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Toyota bZ4X

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Toyota to launch five new ‘Bz’ BEVs in Europe as it works toward 50% EV sales by 2030

Toyota europe

During Toyota’s annual Kenshiki Forum, the Japanese automaker outlined a hardened strategy for electrification in Europe, which will include five additional fully-electric models to join the bZ4X overseas by 2026. Toyota hopes these BEV options will accelerate its sales goal of being 50% electric by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2040.

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Toyota will resume bZ4X EV sales following safety recall concerning its wheels falling off

Toyota EV recall

Global automaker and hybrid zealot Toyota announced it will resume sales of its first mass-produced battery EV – the bZ4X, following a safety recall concerning risk that its wheels could fall off. Months later, the Japanese automaker appears to have found a fix to the manufacturing defect (as well as a previously undiscovered safety issue) and plans to resume bZ4X production immediately.

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Toyota’s bZ4X recall isn’t going great – company offers car buyback

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota has sent a letter to bZ4X owners, offering a choice between a loaner and incentive package or full repurchase of vehicles, as the company continues to struggle with (literally) keeping the wheels on their first electric car effort.

Notably, the car’s electric drive systems are not affected by the recall – the battery and drive motor are working perfectly fine.

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Subaru Solterra: First drive & US pricing – $45K for amazing AWD, but that range…

Subaru Solterra

Subaru has revealed US pricing for their new all-electric crossover, the Solterra. As a matter of fact, I was flown to Catalina Island and got to experience the Subaru Solterra – then got lost, had a flat tire, and almost missed my plane. But lived to tell the tale.

The Solterra is coming in hot, offering a highly competitive price for one of the best AWD systems on the market today, electric or otherwise. If you’re willing to forgive the slower speed at which the car can roadtrip, then Subaru’s impressive first attempt at a BEV could be in your future.

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Federal tax credits will soon be phased out for Toyota EV customers in the US

Toyota Panasonic Lithium Battery

According to recent comments from Toyota North America, the automaker expects to surpass the 200,000 vehicle threshold for EV sales sometime this summer, disqualifying itself from any additional tax credits in the United States under current legislation. Toyota’s federal tax credits will be phased out just as the automaker plans to begin sales of its lone BEV, the bZ4X, later this year.

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EVgo announces Toyota bZ4X customers will receive one year of free EV fast charging

Toyota free charging

US public charging network, EVgo, has announced a commercial agreement with Toyota Motor North America to provide upcoming bZ4X customers with one year of free charging on its network. Toyota is EVgo’s latest automotive partner as it looks to continue to expand its public charging network and expedite EV adoption for US consumers.

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Toyota commits to 100% zero-emission sales in Europe by 2035, because it essentially has to

Toyota Europe

During a recent media event in Brussels, Toyota Europe outlined a plan for a 100% CO2 reduction in all-new vehicle sales in the market by 2035. This “goal” will be preceded by a sales mix of at least 50% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Western Europe by 2030. On a broader scale, Toyota Motor Corporation continues to dig in its heels as one of the few major automakers that has yet to set an expiry for gasoline vehicle production.

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