparently having no problem finding financial support.

After having raised $82 million led by Daimler just a few months ago, they confirmed today having raised another $43 million for the European expansion.  expand full story

ChargePOint Stories June 27, 2017

ChargePoint, one of the largest electric car charging station makers and network suppliers, announced today a deal with GE to take over the management of their charging network.

It results in the quick addition of more than 1,800 commercial and about 8,000 residential charging spots to its network. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories May 9, 2017

We were excitted when ChargePoint unveiled its latest charging station technology earlier this year. It’s a modular system called Express Plus and it can enable a record-breaking charge rate of up to 400 kW.

The only problem is that ChargePoint doesn’t operate its own charging stations. Therefore, in order for those to get deployed, other companies need to buy them and operate them.

Well, the company announced today the first major deployment of those stations as InstaVolt in the UK announced that they signed a contract to purchase “more than 200 ChargePoint rapid charge systems.” expand full story

ChargePOint Stories March 2, 2017

While Daimler has been pushing its brands Mercedes and Smart into an aggressive transition in electrification, the German automaker had so far no great involvement in EV infrastructure. That’s about to change.

The company announced today that it is leading a $82 million round of investment in the major electric vehicle charging network ChargePoint. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories January 7, 2017


The Consumer Electronic Show, now only known as CES, is becoming a popular trade show for the automotive industry. The auto section was a significant part of the show this year and while it was light on new products, we decided to give ‘Electrek awards’ to the best of CES 2017 for electric vehicle products. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories January 5, 2017




Earlier today, Chargepoint announced that they would have a new liquid-cooled 400kW charging station available this summer. In a subsequent video, Chargepoint also showed a Tesla charging handle in one of their stations which was quite a surprise, to us, anyway.

We went straight to the source and got an interview at CES with CEO Pasquale Romano to get all of the details… expand full story

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