Renault Stories November 15

The Nissan-Renault Alliance has been an early leader in electrification with the Leaf and the Zoe, but they have been taking their sweet time to release new models, which resulted in their lead slowly slipping away.

Now they are preparing an important electric car push with several new models, as discussed by CEO and Chairman Carlos Ghosn in a new interview. expand full story

Renault Stories November 1

China is getting all the EVs. Renault announces today its product plan for the Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company (DRAC), its Chinese joint-venture with Dongfeng, and confirmed that 3 new electric vehicles will join its lineup by 2022. expand full story

Renault Stories October 9

Today, Renault announced today that it is launching its own new energy subsidiary to develop grid products. The French automaker says that ‘Renault Energy Services’ will function “much like a start-up” working with other energy companies. expand full story

Renault Stories October 6

After unveiling their electric car plans for the Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi alliance last month, Renault Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn now unveils more specific plans just for the French automaker, which will surprisingly lead the all-electric vehicle push of the alliance. expand full story

Renault Stories September 15

On the sidelines of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, several major automakers made announcements about their electric car efforts.

The Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi alliance wasn’t among them, but they now also announce new plans as part of their 2022 synergy strategy. expand full story

Renault Stories August 31

Renault has no problem selling its all-electric Zoe with a 49% sales jump in Europe earlier this year, but it’s about to deploy a bunch more in a single move through a new car-sharing service in Madrid.

The French automaker plans an initial fleet of 500 electric vehicles by October. expand full story

Renault Stories August 29

Renault technically owns a lot of electric car battery packs thanks to its Zoe program under which they sell the actual car, but they lease the battery pack for a monthly fee.

Now they are using some of those used battery packs to power electric vehicle charging stations.  expand full story

Yet another major automaker, the Renault-Nissan Alliance, announces an effort to produce electric vehicles in China following the country’s aggressive goals to electrify its rapidly growing fleet. expand full story

Renault Stories July 11

Renault’s Zoe e-Sport RS Concept, a sexy sports version of its successful all-electric Zoe, has been well received since being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.

At first, it was just to showcase some of their racing tech developed for the Formula E and put into a more accessible vehicle, but now Renault is considering making it available. expand full story

Renault Stories June 30

After Faraday Future’s FF91 beta prototype shattered the previous record for a “production electric car” at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb last weekend, now several other new electric cars are taking to the hill climb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. expand full story

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