Germany Stories April 15

Reports out of Germany state that the country’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has proposed to gradually phase out subsidies for EV purchases through 2025 and completely eliminate any benefits to consumers purchasing plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) by the end of this year. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is pushing back, arguing that PHEVs remain vital to EV adoption.

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Germany Stories April 8

Porsche AG is testing the possibilities of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology in its EVs, but taking it a step further. Rather than just deliver EVs like the Taycan that can supply energy back to the grid rather than just pull from it, Porsche has run a V2G pilot program that utilizes “swarms” of EVs whose high-voltage batteries are pooled to help keep the local electrical grid stabilized.

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Germany Stories April 6

Battery manufacturing behemoth, CATL, shared news that its upcoming plant in Thuringia, Germany has received 2nd partial approval for cell production. This milestone brings the Chinese company one step closer to opening its first battery manufacturing facility outside of China later this year.

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Germany’s economy and climate ministry today announced a more ambitious target of clean energy making up 80% of its power mix by 2030 – a bump up from its previous target of 65%. Currently, 40.9% of Germany’s power mix consists of clean energy.

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Germany Stories January 4

Clean energy made up 46% of Germany’s net public power generation in 2021. That was down from 50% in 2020, according to Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. 

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Germany Stories September 17, 2021

In case you missed it, a gaggle of Electrek‘s staff just spent several weeks in Germany attending the Eurobike and IAA Mobility trade shows to check out the latest in two-, three-, and four-wheeled electric transportation. While we were there, the fast-paced electric bicycle company Super73 was kind enough to loan us a pair of badass e-bikes that turned into our main wheels for the rest of the trip.

We took those things across Germany, toured the cities and the countryside, road the hell out of them, left them outside during intense rainstorms, may or may not have crashed one or both of them at various points during the trip, and basically did the best we could to push those bikes to their limits. They took everything we could throw at them and asked for more.

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Germany Stories September 13, 2021

NIO recently debuted its upcoming ET7 sedan in Germany, representing the EV’s European debut. While the Chinese automaker continues to roll out its electric ES8 SUV in Norway this month, we now know plans to expand further into Europe next year, beginning with Germany.

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Germany Stories July 8, 2021

A recent job post by Chinese automaker NIO offers a potential hint that the company plans to expand its sales presence in the EU to Germany next. While NIO is currently in the process of shipping superchargers and battery swap stations to Norway as the first stop on its European tour, expanding to Germany makes sense for several reasons.

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Germany Stories April 27, 2021

German electric utility company EnBW has announced it is implementing a flagship charging station at the Kamener Kreuz autobahn interchange. When complete, the 52 charging points will make it the largest public fast charging station in Europe, according to EnBW.

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Germany Stories July 9, 2020

The German auto industry and its 800,000 jobs are threatened if it can’t transition to EVs fast enough. The country’s politicians, and automotive executives, have a unified message. As Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Söder put it today: “Tesla is not bad, but others can do it too.”

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Germany Stories June 4, 2020

Germany has increased electric vehicle incentives as part of their post-pandemic stimulus package. One measure is going to boost sales of lower-priced EVs like Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.3. expand full story

Germany Stories February 10, 2020

EV sales were forecast to grow by about 35% in Europe this year, as the EU implements more stringent rules on CO2 emissions. Those forecasts correctly identified the direction of electric-vehicle sales. But based on January sales numbers in Germany, the continent’s largest car market, we could see much bigger gains compared to a year ago.

BEV sales in Germany last month were up 61%, and plug-in hybrids shot up 307%. That’s in a German car market that saw a 7.3% reduction in overall car registrations year-over-year.

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Germany Stories February 5, 2020

Shell has announced a plan to increase their EV fast-charging presence in Germany, up to 200 total charging points from their currently announced 100.

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Germany Stories December 10, 2019

Germany has taken the lead over Norway in annual EV sales for the first time, edging out Norway for total sales since the start of this year, as reported by Bloomberg. Currently, Germany’s 2019 total is 57,533 EVs, while Norway has sold 56,893.

This would be good news for Germany — if it weren’t so embarrassing for them and the rest of Europe.  Norway is a tiny country with a population of 5.3 million, where the main industry is oil, and where the whole country is cold. Germany’s population is roughly 16 times larger than Norway’s. And yet, Norway has still had higher EV sales than every country in Europe until now.

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Germany Stories November 5, 2019

At Volkswagen’s ceremony celebrating the start of ID.3 production, CEO Herbert Diess made several comments on the electrification of the industry. In particular, he stated that batteries, as opposed to hydrogen, are a quicker and cheaper way to reduce automotive industry emissions. He also called for a price on carbon and committed to reducing his company’s fleet carbon emissions by 30% by 2025, and to zero carbon by 2050.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also spoke at the event. She called for the German government to increase electric car incentives and set a target for the country to install a million public charging stations by 2030 to fuel 7-10 million German EVs by the same year.

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Germany Stories June 26, 2019

BMW made a number of electric vehicle announcements on Tuesday as the carmaker looks to accelerate its EV plans. But those plans still don’t involve making their own batteries, much to the chagrin of German government officials.

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Germany Stories January 3, 2018

Last month, Tesla buyers lost access to EV subsidies in Germany after being accused of gaming the system.

Now a new report shows that the €600 million EV fund used to finance the subsidy has barely been used over a year into the program. expand full story

Germany Stories January 2, 2017


Germany’s electric vehicle market is lagging behind several neighboring countries and to change that, the government launched an incentive program 6 months ago to give a direct discount of €4,000 for all-electric cars and €3,000 for plug-in hybrids.

After receiving close to 2,000 applications within the first month, the rate slowed down significantly and now only 9,000 applications have been received since the start of the program. That’s disappointing since it’s for both all-electric and plug-in hybrids. expand full story

Germany Stories November 9, 2016


When Germany introduced its new plan to boost electric vehicle adoption through new incentives, including a €4,000 discount at the purchase, Tesla claimed that they were purposely left out of the program because of a cap for vehicles with a starting price of less than 60,000 € negotiated by the government and the German auto industry.

Now Tesla managed to find a way to get access to the incentive through unbundling several features on its cars and significantly reducing the base price. expand full story

Germany Stories October 8, 2016

Mercedes-Benz auf der Silvretta E-Auto Rallye 2015

After coming to the realization that they would need a mandate for all cars to be zero-emission by 2030 if they want to comply with the goals set by the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions, Germany’s upper house of parliament gained approval for pushing a Europe-wide mandate to stop gas-powered car sales by 2030, according to German magazine Der Spiegel. expand full story

Germany Stories August 8, 2016


As it was reported in the first few week of the new electric vehicle discount program in Germany, the scheme is spurring sales for BMW’s electric vehicle offering, mainly the BMW i3. We now have the statistics for the first full month of the program and it confirms the previous reports. expand full story

Germany Stories July 12, 2016


Earlier this year, Germany announced its first electric vehicle incentive program to spur adoption of green vehicles in the country. Financed by both the state and the local auto industry, the program offers a €4,000 discount at the purchase of an all-electric vehicle and €3,000 for a plug-in hybrid.

The program is capped to electric vehicles with a starting price of less than €60,000, which prompt Tesla to respond and claim that it was purposely left out by the auto industry since its vehicles start at over €60,000. While the program is not helping Tesla, it is certainly helping BMW as reports are coming out claiming that sales of the BMW i3 are somewhat unsurprisingly significantly rising in Germany since the launch of the program earlier this month. expand full story

Germany Stories June 14, 2016


It looks like Germany is about to become the first major country to set an official deadline for a ban on gas-powered cars. India recently confirmed that it is evaluating a scheme for all its fleet to be electric by 2030 and both the Dutch government and the Norwegian government are discussing the possibility to ban gas-powered car sales and only allow electric vehicle sales starting also by 2025.

But while the Netherlands and Norway are fighting over the technicalities, a senior government official in Germany confirmed they will impose a mandate for all new cars registered in the country to be emissions free by 2030. expand full story

Germany Stories May 6, 2016

Model S facelift bjorn 6

A few weeks ago, Germany officially announced a new incentive and investment program to accelerate the adoption of electric cars in the country. The most important incentive is a €4,000 discount at the purchase of an electric vehicle, but it is capped to vehicles with a starting price of less than €60,000.

Fast-forward to this week, Tesla is now claiming that the government and German automakers purposely included this base price restriction to exclude Tesla from the program. In its official response on its German website, Tesla writes:

“[the plan] was drawn up jointly with the Chairman of the German automobile manufacturers and the relevant ministries.

Unfortunately, it was decided that Model S and Model X customers wouldn’t benefit from this promotion, because what they call ‘premium’ is linked to an arbitrary price limit. This part of the program is obviously directed against Tesla.”

Tesla is right about the EV plan having been negotiated with German auto industry. Even German Chancellor Merkel was directly involved in the negotiations with executives from BMW, Mercedes-maker Daimler and Volkswagen. expand full story

Germany Stories April 27, 2016


Earlier this week, we reported on German Chancellor Merkel planning to get directly involved in the negotiations with the auto industry over electric vehicle incentives though a meeting held yesterday. Apparently the meeting went fairly well since local media are already reporting that the two parties struck a deal albeit not as generous as previously expected. expand full story

Germany Stories April 25, 2016

Mercedes-Benz auf der Silvretta E-Auto Rallye 2015

As we previously reported, the German government is currently in the final stages of establishing a new plan to boost the electric vehicle market in the country. The plan is rumored to include tax breaks for the development of EV technologies, investments in charging infrastructures and finally a much-anticipated €5,000 discount at the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The government is reportedly in negotiations with the German auto industry to figure out the financing of the initiative, but apparently the industry is only willing to pay for about a third of what the government is asking. expand full story

Germany Stories April 19, 2016

first model x europe

Audi plans to release an all-electric luxury SUV, the e-tron quattro, in 2018. The vehicle is expected to become the first all-electric competitor to Tesla’s Model X. Earlier this year, we reported on one of the first Model X in Europe spotted near to Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt (pictures above), where the german automaker is believed to be reverse-engineering or benchmarking Tesla’s SUV – something it also did with the Model S.

Now a Model X reportedly driven by an Audi engineer has been spotted again over the weekend, but this time in a more interesting context. expand full story

Germany Stories April 12, 2016

Report: Germany looks to pass self-driving car regulations as it considers EV incentives

Reuters is reporting today that the governing coalition in Germany is scheduled to “soon” pass self-driving car regulations. The laws if passed would allow testing of self-driving cars on public roads. Today’s report also corroborates previous reports that Germany is looking to provide incentives for buyers of electric vehicles…

Germany Stories April 11, 2016

Tesla germany hamburg

After a slow start in Germany for the past 3 years, Tesla is starting to make progress in this difficult market dominated by local manufacturers. Last year, Model S sales increased by 94% according to registration data, and although it still lags behind comparatively smaller countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland, things are looking up for Tesla in Germany. expand full story

Germany Stories March 1, 2016

Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG, Kamenz: Produktion von Lithium-Ionen-Batteriesystemen für automobile Anwendungen. / Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG, Kamenz: Production of lithium ion battery systems for automobile applications.Daimler announced today an important €500 million ($543.5 million) investment in a new battery factory in Kamenz, Germany, through its ACCUmotive subsidiary. The company already has a relatively small battery plant at the location, but it purchased 20 hectares of land adjacent to the existing plant and plans to build a new factory to produce li-ion batteries for the electric vehicles of its Mercedes and Smart brands.

To be clear, two years ago, ACCUmotive invested about €100 million to expand the current plant, which now has 20,000 square meters (~215,000 sq-ft) of production aera, but this new investment is for an entirely new factory of 40,000 square meters (~430,500 sq-ft) of production space. expand full story

Mercedes-Benz und smart auf e-Mission im Montafon Mercedes-Benz and smart on e-mission in Montafon

The German ministries of economics, transport and environment reportedly agreed on a new incentive program for electric vehicles that will include a €5,000 discount at the purchase starting July 1st. expand full story

Germany Stories February 24, 2016

powerwall memodo

Germany-based solar energy component supplier Memodo confirmed having received a large shipment of Tesla Powerwalls this week and that installations will start soon.

Memodo CEO Daniel Schmitt claims that his company is the first Tesla Energy distributor to receive the new home battery pack in Germany and he shared the picture seen below. expand full story

Germany Stories January 13, 2016


Germany joined the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance) last month and committed to make all passenger vehicles emission-free by 2050. Today, Reuters reports what seems to be the government’s intention to make the first actionable move toward the ZEV Alliance’s goal. expand full story

Germany Stories December 4, 2015

Nissan_Leaf_and_Tesla_Model_S_in_Norway_croppedGermany is the thirteenth government to join the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance, which aims at making all passenger vehicles emission-free by 2050. The group made the announcement Thursday at the UN global climate talks in Paris.

The governments now participating in the ZEV Alliance include the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway in Europe; California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont in the United States; and Québec in Canada. expand full story

Germany Stories November 25, 2015


Sonnenbatterie is the leader in home energy storage in Europe. The company is expected to represent a serious competitor to ‘Tesla Energy’ in Germany, which the automaker sees as an important market for energy storage due to the popularity of renewable energy in the country. Tesla’s head in Germany, as well as several managers, defected to Sonnenbattarie earlier this summer – hinting at a possible rivalry between the two companies.

At a press conference in Berlin today, Sonnenbatterie announced a new home battery pack, as well as a new solar panel/battery package and everyone want to know how it fares against Tesla’s Powerwall. expand full story

Germany Stories November 17, 2015

Gigfactory sept 2015Tesla CEO Elon Musk described the Gigafactory in Nevada as a product, calling it the “Gigafactory 1” – implying there will eventually be a “Gigafactory 2”. This second battery factory could end up being built in Germany according to comments made earlier today by Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel. expand full story

Germany Stories November 12, 2015

Tesla germany hamburgBased on registration data, Tesla delivered 121 Model S’s in Germany last month, which brings the year-to-date total to 1,212 cars versus 593 during the same period in 2014.  expand full story

Germany Stories November 11, 2015

sonnenbatterieEarlier this year, Tesla’s head in Germany, Philipp Schroeder, left the company to join his former employer: Sonnenbatterie. Tesla quickly replaced Schroeder with its sales chief in Switzerland, but now we learn through Wirschafts Woche that 6 Tesla managers in the country followed Schroeder to the energy storage system maker. expand full story

Germany Stories November 3, 2015



We’ve covered our fair share of electric bikes and transportation here at Electrek. Although interest is rapidly increasing here in the United States, the idea of going purely electric in any area of our lives still seems largely intimidating for some.

Thankfully, new projects are popping up each day that make that transition friendlier than ever before. The latest of which comes from Germany’s Mellow Boards. This customizable electric skateboard system can be added to an existing deck or purchased as a pre-assembled longboard. With its arguably affordable price point and modern design, Mellow Boards is set to take off.

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Germany Stories October 19, 2015

The Bavarian Police are now using all-electric BMW i3’s as police vehicles [Picture Gallery]

Electric vehicles are getting popular with law enforcement. After the LAPD announced the use of a fleet of electric vehicles including a Tesla and Zero Motorcycles being used by over 60 public service agencies, now the Bavarian Police took delivery earlier this month of 3 all-electric BMW i3’s to use as police vehicles.

Germany Stories October 5, 2015

MINI-E-RACE-Ring-4BMW’s MINI brand has been expected to come out with a battery-powered vehicle for a long time now. In 2009, when BMW was first working on its “i” program, which eventually resulted in the i3 and i8, the company produced a few hundreds “MINI E” to test its electric drivetrain technology, but the vehicle never made it to a wide release.

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Auto Express spoke with MINI’s product management chief Ralph Mahler who didn’t rule out an electric MINI, but it wouldn’t be for anytime soon… expand full story

Germany Stories September 25, 2015


How does going 35mph on a surfboard sound? No, it’s not a gadget in the upcoming James Bond film. J-Force, out of Germany, has developed a new electric powered board that puts out substantial power and is completely controlled by a wearable glove.

It doesn’t just stop there, J-Force also has a gorgeous new Jet Ski that produces zero-emissions and promises to be a much friendlier alternative to traditional gas operated watercraft. We have the full details below on both models.

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Germany Stories September 24, 2015

iJWhAPhDuring a press conference today in Germany, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is in talks with “some [auto] manufacturers” to share the Supercharger Network.

In the past, Tesla confirmed being opened to the idea of sharing its extensive network of fast charging stations, which now operates over 2,900 chargers at over 500 locations around the world, but until now, we couldn’t confirm that any automaker showed interest in the offer. expand full story

Germany Stories September 23, 2015

2014-bmw-i8-tesla-model-s-rear-three-quartersGermany is in the spotlight of the automotive industry as the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show is coming to an end. While we are sorting through vehicle registration data, we decided to take a look at the top-selling electric vehicles in Germany. Unsurprisingly, the BMW i3 is the best-selling all-electric vehicle in its home turf, but sales are down 27% year over year while Tesla’s Model S is gaining market shares by growing sales 84% based on registration data. expand full story

Germany Stories September 21, 2015


Last week we reported on Artega unveiling the Scalo, an all-electric sports car concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, today we’ll give you a brief overview of another EV concept unveiled at the show by the German automaker: The Karo.

The Karo is an electric quad-bike concept aimed at complying to driver license and insurance requirements for young people. expand full story

Germany Stories September 11, 2015

maxresdefault (1)During a visit in Berlin at the end of the month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is scheduled to meet Sigmar Gabriel, German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, for a public conversation titled “Economy for Tomorrow”.  The CEO’s visit in Germany coincides with the popular Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), which runs from the 17th to 27th of September.

Tesla is not expected to bring anything new to the Frankfurt Motor Show considering the company’s predilection for unveiling products at their own events instead of at industry shows… expand full story

Germany Stories September 3, 2015

paris-2012-mercedes-benz-b-class-electric-drive-live-photos_8In an interview with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Daimler’s chief of research and development Thomas Weber confirmed the company is currently working on a next generation electric vehicle with a range of “400 to 500 km” (250 to 310 miles).

Daimler already sells a few electric vehicles, like EV versions of the Smart or the Mercedes B class, but the automaker as yet to build a fully electric vehicle from the ground up. It’s not entirely clear from Weber’s comments if the concept will be a completely new electric platform, but it sounds more likely than not… expand full story

Germany Stories September 1, 2015

Tesla appoints new chief of sales in Germany

Earlier this year after reducing the responsibilities of Jerome Guillen, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service, Tesla decided to hire chiefs of sales for each region they operate in: North America, Europe and Asia. According to Europe Auto News, Tesla appointed its current head in Switzerland, Jochen Rudat, to lead sales in Germany.

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