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Porsche Macan

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Porsche expects electric Macan to reach same production output as ICE version – it just has to reach SOP first

Porsche electric Macan

Porsche AG is sharing ambitious goals for one of its upcoming EVs as the German automaker slowly but surely transitions toward an all-electric range of sports cars under the Volkswagen Group umbrella. If and when Porsche’s all-electric version of the Macan makes it into production, the automaker expects to reach a production output to match its current combustion version.

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Porsche CEO confirms novel three-row, all-electric SUV, and 718 sports car by mid-decade


In a recent interview, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume confirmed the German automaker plans to launch a sporty new all-electric SUV that will be positioned as top-tier model above both the Cayenne and Macan. The new SUV appears to have been somewhat expedited as Porsche faces delays on its all-electric Macan SUV due to software development issues at parent company Volkswagen Group.

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Porsche testing 4-motor electric SUV drivetrain — the next Macan?

porsche macan blue

Porsche Engineering has developed a torque control system for a 4-motor electric vehicle drivetrain that lets electric SUVs handle “with the agility of a sports car” in even the most difficult conditions.

Porsche hasn’t committed to putting this drivetrain into any specific cars, but by announcing the project on their newsroom, we can speculate that there might be something on the horizon. We learned earlier this year that the next Macan will be electric, and this would pair nicely with that.