Audi Stories Today

Audi has been using Tesla Supercharger stations to advertise its e-tron electric SUV. Is this a smart move, or are they shooting themselves in the foot? expand full story

Audi Stories July 17

Audi is working on its first electric sedan, the e-tron GT, unveiled at the LA auto show last year. It is now starting preparation work at a factory in Germany to start production in ‘late 2020’. expand full story

Audi Stories June 19

Audi, one of the rare automakers investing heavily in advertising electric vehicles, is expanding its movie product placement of electric cars with an e-tron appearance in the new Spider-Man movie. expand full story

Audi Stories June 10

Audi has started a voluntary recall of its e-tron electric SUV in the US after some vehicles experienced a problem with a seal on the battery pack that could lead to moisture leaking into it and causing a short circuit or even a fire.

No incident has happened yet, but Audi detected the issue on five vehicles and they are not taking any risks. expand full story

Audi Stories May 27

Automakers have notoriously been reticent to advertise electric cars, but we are starting to see some changes on that front with Nissan and Audi launching new electric car advertising efforts. expand full story

Audi Stories May 23

Audi is going to replace its Audi TT coupe with an all-electric model as the company continues to up its electric plans. Its A8 sedan may go electric, as well.

expand full story

Audi Stories May 22

The Audi e-tron electric SUV, the German automaker’s first all-electric vehicle built to be electric from the ground up, received a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

You can read their full report and watch the crash test video here. expand full story

Audi Stories May 15

With the launch of Supercharger V3, Tesla pushed the industry to higher charge rates, but Audi argues that it doesn’t mean much if they can’t sustain it for a decent period of time. expand full story

Audi Stories April 29

With the launch of their new electric SUV in the US, Audi is now making a marketing push for the e-tron vehicle lineup — making it one of the rare legacy automakers advertising electric cars.

In its latest effort, they had an important product placement in the new Avengers movie, but they added some gas engine sounds to electric Audi e-tron.

Note: this article is spoiler-free. expand full story

Audi Stories April 18

Audi has reportedly reduced its planned production for the e-tron electric SUV due to a battery shortage, according to a report coming out of Belgium, where the vehicle is being produced. expand full story

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