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Nikola Corporation

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Nikola (NKLA) Q4 2022 results: Deliveries and revenues stumble, but plenty in the works for 2023

Nikola Q4 2022

Nikola Corporation shared its Q4 and full year results for 2022 earlier this morning, and although some of its numbers saw significant drops compared to Q3, the American BEV and FCEV automaker has a lot of accolades on its report card and even bigger plans for this coming year. See the full results below.

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Nikola (NKLA) partners with ChargePoint and will sell entire portfolio of charging solutions to fleets

EV automaker Nikola Corporation has announced a new partnership with EV charging network ChargePoint Holdings Inc to expand charging infrastructure for EV fleets across the United States. Through the partnership, Nikola will gain access to ChargePoint’s entire lineup of charging solutions, including management software, and resell those products to its fleet customers.

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Nikola Q3 2022 results: 63 Tre BEVs delivered, $24M in revenue, $100M in gross proceeds

Nikola Q3 2022

Nikola Corporation continues to show growth as an EV startup still recovering from the wrongdoings of its defamed founder, reporting increases Tre BEV deliveries and revenue according to its Q3 2022 report. With expansions to its current US manufacturing facility and additional footprints on the way, Nikola continues to distance itself from its turbulent past.

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Nikola founder Trevor Milton found guilty over previous fraudulent statements to pump company stock

Trevor Milton

Former CEO and founder of Nikola Motors Trevor Milton has been found guilty on three of four counts of fraud in federal court today. Milton was charged with two counts of securities fraud and two counts of wire fraud, pertaining to statements he made while he was acting chairman and CEO of Nikola.

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Nikola Tre BEV approved for NY incentive voucher offering savings up to $185k per truck

Nikola incentive

As a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV), Nikola Corporation’s Tre BEV truck has qualified for yet another state incentive program for fleet customers. The American automaker announced that the battery electric Nikola Tre is eligible for the New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program (NYTVIP). Under the statewide program, the Nikola Tre BEV can now qualify for an incentive up to $185,000… per truck.

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Nikola Q1 2022 results: 11 Tre BEVs delivered, potential orders to sell out the rest of the year

Nikola Q2 2022 earnings

Nikola Corporation shared its Q1 results for 2022 and things are looking up. In addition to a small but noteworthy gross profit, the previously ill-famed commercial EV manufacturer began delivering some BEVs and has purchase orders (POs) or letters of intent (LOIs) for hundreds more. Nikola also continues to make strides in expanding its Arizona manufacturing facility.

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