Audi Stories January 19

Ever since Tesla launched its own ‘Tesla Energy’ division to address the energy storage and generation side of the electric vehicle revolution, several automakers have launched similar programs.

Audi becomes the latest with its ‘Smart Energy Network’. expand full story

Audi Stories January 11

With the imminent launch of the production version of the new e-tron quattro later this year, Audi is opening up reservations with deposits for the vehicle to new markets and it is adding the new all-electric e-tron sportback to the mix. expand full story

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Audi Stories September 27, 2017

Audi will build electric cars in all factories worldwide, expanding from previous plans

Today Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said that Audi will build electric cars in all of their factories around the world, including plants in Mexico and Hungary, Automotive News reports.  Previously, we reported on Audi’s main worker union demanding that Audi build EVs in their main plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, not just in smaller plants as they had previously planned.

Today’s comments seem a response to that demand, only even more sweeping than the union had requested.  Not only will Audi build EVs in their main plant in Ingolstadt, but they will build them in their factories all over the rest of the world as well.

Audi Stories September 12, 2017

With the series of electric car concepts unveiled over the last few days at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this new one from Audi caught our attention.

The German automaker claims its new ‘Audi Aicon concept car’ has a record-breaking “700 to 800 kilometers (435.0 – 497.1 mi)” range. expand full story

Audi Stories August 23, 2017

There are a lot of electric cars on the road being powered by solar energy today, but the energy is coming from rooftop residential solar or utility-scale installations.

Some automakers want to have the solar cells directly on the vehicles.

Today, Audi announced its own effort to do just that with new prototypes coming by the end of the year. expand full story

Audi Stories August 18, 2017

Audi’s upcoming all-electric e-tron quattro SUV, which is expected to go into production in 2018, was spotted testing and towing a trailer – giving us a glimpse of the capacity of the vehicle.  expand full story

Audi Stories July 31, 2017

Following the emission test cheating scandal and now allegations that the German automakers created a cartel to deploy their strategy to fake their emission cutting effort, the country’s industry is in a crisis.

A likely winner to come on top of this disastrous situation is the electric car segment. German automakers have been investing in the technology in an attempt to distance themselves from diesel.

In the latest example of that, Audi is reportedly trying to cut gas and diesel R&D by 10 billion euros (~12 billion USD) in order to finance its electric car development. expand full story

Audi Stories July 25, 2017

The first few seasons of the all-electric Formula E championship have been more successful than most motorsport fans would have ever predicted.

Over the past few months, it managed to convince Audi and BMW to take spots for future seasons and this week, Mercedes-Benz has now announced that it will have its own team.

While all those premium automakers are joining the Formula E, Tesla has been surprisingly staying away from the all-electric championship despite being a leader in the development and commercialization of EVs. expand full story

Audi Stories July 7, 2017

Audi has been showing a lot of interest in electric motorsports over the last year – going as far as quitting Le Mans to focus on all-electric Formula E.

They have been increasing their involvement with the ABT Sportsline team and today, they announced that they are officially taking over the team’s slot. expand full story

Audi Stories June 28, 2017

Automakers and battery makers have been quite secretive about their battery costs, which have long been believed to be one of the main barriers to electric car adoption.

It’s why it’s surprising to see Dr. Peter Mertens, Audi’s senior vice-president of research and development, disclosing the cost of the automaker’s batteries for the upcoming new generation of vehicles that they are about to launch.  expand full story

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