Europe Stories June 13

During EVS35 in Olso, Vietnamese EV automaker VinFast outlined its plans for expansion overseas, alongside the European debut of its VF 8 and VF 9 EVs. During the presentation, VinFast shared intentions to open at least 50 stores spread throughout Europe in countries including Germany, France, and the Netherlands to start. Additionally, VinFast shared new sales policies exclusive to those European markets.

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Europe Stories May 25

The EU plans to transition to renewables more than twice as fast as Japan by 2030, according to new analysis released by global energy think tank Ember ahead of the G7 environment, climate, and energy ministers meeting, which kicks off today in Berlin. The ministers will decide whether and how G7 countries will commit to clean power by 2035. 

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Europe Stories May 19

Four EU countries – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands – jointly announced yesterday that they have set an offshore wind target of at least 65 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 and then intend to more than double that combined total to 150 GW by 2050.

For perspective, according to the Global Wind Energy Council, as of September 2021, there were 35.3 GW of global offshore wind capacity.

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Europe Stories April 21

Following the opening of reservations in four European markets last month, XPeng Motors has shared what pricing EU customers can expect to see after they put a deposit down on a new P5. Three of the four EU countries XPeng now calls home are accepting deposits on P5 reservations, with Norway to follow later this spring.

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Europe Stories March 24

Chinese EV automaker BYD announced it has found an unlikely partner in Shell to expand and promote a good deal of energy and charging technologies together throughout Europe and China. This includes EV charging network services, integrated home energy solutions, electric vehicle service centers, and more.

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Europe Stories March 15

Hankook is the latest tire company debuting its own line of EV-specific tires – more specifically, tires for premium EVs. Hankook Tire’s new iON family will debut later this year and will include both winter and summer options for Europe, as well as an all-season EV tire for North America.

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Europe Stories March 14

American automaker Ford Motor Company, has outlined plans to expedite its push for EVs in Europe, promising nine all-electric models by 2024, seven of which are new to a lineup that already includes the Mustang Mach-E followed by the E-Transit next quarter. Vehicles from commercial unit Ford Pro, and the recently announced Ford e, combine to further expand Ford EV adoption in Europe.

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Europe Stories March 10

Chinese EV automaker, XPeng Motors, is expanding its presence in the EU by opening reservations of its P5 smart EV to four countries – Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. The P5 is the third production model to arrive from XPeng, and its reservations are joined by news of an “Experience Store” which just opened in the Netherlands – the automaker’s second showroom in Europe.

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Europe Stories March 8

Environmentalist, author, and journalist Bill McKibben wrote about an innovative idea that would help curb Europe’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels, and the Biden administration might actually implement the plan.

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Europe Stories February 23

Ahead of an opening of orders on March 1, the 2022 Nissan LEAF will arrive in the UK and Europe with a refreshed exterior look. The 2022 models will include new alloy wheels, Nissan brand badges, and new exterior color choices. However, not much else has changed compared to previous model year LEAFs, including the decision to stick with the lame duck CHAdeMO charging port.

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Europe Stories February 4

American EV automaker Fisker Inc. announced its flagship Ocean SUV will make its official debut in Europe at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The annual trade show will take place from February 28 to March 3, and will give visitors a first chance to see the Fisker Ocean up close in Europe, ahead of production this fall.

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Europe Stories February 3

The European Commission wants to label some natural gas and nuclear power plants as sustainable, calling them “transitional” sources of energy in rules proposed yesterday. But that label comes with strings attached, and many, from environmental groups to countries, call the proposal a greenwash.

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It may sound foreign to Americans, but being paid to cycle to work on a pedal bicycle or electric bike is common in many countries.

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Europe Stories January 31

Czech auto manufacturer Škoda has expanded its all-electric vehicle offerings by introducing a new Enyaq Coupé iV for Europe. The new EV was unveiled alongside a sportier Rally Sport version and can come in two different battery sizes as well as rear- or all-wheel drive.

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Europe Stories January 24

As EV adoption continues to grow around the world, Europe in particular appears to be moving at a quicker pace. With automakers vowing to go all electric as a result of laws to eventually eliminate the sale of combustion vehicles, countries overseas are well on their way to fully embracing zero-emissions vehicles. A new study used historical date to predict where European countries will stand in 2035, based on new EV registrations.

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Europe Stories January 18

Chinese eVTOL developer AutoFlight is showcasing its global expansion by officially entering Europe. The company has set up shop at Augsburg Airport in Germany, as it now seeks to to achieve certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its “Prosperity I” eVTOL taxi. The certification program will begin this year and is expected to be completed by 2025.

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Europe Stories January 14

French automaker Renault has joined the all-electric party in Europe, as its CEO recently shared news that the brand would become 100% electric by 2030. While the announcement is welcomed progress, its timing also correlates with current climate proposals in the UK and EU that will limit ICE by 2030, and require 100% EV sales by 2035. Conversely, another Renault exec has openly spoken out against the ICE ban.

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Europe Stories January 12

Efforts by automakers and legislators overseas appear to be paying off, as a new study found that consumers’ transition to all-electric vehicles in the EU and UK is “inevitable.” Due to commitments from automakers, tighter regulations on CO2 emissions, and a decline in overall costs of EVs, sales across Europe are expected to surpass those of ICE vehicles in the next three years.

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Europe Stories January 10

Geely-owned EV sub-brand Zeekr continues its ambitious entry into electrified markets by sharing ambitious delivery goals for China this year. Furthermore, Zeekr now plans to enter the EU market next year, joining previously announced plans to enter North America as well.

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Europe Stories January 3

If you asked a Hyundai executive to describe their relationship status with hydrogen these days, they’d probably tell you, “it’s complicated”. Indeed, the news regarding the Korean carmaker’s various hydrogen programs seems – well, if not contradictory, at least confusing – with the company’s announcement that its hydrogen fuel-cell (HFC) powered Nexo crossover had broken some key, extreme-weather endurance records in Europe arriving almost lock-step with news that Hyundai had paused development of its HFC Genesis.

What the “H” is really going on at Hyundai, and what does the EU have to do with its future hydrogen plans? Read on.

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Europe Stories December 3, 2021

During a recent media event in Brussels, Toyota Europe outlined a plan for a 100% CO2 reduction in all-new vehicle sales in the market by 2035. This “goal” will be preceded by a sales mix of at least 50% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Western Europe by 2030. On a broader scale, Toyota Motor Corporation continues to dig in its heels as one of the few major automakers that has yet to set an expiry for gasoline vehicle production.

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Europe Stories November 24, 2021

European charging network IONITY has announced a major investment of €700 million to expand its number of fast chargers across the continent. The ensemble joint venture between several major automakers will more than quadruple its current footprint from 1,500 fast chargers to 7,000 by 2025.

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Europe Stories September 6, 2021

During IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Hyundai Motor Group has shared its goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2045. This will include its global product lineup and all company operations. Furthermore, Hyundai announced an end to all combustion engine vehicles in Europe beginning in 2035.

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Great Wall Motors has announced it will be next Chinese automaker to test out the market in Europe by launching an all-electric compact and plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) SUV in 2022. The company shared the news at IAA Mobility in Munich today alongside plans to debut the EVs under its WEY brand and existing ORA marque, both under the Great Wall Umbrella.

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Europe Stories July 14, 2021

As part of the European Green Deal, the EU has adopted a package of climate proposals they’re calling “fit for 55”. In it, Europe targets a 55% reduction in CO2 by 2030 and full climate neutrality by 2050. To serve this goal, Europe plans to reduce new car emissions by 55% by 2030 and 100% by 2035 — which means no new emitting vehicles.

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Europe Stories July 9, 2021

Tesla has started taking orders for Model Y throughout Europe. For current orders, estimated delivery is listed as September for Long Range models.

In contrast to original plans, the first Model Ys delivered to Europe will reportedly be produced in Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory.

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Europe Stories June 23, 2021

The European Commission (EC) and the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) have announced a memorandum of understanding to research and develop battery technologies for production in Europe. The co-programmed partnership is being called BATT4EU, and it’s aimed at bringing value and competitiveness to the EU’s battery chain.

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Europe Stories June 15, 2021

Chinese EV automaker NIO announced it has received European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EWVTA) for its flagship SUV, the ES8. This essential certification will allow for mass production of the NIO ES8, as well as license plate registration for all countries in the EU.

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Europe Stories April 27, 2021

German electric utility company EnBW has announced it is implementing a flagship charging station at the Kamener Kreuz autobahn interchange. When complete, the 52 charging points will make it the largest public fast charging station in Europe, according to EnBW.

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Europe Stories October 12, 2020

Electric cars will triple their market share in Europe this year as a result of EU car emissions targets, according to a new report released today from Transport & Environment (T&E), a European umbrella group for non-governmental organizations that work in transport and the environment, and promote sustainable transport in Europe.

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Europe Stories May 8, 2019

The European Union’s statistical office estimates CO2 emissions in EU countries “significantly decreased” in 2018 compared to 2017.

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Europe Stories October 11, 2018

Europe’s attempt to make into law a 35% CO2 reduction goal for new cars to accelerate electric vehicle adoption is making some people show their true colors.

The head of VW, Herbert Diess, is using scare tactics against the new proposal while he claims that the German automaker is all-in with electric vehicles. expand full story

Europe Stories October 10, 2018

After the US government weakened its target to reduce emissions from new cars after pressure from the auto industry, now it’s Europe’s turn to be in a similar situation.

The European Council is pushing for a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions from new cars by 2030, which is not as aggressive as most countries have asked for after pressure from the German auto industry. expand full story

Europe Stories May 29, 2018

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Today on EGEB, the Chinese company Longi Solar had its record-breaking 60-cell bifacial shingling module certified by the China General Certification Center. Representatives of the European solar industry want the EU to end import duties on Chinese panels. China’s energy regulator want wind farms to get a better access to the electrical grid to curb power waste.

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Europe Stories May 11, 2018

Gas-powered scooters, much like fine wines, thin cigarettes and fresh baguettes, are one of those quintessentially European sights. But now that might be changing (for scooters, at least). And EVs could be the cause. expand full story

Europe Stories May 22, 2017

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, alternative fuel vehicles (AFV’s) in the Europe Union are off to a very strong start in the first quarter of this year, increasing their numbers sold by 37.6% to 212,945 vehicles.

Hybrid vehicles (HEV) showed the biggest growth with 61.2% versus the same period last year, now counting 111,006 units. Electrically chargeable vehicles (ECV = BEV and plug-in hybrids) grew with 29.9% from 36,322 units sold in Q1, 2016 to 47,196 units in Q1, 2017. This includes 49% growth for “battery-only” (BEV’s) to 24,592 units sold and 13% growth for the plug-in hybrids (21,644 units). The U.S. market showed a similar growth of 49% for electric car sales to 40,700 units sold in the first quarter according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The American car market is about 16% larger.

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Europe Stories July 14, 2016

Autosteer beta

Earlier this week, Germany’s Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA) made Tesla owners nervous in Europe after it said that it wouldn’t approve a feature on the roads if it is described as ‘Beta’ following the debate over the use of the word to describe Tesla’s Autopilot features.

But Tesla gained European approval for the Autopilot system in the Netherlands, not in Germany, and the authority in the country is now saying that “no safety concerns” were found in the system, but they will be following the NHTSA evaluation in the US. expand full story

Europe Stories June 14, 2016


Tesla’s stock (TSLA) rallied last week following comments by Ron Baron. The rally didn’t last long after rumors of a potential problem with Tesla’s suspension started to spread quickly at the end of last week.

While the rumors have been mostly shut down at this point, Tesla’s stock is having difficulty recovering and a new report about the automaker’s sales in Europe is not helping. expand full story

Europe Stories May 4, 2016

Tesla Energy delivered over 2,500 Powerwalls and nearly 100 Powerpacks (25 MWh total) to 4 continents last quarter

While not quite as exciting as its plans to move half a million EVs in 2 years, Tesla today also announced modest sales of its Energy products as part of its shareholder letter today.

Europe Stories April 29, 2016

tesla euroe Model X design sutdio

Tesla officially launched the Model X online design studio in Europe today. Until now, it was only available to reservation holders or people in North America. Now you can configure the all-electric SUV and get accurate pricing information and a delivery timeline based on your location in Europe. expand full story

Europe Stories April 25, 2016

tesla amsterdam

Last year, Tesla announced a restructuring of its sales leadership after it reassigned its Vice President of Global Sales and Service, Jerome Guillen, to a new role leading customer-satisfaction. Guillen later took a leave of absence from Tesla and the company hired Jon McNeill as President of Global Sales, but Tesla kept looking for new executives to lead sale operations in each of its main markets (NA, EU and Asia).

While Tesla filled the North American and Asian roles last year by hiring former Burberry executive Ganesh Srivats as Vice-President for North America Sales, and Ren Yuxiang as Vice-President for Asia-Pacific, now Electrek has learned that Tesla just filled the European role by hiring Willem Haitink, O’Neil CEO and former long-time Nike executive, to lead sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). expand full story

destination charger europe

We have been talking about its imminent launch for weeks now, but finally it’s here. Tesla officially launched the ‘Destination Charging’ program in Europe with 150 new chargers this morning. You can see an excerpt of the new map above or the interactive map here. expand full story

Europe Stories April 22, 2016

model x doors shot

Bjørn Nyland, a Tesla vlogger based in Norway, won a free Founders series Model X through Tesla’s referral program. The limited edition status of his car will make him one of the first owner in Europe and he now reports that his SUV finally entered production this week.

Several other European Model X reservation holders are now reporting having received confirmation that their vehicles entered the production phase this week. expand full story

Europe Stories April 5, 2016

alsace tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in France earlier this year. During a special event for Tesla owners at the automaker’s French headquarters in Chambourcy, Musk reiterated that in the near future Tesla will need to establish some manufacturing capacity in Europe. But this time, he nonchalantly brought up the possibility to build its first European electric car factory in Alsace, a northeastern French region on the Rhine River plain bordering Germany and Switzerland.

The comment wasn’t really serious and Musk only brought it up as a potentially good option geographically speaking, but the comment certainly didn’t fall on deaf ears. Today, French Energy Minister Ségolène Royal said that she already suggested a site to Elon Musk and she will meet with “Tesla executives” later this month. expand full story

Europe Stories March 29, 2016


Tesla first announced the upcoming introduction of its Destination Charging network in Europe almost 6 months ago. At the time, Tesla said that the network was “coming soon“, but the automaker’s charger map is still showing no destination charger in Europe.

Now we received reports of hotels in Europe, especially Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where Tesla Wall Connectors have been installed or delivered. We hear that the program could launch as soon as next month with new locations.  expand full story

Europe Stories March 1, 2016


While Tesla is debuting the Model X in Europe this week at the Geneva Motor Show, the automaker invited Signature Model X reservation holders in Europe to configure their vehicle, and in doing so, it revealed the all-electric SUV’s European pricing.

Some early reservation holders are surprised by the price and took to the forums to discuss the situation, which varies country by country. expand full story

Europe Stories February 25, 2016

meet model x 2-1

After quickly zipping by the camera near Audi HQ last month, the Tesla Model X is to debut at the Geneva International Motor show next month (March 3-13th) according to an email we’ve received and translated.

We are delighted to welcome you again this year on our stand at the motor show in Geneva. In addition to the Model S we provide for the first time the safest, most versatile and fastest SUV in history before – the Model X. 

It combines the practical advantages of an SUV with the high security and performance requirements of Tesla. The striking Falcon Wing-wing doors and seats for up to seven people make the Model X to a vehicle that is more practical in every respect than other SUVs.

Our Product Specialists will advise you on the latest product options and bring you the advantages of our technology closer.

A white Model X was also recently spotted in the Netherlands on Feb. 16th on the highway near Tesla’s Tilburg assembly facility as shown in the video below: expand full story

Europe Stories February 12, 2016


GM Chairman & CEO Mary Barra announced this week that the company’s European brand Opel will launch a version of the all-electric Bolt. The new vehicle will be called ‘Ampera-e’, keeping up with the automaker’s naming scheme since the Volt is called the Ampera in Europe. expand full story

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