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Fisker (FSR) Q4, full 2022 results: 56 Ocean EVs built, 0 customer deliveries, new PEAR images

Fisker Q4 2022

Fisker Inc. shared its Q4 and full 2022 results with investors this morning, detailing the progress of its flagship Ocean SUV; an update on its second EV model, the PEAR; and a report of operational results that were “better than expectations.” While the American automaker continues its work to deliver its first EV to customers, it is projecting positive growth numbers in 2023. More below.

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Fisker Ocean SUV commences production in Austria on schedule

American EV automaker Fisker Inc. has just hit a major company milestone years in the making. Contract manufacturer Magna Steyr has officially begun production of the Fisker Ocean SUV at its carbon neutral facility in Graz, Austria. With Magna’s help, this second iteration of the Fisker brand continues to prove the naysayers wrong while moving to deliver a truly unique looking EV.

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Fisker partners with Wallbox to bring competitively priced chargers to Fisker EV owners


Fisker continues building momentum as the Southern California-based EV maker announced Tuesday it will partner with Wallbox to offer its EV charging solutions to Fisker electric vehicle owners. The new partnership is designed to accelerate the transition to EVs, giving Fisker owners a cost-effective home charging option.

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Fisker officially unveils Ocean SUV in three price tiers and lots of unique features

Fisker Ocean Price

Los Angeles-based Automaker Fisker Inc. turned a new page in its history today with the official debut of its flagship EV, the Ocean SUV. The Ocean is an EV we have covered closely over the past two years leading up to its unveiling at the LA Auto Show this morning. Following a presentation by founder and CEO Henrik Fisker, we now know the specs, price tiers, and added features consumers can expect to see on the Ocean when deliveries begin next November.

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A look at Fisker’s unbelievable claims about its upcoming all-electric car with ‘over 400 miles of range’ & ‘9-minute charging’

There’s a lot of hype around Fisker’s upcoming all-electric EMotion car. Ambitious claims are being made and it feels like many of those will be vaporware at this early point.

But nonetheless, let’s take a quick look and try to understand some of those ‘unbelievable’ claims. Expand

Fisker reveals first photos of his upcoming all-electric ‘EMotion’ car

Since renowned car designer Henrik Fisker announced a new electric car company called Fisker Inc. last year, he has been hyping it with renders and even through sockpuppeting on articles.

We are supposed to see the vehicle for the first time at an unveiling in August, as announced last month, but now Fisker is releasing the first few actual photos of the car. Expand

Fisker says he is bringing to market a new electric car w/ 400 miles of range using supercapacitors

Fisker Karma

We all know how it ended the first time car designer Henrik Fisker started a namesake company. Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2012 after taking hundreds of millions in loans from the US government and failing to deliver its plug-in hybrid vehicle in volume reliably.

The company and its battery supplier, A123 Systems, have since been bought by a Chinese conglomerate and relaunched under the name Karma Automotive. We recently reported on the company relaunching Fisker’s flagship vehicle, the Karma, under the new name ‘Revero’.

Now that the company is not using the name ‘Fisker’ anymore, Henrik decided to launch again a namesake company: Fisker, Inc, as well as a battery tech division: ‘Fisker Nanotech’. Expand