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Audi introduces Q8 e-tron EVs as its top-of-the-line electric SUV

Audi Q8 e-tron

German luxury automaker Audi continues to grow its all-electric family of e-tron vehicles by announcing two new models, complete with multiple variations. Today, Audi launches its Q8 e-tron and Q8 Sportback e-tron as a representation of the automaker’s new badge and its top-tier model across its electric SUV and crossover offerings. Learn more below.

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Audi wants to purify city air with filter-equipped EVs while they’re driving and charging

Audi filter

German automaker Audi shared that it has been working on a pilot project with supplier MANN + HUMMEL to develop a filter for the front end of EVs that can collect particulate matter while driving and charging. As Audi looks to make its production processes net-carbon-neutral, it also hopes to reduce emissions wherever possible, including air quality near busy roads.

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Is Audi going to build its first US EV assembly plant?


Audi is the latest automaker looking to shift its strategy after the historic Inflation Reduction Act was passed, expanding federal tax credits in the US. In an interview with Automotive News, Audi’s chief technical officer, Oliver Hoffman, said the IRA bill will have a “huge impact” on its North American strategy as the automaker considers building its first US EV plant.

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Volkswagen emulates Audi charging hub with its own power storage container powered by reused EV batteries

Volkswagen EV batteries

Volkswagen has commissioned a fast charging park in Germany consisting of power storage containers (PSC), each powered by ninety-six reused EV batteries. This portable charging structure emulates a similar product VW Group subsidiary Audi has developed and implemented into a successful “Charging Hub” design.

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The most expensive electric vehicles on the road in 2022

Most Expensive electric vehicles

In 2022, electric vehicle sales continue to boom. Nearly all legacy automakers have set end dates for manufacturing new combustion vehicles and have begun introducing all-electric options into their fleets more and more. This year alone, the world will see over twenty new electric vehicle models ranging from most expensive, to rather affordable. Below is a list of which EVs are or will soon be available, and how expensive they are.

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Bentley CEO promises first EV will scream luxury at 1400 HP and redonkulous 1.5 sec 0-60

Bentley EV

In a recent interview out of Europe, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark promised some bold specs from the luxury automaker’s first battery electric vehicle. Despite describing the “brutality of acceleration” in the upcoming EV, the Bentley chief said that won’t be its main selling point. It will instead be the “effortless overtaking” from torque on demand. That price though…

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Audi shares new extra-thicc urbansphere concept described as a ‘lounge on wheels’

Audi urbansphere

Audi has unveiled its third EV in its sphere concept series, the latest arriving as the German automaker’s largest to date. The Audi urbansphere concept offers a glimpse into a future of electric mobility in which our vehicles are more of a lounge, or “mobile office,” than a mere vessel for transportation.

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Audi unveils A6 Avant e-tron station wagon concept described as a ‘storage champ’ with headlights that project a video game

Audi A6 concept

Another year, another Audi A6 e-tron concept. During its 2022 Annual Media Conference, the German automaker pulled the sheet off its second A6 e-tron concept – a luxury class station wagon called the Avant. Picking up when the A6 e-tron Sportback concept left off, the Avant offers a glimpse into Audi’s all-electric future with some sleek new features that optimize space and aerodynamics.

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VW Group Chairman visits Audi’s new charging hub, previewing a very feasible future for charging stations

Audi charging station

Following the recent opening of a unique Audi charging hub in Germany, Volkswagen Group chairman of the board of management Herbert Deiss shared his visit. Audi’s “world first” charging hub concept represents a future in charging station design focused around comfort and function, rather than convenience and sweaty hot dogs like many current gas stations.

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Hopes of Dakar victory dashed for Audi RS Q e-tron, but it isn’t the electric drive that failed

dakar suspension damage audi

Fourteen-time champion Stephane Peterhansel suffered massive suspension damage to his electric Audi RS Q e-tron yesterday while running second in the Dakar Rally. After waiting nearly four hours for a support truck to arrive, news reached the Audi team that a second RS Q-tron – this one driven by World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz (’90, ’92) – had gotten lost, adding nearly two hours to their stage time and effectively eliminating the Audis from contention.

How did it all go so wrong for Audi?

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Audi opening a unique charging hub concept with 320 kW chargers and exclusive upstairs lounge

Next week, Audi will open what it is calling “world’s first” charging hub concept in Nuremberg, Germany, complete with reservation options and a lounge area. Audi’s pilot project is intended to test charging solutions for the impending demand for EV infrastructure, particularly in urban areas where drivers might not have access to charging at home.

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