rimac automobili Stories September 18, 2020

Volkswagen is reportedly considering selling Bugatti to Rimac in a deal to own a bigger stake in the Croatian electric hypercar maker.

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rimac automobili Stories September 6, 2019

A year after first investing in the electric supercar maker, Porsche announces that it is increasing its stake in Rimac. expand full story

rimac automobili Stories May 14, 2019

Hyundai and Kia have been getting more serious about electric cars lately, with the new Kona, Niro and Soul EVs coming out all as good packages at reasonable prices.  But none of these are performance monsters, moreso regular, everyday, utility cars.

That all seems to change starting today, as the two companies announced an 80 million Euro ($90m) investment into Rimac Automobili, the Croatian supercar maker behind the Rimac Concept_One and upcoming Concept_Two.  The intent is to collaborate on the production of two high-performance electric sportscars, one of which will debut under Hyundai’s “N” brand and the other which will use fuel cell technology.

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rimac automobili Stories August 20, 2018

A few months after unveiling its new Concept_Two all-electric hypercar, Rimac is bringing the car to the US for the first time and unveiling a new ‘California edition’. expand full story

rimac automobili Stories July 5, 2018

Rimac, the all-electric hypercar manufacturer now partly owned by Porsche, confirmed that it is behind the electric powertrain of the all-electric racecar of SEAT’s new brand CUPRA: the CUPRA e-Racer.

The vehicle is presented as “the first completely electric touring-class race car.” expand full story

rimac automobili Stories June 20, 2018

Rimac, the maker of insanely powerful all-electric hypercars, is adding another big name to its list of shareholders: Porsche.

The German automaker has confirmed that it has taken a minority but still significant 10% stake in the company. expand full story

rimac automobili Stories March 6, 2018

After a few months of teasing, Rimac has finally unveiled its latest all-electric hypercar with specs just as crazy as Tesla’s new Roadster.

According to the company, the ‘Concept_Two’ will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. expand full story

rimac automobili Stories February 12, 2018

Rimac has been teasing its new hypercar, another all-electric vehicle built from the ground up by the Croatian company to follow the Concept_One, over the last few months.

Now the specs have reportedly been revealed ahead of the official unveiling and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to compete with the upcoming next-gen Tesla Roadster. expand full story

rimac automobili Stories January 24, 2018

After Tesla unveiled its next-gen Roadster prototype and set a new benchmark for hypercars, Rimac, which has been known as the leader in all-electric hypercars, announced that it’s working on its own next-generation entry in the segment.

Now, the company unveils new teaser images of the upcoming vehicle. expand full story

rimac automobili Stories December 1, 2017

Rimac, a Croatian electric vehicle startup, has long been a leader in electric hypercars with the Concept-One. Tesla disrupted that market with the unveiling of its next-gen Roadster last month and setting the bar for any upcoming electric hypercar – or any supercar really.

But Rimac is now about ready to answer with a new hypercar. The company released a teaser (pictured above and below) of the vehicle to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. expand full story

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