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Audi Stories Yesterday

Audi is returning to rally racing and doing it with an electric vehicle.

The German automaker teased the new electric off-road prototype, which will first compete in the Dakar Rally in 2022.

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Audi Stories November 26

The 2021 Audi e-tron electric SUV is coming and the German automaker has made a few interesting updates, including a new optional 22 kW onboard charger and a new steering wheel.

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Audi Stories October 29

In the late summer, we were given the keys to Audi’s second all-electric car, the E-Tron Sportback, and while there is much to admire, it has taken us a little longer than usual to broadcast. Why? Well, there has always seemed to be more affordable, and in turn more accessible, electric cars to talk about to the public, including the VW ID.4VW ID.3Honda eTesla Model Y, and most recently the Mazda MX-30.

Slowly but surely, car companies are offering increasingly cost-competitive vehicles, but Audi is going against that grain by offering an even more expensive EV at the second time of asking. We understand that Audi is a luxury carmaker, but we feel compelled to ask, does this strategy stack up? Or could this short-sightedness potentially cost them in the long run? Let’s take a closer look.

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Audi Stories October 14

Audi is introducing the first Digital Matrix LED headlights that can project images on the road like a movie projector in its new electric SUVs.

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Audi Stories October 8

Audi is teasing the production version of its e-tron GT electric supercar and unveiling the ‘progressive’ sound of the vehicle.

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Audi Stories August 5

Audi announced the details of its 2021 e-tron electric SUV lineup, and they’re introducing significant price cuts of up to $9,000.

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Audi Stories July 27

Audi’s new CEO willingly admits that Tesla is two years ahead of the industry in some critical areas of building electric vehicles.

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Audi Stories July 15

The Audi e-tron Sportback electric SUV is finally at dealerships in the US and it starts ~$70,000 after incentives. expand full story

Audi Stories July 9

The German auto industry and its 800,000 jobs are threatened if it can’t transition to EVs fast enough. The country’s politicians, and automotive executives, have a unified message. As Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Söder put it today: “Tesla is not bad, but others can do it too.”

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Audi Stories July 7

Today, Audi unveils the Q4 Sportsback e-tron concept, a concept vehicle on which an upcoming ~$45,000 sleek electric SUV is going to be based on. expand full story

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