Fisker Stories October 22

Fisker, an electric car startup founded by famed designer Henrik Fisker, announced that it received an investment from heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar for its solid-state battery technology. expand full story

Fisker Stories January 12

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we are discussing the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including our Tesla Model 3 review with Jameson Dow, Henrik Fisker unveils his EMotion all-electric car, Tesla start solar roof tile production at Gigafactory 2, and more. expand full story

Fisker Stories January 9

After months of teasing, so much so that we had actually seen pretty much the entire vehicle and we have been aware of its main specs, Fisker officially launched its new EMotion all-electric vehicle at CES in Las Vegas last night. expand full story

Fisker Stories January 5

The more we get to see Henrik Fisker’s new electric car, the more we hope that he can get it to production.

Ahead of the vehicle launch next week, Fisker released several new impressive pictures of the all-electric vehicle. expand full story

Fisker Stories November 14, 2017

When Henrik Fisker relaunched its electric car startup last year, he announced that their first car will be powered by a new graphene-based hybrid supercapacitor technology, but he later announced that they put those plans on the backburner and instead will use more traditional li-ion batteries.

Now the company is announcing a “breakthrough” in solid-state batteries to power their next-generation electric cars and they are filing for patents to protect their IP.

Get ready for some crazy claims here.

expand full story

Fisker Stories July 19, 2017

Since unveiling an actual prototype of its upcoming all-electric vehicle last month, Fisker has been gradually revealing more details about the vehicle through social media.

We now learn that they are using li-ion battery cells from LG Chem, dual cameras in the mirrors, and more. expand full story

Fisker Stories June 29, 2017

No more renders and photoshopped images. Fisker unveiled an actual prototype of his new electric car, the EMotion, ahead of the official unveiling event tomorrow.

The new electric car startup also started taking reservations with $2,000 deposits for the $130,000 premium sedan. expand full story

Fisker Stories April 24, 2017

Last year, renowned car designer Henrik Fisker announced a new electric car company called Fisker Inc. It’s his most significant come back to the industry since he left his previous EV startup, Fisker Automotive, in the middle of a bankruptcy back in 2013.

He has been teasing the vehicle over the past few months – claiming that it will have over 400 miles of all-electric range – and now he announced an unveiling date: August 17th. expand full story

Fisker Stories October 25, 2016

It becomes harder and harder to get excited about Henrik Fisker’s new electric vehicle. As we reported earlier this month, the renowned car designer started a new electric car company called Fisker Inc. and he set up a sister company to bring to market a new hybrid supercapacitor technology in order to create an all-electric vehicle with a range of over 400 miles.

You would think that his reputation as a successful car designer would be enough to create some hype around his project, but now it looks like Fisker is using some shady shortcuts to hype his car and he partly used Electrek to do it. expand full story

Fisker Stories October 21, 2016

Henrik Fisker released this week the first image of his new car concept after coming out of stealth mode earlier this month and announcing his new company with intentions to bringing to market an electric car achieving 400 miles of range by using supercapacitors. expand full story

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