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VW subsidiary MAN announces transition from diesel to all-electric trucks and buses starting in 2024

MAN electric trucks

MAN Truck and Bus, a commercial subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, has announced it will wean its fleet’s dependency on diesel fuel in favor of all-electric powertrains, beginning in 2024. MAN currently offers a few electrified versions of trucks, vans, and buses, but it will focus further on electric commercial vehicles under the pressure of VW. Can it do so quickly enough?

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Volvo, Daimler, and TRATON GROUP to develop high-performance charging network for heavy-duty electric trucks

Volvo Daimler

Volvo Group, Daimler Truck, and the TRATON GROUP have signed a non-binding agreement to implement and operate a high-performance public charging network for electric heavy-duty long-haul trucks throughout Europe. The agreement was signed to accelerate the growth of charging infrastructure and support the EU’s shift toward climate-neutral transportation.

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