BMW i4 Stories August 5

The BMW i4 eDrive40 delivered to my door by BMW looks almost indiscernible from a 4-series internal combustion engine vehicle. It even has what appear to be exhaust pipes out the back.

I imagine the pitch for this car in some Bavarian BMW corporate office was something like:

Look, Tesla is eating our lunch, let’s please just make an EV version of the 4 series to take on the Model 3. It will take almost no effort, we’ll just rip out the ICE components and throw in a battery and some electric motors. It will barely appear on the balance sheet. How bad could that be?

Yet somehow this is still a very compelling EV, and I’d argue a lot better than the 4-series it is masquerading as. It is even better than the Model 3 in a bunch of ways…

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BMW i4 Stories August 2

BMW announced a third variant to its all-electric i4 range today – the eDrive35. As a lower-performance, single motor EV, the eDrive35 will arrive as the most affordable option of one of BMW’s lowest-priced EVs. At just a few thousand dollars less than its eDrive40 sibling, we can’t help but wonder if this vehicle is necessary? You can learn more below and decide for yourself.

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BMW i4 Stories February 4

Charging network Electrify America has just announced a collaboration with BMW North America to offer free 30-minute charging sessions to new BMW drivers for two years from the date of their purchase. The complimentary charging will begin in March to kick off US sales of two new EV models from BMW – the iX and i4.

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BMW i4 Stories January 22

Just a decade ago, EVs were barely an afterthought when it came to transportation, and even those trailblazers who embraced them wouldn’t necessarily call the segment “sexy.” A lot of that changed with Tesla’s original Roadster, followed by other cool looking EVs that helped pave the way (and get legacy automakers to wake tf up). With over twenty new EV models scheduled to arrive this year alone, the thirst for EVs has never been greater. That’s evidence based on all of our Google search data, which has been compiled to present some of the most sought after EVs around the world – even if some don’t technically exist yet.

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BMW i4 Stories November 29, 2021

BMW announced that it delivered the very first BMW i4 electric cars to customers today at an event at its headquarters.

It officially marks the expansion of BMW’s EV lineup that has remained stagnant for almost a decade.

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BMW i4 Stories October 22, 2021

BMW announced that it has started series production of the BMW i4 electric car today at its Munich factory.

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BMW i4 Stories September 2, 2021

German automaker BMW has announced an updated timeline to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire life cycle of its internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, including the entire production process. In an announcement ahead of next week’s IAA Mobility conference in Munich, the local automaker announced its new goal of a 40% reduction of 2019 CO2 levels by 2030, up from its previous goal of 33.3%.

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BMW i4 Stories June 2, 2021

BMW has officially announced the pricing and market launch for two US versions of the all-electric i4 — the i4 eDrive40 and i4 M50. The i4 M50 is the first fully electric performance model to come from BMW M GmbH. Both models promise range, elegant design, cutting-edge UI, and driving assistance technologies —all with zero emissions.

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BMW i4 Stories March 17, 2021

BMW unveiled today the BMW i4, its new all-electric vehicle, and confirmed that it is going to have up to 300 miles of range based on the EPA standard.

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BMW i4 Stories January 22, 2021

The BMW i4 electric sedan is looking sharp and fun to drive in a new dynamic testing video ahead of the launch.

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BMW i4 Stories July 22, 2020

BMW announced today that it is going to shut down its Munich factory for over a month in order to prepare for the production of its next electric car, the BMW i4. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories May 29, 2020

The UK’s Car magazine reports today that BMW will introduce a pure EV version of its M5 midsize performance vehicle. If the published specs are real, then BMW will offer a 1,006-horsepower beast of a midsize electric sedan with the next generation of the car.

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BMW i4 Stories March 10, 2020

News emerged only yesterday that BMW had canceled plans to launch the BMW iX3 in the United States. But Automotive News reported that BMW had already decided to kill US sales of the iX3 in January at dealers meeting in Boca Raton, if not earlier. BMW executives and dealers deemed the all-electric iX3 as a dud before it reached our shores.

Why? Its 74-kilowatt-hour battery pack is considered by Americans to be too small.

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BMW i4 Stories March 3, 2020

BMW has unveiled the i4, its latest electric car, at a presentation that was planned for the Geneva Motor Show. The new prototype of this stunning Gran Coupe is still only a concept, but BMW has confirmed plans to bring a production version to market next year. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories February 25, 2020

BMW is about to unveil its next electric vehicle, the BMW i4, at the Geneva Motor Show next month and it is releasing today the first teaser image for the car. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories February 18, 2020

BMW had a good year in 2019. The brand sold 324,826 vehicles in the US last year. That’s an increase of 4.4% from 2018, according to Wards Intelligence. But to keep that momentum, BMW leadership – meeting with its franchises at this week’s NADA conference – talked about making a big national push of its new, pure EVs starting to arrive late this year.

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BMW i4 Stories January 17, 2020

BMW will close its main Munich plant this summer for six weeks. That will allow the company to retool and modify more than one-thousand robots to get ready for production of the all-electric BMW i4 in 2021.

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BMW i4 Stories November 18, 2019

The BMW i4 is a next-generation all-electric sedan coming in 2021 and today, the German automaker has revealed more details about EV, including power, charging capacity and more. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories March 25, 2019

We have often complained about BMW taking its sweet time to release its second electric vehicle since the BMW i3 back in 2013, but the German automaker is now bringing to market 3 all-electric vehicle programs at the same and today it revealed the latest prototypes in winter testing. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories December 12, 2018

Almost a decade after the introduction of the BMW i3, the German automaker is expected to bring to production the new BMW i4 electric car. It is now starting a $225 million investment at its Munich factory to produce the vehicle. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories October 18, 2018

BMW’s electrification effort has been questioned by many EV enthusiasts due to the giant gap between model launch and the arguably weird design of the BMW i3.

With the upcoming launch of the BMW i4, the German automaker says that it will be more ‘conventional looking’ as Auto Express delivers renders of the car. expand full story

BMW i4 Stories March 6, 2018

At the Geneva Auto Show today, BMW finally confirmed its next electric ‘BMW i’ vehicle to come after the ‘BMW i3’.

The company will build a production version of its iVision Dynamics concept called ‘BMW i4’. expand full story

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