Nikola Motors Stories June 29

Nikola Motors, the defacto Tesla Motors copycat with a hydrogen twist, announced that they started taking $5,000 deposits for a pickup truck that only exists in renders and that they only plan to make due to Tesla Cybertruck. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories April 22

Nikola Motors’ lawsuit over the Tesla Semi design lawsuit is moving forward after their design patents have been upheld despite looking quite weak. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories February 10

Nikola Motors, better known for its electric fuel-cell semi-trucks, is today unveiling a concept for a new electric pickup with a battery/fuel-cell hybrid powertrain enabling 600 miles of range, 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.9 seconds, and more. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories November 19, 2019

Nikola Motor, better known for its hydrogen fuel cell semi trucks, is claiming a major battery breakthrough with much higher energy density, but you should take the claim with a major grain of salt. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories February 8, 2019

Nikola Motors, an electric and hydrogen truck startup, is announcing new all-electric versions of their semi trucks in order to compete with Tesla Semi. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories September 13, 2018

Tesla is currently being sued by Nikola Motors for $2 billion over the design of the Tesla Semi, but the automaker has now obtained its own design patents for the electric truck – significantly weakening Nikola’s case. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories August 9, 2018

Nikola Motors, a Utah-based startup developing electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell trucks, announced that it secured $100 million as part of a $200 million series C round of funding that it is planning to close this month.

The money will be used to bring its electric vehicles and hydrogen trucks to market. expand full story

Nikola Motors Stories May 2, 2018

Nikola Motors, a Utah-based company working on a battery-hydrogen semi truck and other electric vehicles, filed a lawsuit against Tesla claiming that they copied the design of their truck for the Tesla Semi.

The company is seeking as much as $2 billion from Tesla in what appears to be a clear case of patent trolling. expand full story

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