Germany Stories July 8

A recent job post by Chinese automaker NIO offers a potential hint that the company plans to expand its sales presence in the EU to Germany next. While NIO is currently in the process of shipping superchargers and battery swap stations to Norway as the first stop on its European tour, expanding to Germany makes sense for several reasons.

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Germany Stories April 27

German electric utility company EnBW has announced it is implementing a flagship charging station at the Kamener Kreuz autobahn interchange. When complete, the 52 charging points will make it the largest public fast charging station in Europe, according to EnBW.

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Germany Stories July 9, 2020

The German auto industry and its 800,000 jobs are threatened if it can’t transition to EVs fast enough. The country’s politicians, and automotive executives, have a unified message. As Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Söder put it today: “Tesla is not bad, but others can do it too.”

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Germany Stories June 4, 2020

Germany has increased electric vehicle incentives as part of their post-pandemic stimulus package. One measure is going to boost sales of lower-priced EVs like Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.3. expand full story

Germany Stories February 10, 2020

EV sales were forecast to grow by about 35% in Europe this year, as the EU implements more stringent rules on CO2 emissions. Those forecasts correctly identified the direction of electric-vehicle sales. But based on January sales numbers in Germany, the continent’s largest car market, we could see much bigger gains compared to a year ago.

BEV sales in Germany last month were up 61%, and plug-in hybrids shot up 307%. That’s in a German car market that saw a 7.3% reduction in overall car registrations year-over-year.

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Germany Stories February 5, 2020

Shell has announced a plan to increase their EV fast-charging presence in Germany, up to 200 total charging points from their currently announced 100.

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Germany Stories December 10, 2019

Germany has taken the lead over Norway in annual EV sales for the first time, edging out Norway for total sales since the start of this year, as reported by Bloomberg. Currently, Germany’s 2019 total is 57,533 EVs, while Norway has sold 56,893.

This would be good news for Germany — if it weren’t so embarrassing for them and the rest of Europe.  Norway is a tiny country with a population of 5.3 million, where the main industry is oil, and where the whole country is cold. Germany’s population is roughly 16 times larger than Norway’s. And yet, Norway has still had higher EV sales than every country in Europe until now.

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Germany Stories November 5, 2019

At Volkswagen’s ceremony celebrating the start of ID.3 production, CEO Herbert Diess made several comments on the electrification of the industry. In particular, he stated that batteries, as opposed to hydrogen, are a quicker and cheaper way to reduce automotive industry emissions. He also called for a price on carbon and committed to reducing his company’s fleet carbon emissions by 30% by 2025, and to zero carbon by 2050.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also spoke at the event. She called for the German government to increase electric car incentives and set a target for the country to install a million public charging stations by 2030 to fuel 7-10 million German EVs by the same year.

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Germany Stories June 26, 2019

BMW made a number of electric vehicle announcements on Tuesday as the carmaker looks to accelerate its EV plans. But those plans still don’t involve making their own batteries, much to the chagrin of German government officials.

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Germany Stories January 3, 2018

Last month, Tesla buyers lost access to EV subsidies in Germany after being accused of gaming the system.

Now a new report shows that the €600 million EV fund used to finance the subsidy has barely been used over a year into the program. expand full story

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