Audi Stories April 20

Audi unveiled the e-tron quattro prototype, the company’s first all-electric vehicle built to be electric from the ground up. This was back in 2015 when they were still using the unreliable NEDC standard for the range.

In a press release today, the German automaker confirmed the expected range on the more realistic WLTP driving cycle, which they now claim to be “over 400 kilometers (248.5 miles).” expand full story

Audi Stories April 19

The Audi quattro all-electric SUV is expected to be one of the first vehicles to launch in the electric push from German automakers that is starting this year.

The four-ring brand has yet to unveil the production version of the vehicle despite its imminent launch, but now we see one of their pre-production prototypes being pushed hard on the Nürburgring race track. expand full story

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Audi Stories April 9

Audi originally designed the ‘e-tron Vision Gran Turismo’ as a virtual car for the ‘Gran Turismo’ video game on PlayStation 4, but the German automaker announced today that it made a real version of the all-electric race car to act as a race taxi for upcoming Formula E races. expand full story

Audi Stories March 15

A few months before bringing the all-electric vehicle to market, Audi has finally broken the silence about the price of the e-tron quattro.

The SUV will start at 80,000 euros (~$99,000 USD) in Germany – with international availability and pricing coming later. expand full story

Audi Stories March 6

Improvements in battery technology are quickly starting to enable manned electric flight, which some companies now want to combine with drones.

Audi and Airbus partnered with Italdesign to work together on a passenger drone/electric car hybrid concept. expand full story

Audi didn’t end up bringing the production e-tron quattro, which is expected to launch in Europe in just a few months, to the Geneva Auto show. However, the automaker did give us a closer look at its latest prototype and a glimpse at its development program. expand full story

Audi Stories March 5

Audi is expected to unveil the production version of its first all-electric vehicle built to be electric from the ground up, the Audi e-tron quattro, tomorrow in Geneva.

In the meantime, they brought reportedly over 200 prototypes of the all-electric vehicle to the city and they want people to chase them around. expand full story

Audi Stories February 13

In order to take on Tesla in the all-electric luxury segment, Audi and Porsche decided to join forces last year and build a new electric vehicle platform from the ground up together.

Now the CEOs of each company discuss their work on the new platform in an interview. expand full story

Audi Stories February 6

Ionity, the new ‘ultra-fast’ joint electric car charging network by BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Volkswagen, is slowly starting to take shape in Europe and now we get to see the map of their planned stations for the first time. expand full story

Audi Stories January 19

Ever since Tesla launched its own ‘Tesla Energy’ division to address the energy storage and generation side of the electric vehicle revolution, several automakers have launched similar programs.

Audi becomes the latest with its ‘Smart Energy Network’. expand full story

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