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Solid-state batteries

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Solid Power awarded millions from US Dept. of Energy to build solid-state batteries

Solid Power US

Solid-State battery developer Solid Power continues to rally financial support to help scale its nickel- and cobalt-free cells for EVs. This week, the United States Department of Energy announced it is awarding over $5 million to help Solid Power continue developing its technology which could significantly help lower the price of EV batteries.

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BMW has a plan to fast-track building its own solid-state batteries for future EVs

BMW solid state

This morning, Solid Power announced that long-time investor BMW Group is expanding an existing joint development agreement to license its technology in order to build its own solid-state batteries in Germany. Under the agreement, BMW will gain access to Solid Power’s battery research and development, cell design, and manufacturing expertise to expedite the technology alongside its partner. That being said, Solid Power isn’t licensing all of its technology.

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QuantumScape ships first batch of energy dense, 24-layer solid-state batteries to EV automakers

solid state ev batteries

Solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape announced that its first 24-layer lithium-metal prototype sells to EV OEMs for testing. Referred to as “Sample A0,” these cells represent QuantumScape’s most impressive solid-state technology to date, and their delivery marks a key milestone in its journey toward full integration of energy dense, fast-charging cells into future electric vehicles.

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Solid Power (SLDP) Q2 results: $2.6M in revenue, EV-scale solid-state cell testing starts in Q3

Solid Power Q2

Solid-state battery manufacturer Solid Power has posted its financial results for Q2 of 2022, highlighting significant revenue increases compared to 2021 as well as continued progress to deliver 20 Ah silicon anode cells to automotive partners like Ford and BMW. Additionally, Solid Power intends to begin production of EV-scale solid-state battery cells for internal testing this coming quarter.

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Quantumscape Q2 2022 report: 24-layer solid-state cells, scaled manufacturing, and two new OEM customers


Solid-state battery manufacturer Quantumscape has released its second quarterly report for 2022, updating the public to its progress in scaling affordable, energy dense cells for future EVs. The company continues to expand the amount of layers possible in its solid-state cell technology, while simultaneously preparing for scaled assembly for a growing list of OEMs. Here’s the latest.

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VinFast is investing tens of millions in solid-state battery manufacturer ProLogium

VinFast solid-state

Vietnamese EV automaker VinFast is continuing its lightning-fast growth and expansion by announcing a long-term, strategic partnership with solid-state battery manufacturer ProLogium. Following a signed Memorandum on Understanding, ProLologium will provide solid-state battery cells to VinFast vehicles beginning in 2024.

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Solid Power begins solid-state battery pilot before testing with Ford and BMW in late 2022

solid state battery Ford

EV-scale solid-state battery cells have come one step closer to reality in Louisville, Colorado, where Solid Power announced it will begin pilot manufacturing of solid-state cells. The completed installation of the production pilot line will allow Solid Power to produce silicon anode, solid-state battery cells for internal testing before delivering them to automotive partners BMW and Ford to begin qualification testing.

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QuantumScape update: Solid-state cells will cut EV charging time in half and increase volumetric density over 50%

Quantumscape updates

In a letter to shareholders outlining its progress through Q1 of 2022, solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape has shared some exciting updates. These include a new 16-layer, solid-state cell – an initial proof of concept of the company’s proprietary cell format. Additionally, QuantumScape shared news of scaled manufacturing and plans for increased production capacity. There’s lots to unfold here, so let’s hop in.

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Nissan announces prototype facility for solid-state batteries, plans for EV integration in 2028

Nissan solid-state

During a livestream out of Japan this morning, Nissan Motor Company unveiled plans to bring laminated solid-state batteries to market by 2028, beginning with a prototype production facility. The decision is part of Nissan’s “Ambition 2030” strategy, which will now include plans to launch an EV powered by solid-state batteries in 2028.

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Porsche is reportedly working with Quantumscape to develop an electric 911 powered by solid-state batteries

Porsche electric 911

After sharing long-term electrification goals during a recent financial report, new details of future Porsche EVs have emerged including plans for an electric 911. What might be even more mouth-watering (if true) is that the German automaker has been working with Quantumscape to integrate solid-state batteries into future Porsche EVs like the electric 911.

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QuantumScape opens R&D center in Japan to expand solid-state battery development

QuantumScape Japan

Solid-state battery developer, QuantumScape, has shared plans for a new office in Kyoto, Japan, which will feature a state-of-the-art lab for battery research and development. The company hopes to work alongside experienced battery scientists in the Asia-Pacific region to further develop and manufacturer it battery technologies for electric vehicles.

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Quantumscape achieves solid-state batteries that can fast charge in 15 minutes through 400 consecutive cycles

solid-state batteries charge

Quantumscape has shared new data showcasing further development of its solid-state batteries, whose cells have completed 400 consecutive 15-minute fast-charge cycles, replenishing from 10% to 80% capacity while still retaining over 80% of the initial energy. As a first for this type of battery technology, Quantumscape believes it can bring EV charge times down within several minutes of gas station fill-ups, helping promote further EV adoption.

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SK Innovation and Solid Power partner to produce automotive-scale solid-state batteries

SK innovation solid-state batteries

Battery manufacturer SK Innovation announced a memorandum of understanding and agreement to jointly develop and manufacture solid-state batteries for EVs using Solid Power’s proprietary electrolyte technology. The goal of the partnership is to validate Solid Power’s all-solid-state battery and electrolyte production processes and work together to further develop the technology.

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QuantumScape’s Q2 report reveals 10-layer solid-state battery, plus commercialization timeline

Quantumscape solid-state battery

In a letter to shareholders recapping Q2 of 2021, solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape has offered some exciting updates surrounding its solid-state battery technology. In addition to making progress on its pre-pilot manufacturing facility, the company is also developing and testing multiple layered versions of its solid-state batteries as part of a timeline for scaled production in the next several years.

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Chinese university develops new material to accelerate solid state battery production

solid state battery production

A team at University of Science and Technology of China has developed a new material that could potentially help lower the production costs of solid state lithium batteries and accelerate their commercialization into EVs. The new material, lithium zirconium chloride, offers a reduced material cost and necessary performance, all while remaining stable.

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Harvard researchers develop long-lasting solid-state battery

Harvard solid-state battery

Researchers at Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) have developed a lithium-metal, solid-state battery they claim can hold significantly more energy within the same volume of traditional lithium-ion batteries while charging in a fraction of the time. While this is welcomed news around a potentially world-changing technology, questions surrounding cost effective scalability remain uncertain.

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QuantumScape seeks additional funding to double its solid-state battery pilot line

QuantumScape solid-state

In a press release this week, solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape announced it’s seeking additional funds to expand its QS-0 pilot line. The company plans to use the funds to double the size of the originally announced pilot line. QuantumScape will use this pilot line to manufacture prototype cells for its partner Volkswagen Group and other potential automakers.

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Japanese company unveils high capacity solid-state battery

Japanese solid-state battery

Japanese industrial manufacturer Hitachi Zosen has developed a solid-state battery claimed to harness one of the highest capacities in the industry. Additionally, the Osaka-based company states this new solid-state battery can operate under a larger range of temperatures. It will soon be tested in industrial machinery and space.

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Volkswagen becomes latest automaker to invest in solid-state batteries for electric cars

Over the last few years, there has been an impressive amount of investment into solid-state batteries, which are believed by many to represent the next step in energy storage.

But a timeline for commercialization has never been clear.

Now Volkswagen has become the latest automaker to invest in solid-state batteries for electric cars as it takes a stake in a startup that hopes to bring the tech to market.


Hyundai reportedly started pilot production of next-gen solid-state batteries for electric vehicles

As of late, Hyundai has shown several signs of moving away from fuel cell hydrogen and investing more into battery-powered electric vehicles. For example, the Korean automaker recently confirmed plans for a new platform for long-range EVs.

Now it sounds like this new platform could also make use of a next generation battery technology.