Audi Stories March 5

Audi has unveiled today its latest all-electric vehicle in the e-tron series: the Q4 e-tron, a small electric SUV with 280 miles of range. expand full story

Audi Stories February 19

In order to showcase the traction of its new electric vehicle, Audi has climbed the “Mausefalle” on the legendary “Streif” with a modified e-tron SUV – conquering an 85% gradient icy slope in an impressive video. expand full story

Audi Stories February 15

With new design sketches, Audi is today unveiling the design of the Q4 e-tron – a new all-electric compact SUV to go into production in “late 2020/early 2021.” expand full story

Audi Stories February 14

Audi announced that “more than 20,000 customers worldwide have already made advance reservations” for the e-tron, its new all-electric SUV – though most of them still have to wait a few months before delivery. expand full story

Audi Stories February 9

Tesla Model 3 is now entering the European market and it is making some automakers nervous. According to a new report, Porsche and Audi reverse-engineered Tesla’s new electric car and they were quite surprised by its cost. expand full story

Audi Stories February 1

Audi has released the commercial it plans to air during the Superbowl, which is the first of its kind for being focused on electric vehicles.

What do you think about the ad? expand full story

With the e-tron electric SUV now hitting some European markets, Audi is unveiling its charging pricing structure for owners of the vehicle to be able to charge within cities and when on the road. expand full story

Audi Stories January 15

Audi has reportedly confirmed that it is bringing its new PB18 e-tron all-electric supercar to low-volume production and it could arrive just in time to compete with the new Tesla Roadster. expand full story

Audi Stories January 10

Audi is planning to unveil a small all-electric SUV at the Geneva auto show in March. The vehicle is expected to compete with Tesla Model Y, which is also expected to be unveiled around the same time. expand full story

Audi Stories December 18, 2018

Despite being a little late to market due to “software issues”, Audi’s e-tron electric SUV is likely going to be the passenger electric vehicle with the fastest charge rate on the market – at least for the first half of 2019.

It has now been spotted charging at 155 kW and it maintained a high charge rate for an impressive part of the session. expand full story

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