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Alpine CEO sees US as crucial market, will bring two ‘Porsche-like’ EV models stateside

Alpine EV

Renault’s revived sports car brand Alpine could make a huge resurgence this decade through ambitious production and sales goals under the marque’s CEO Laurent Rossi. Rossi sees the US as a crucial market in reaching its sales targets and intends to bring two bespoke Alpine EVs to the US market that will be positioned similarly to Porsche’s two SUV models. It may take a few years though.

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Tesla Model 3 tops list of 20 most affordable EVs to run according to 2022 EV Miles Report

Most affordable EVs 2022

A recent 2022 report by Zutobi has ranked the top 20 most affordable EVs to operate around the world based on a number of factors. This includes considerations such as battery size, cost to charge, and miles driven per given dollar amounts. Tesla takes the top spot this year, but there are plenty of other viable options currently available to consumers.

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Renault’s Mégane E-Tech: a seductive bet on the EV future

Renault Megane E-Tech

Renault’s new 100%-electric Mégane E-Tech is the French company’s non-hedged bet it can convince drivers they’ve nothing to lose in swapping their traditional ICE rides for modern a EV – and gain considerable performance, cost, and flair advantages in the bargain. A day test driving the car on the roads of southern Spain suggests the company stands a good chance of winning that wager and setting some standards for European EV development as it does.

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Nissan teases retro styled Micra EV, solid-state batteries for Europe, €23 billion investment

Nissan plans to manufacture its all-new, all-electric successor to the compact Nissan Micra at the Renault ElectriCity center in France, where the retro-styled hatchback will serve to kick off the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance 2030 roadmap, its planned 23 billion Euro investment in EVs, and the group’s push for solid-state batteries.

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Renault CEO vows to go fully electric by 2030, contrary to statements from others at the company

Renault electric

French automaker Renault has joined the all-electric party in Europe, as its CEO recently shared news that the brand would become 100% electric by 2030. While the announcement is welcomed progress, its timing also correlates with current climate proposals in the UK and EU that will limit ICE by 2030, and require 100% EV sales by 2035. Conversely, another Renault exec has openly spoken out against the ICE ban.

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Renault will seek to extend the 2035 EU ICE ban to 2040

EU ICE ban

During IAA Mobility in Munich this week, an executive for Renault Group stated plans to seek an extension of the recently proposed 2035 ban of all internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales in the EU. According to the report, Renault wants an extension to around 2040 in order to provide more affordable cars to consumers before more expensive EVs become mandatory.

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Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric production shots revealed as automaker rebrands for electric era


Today in France, Renault CEO Luca de Meo and the Renault brand team shared their new vision of the company. They painted themselves as an energy transition leader on the forefront of the latest technology and services, operating in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

As part of the event, they snuck in a few images of the Electric Mégane E-TECH Electric hatchback, including an Android-focused center stack.

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Global semiconductor shortage could stymie EV manufacturers in 2021

semiconductor shortage

As the world enters 2021 with a cautious optimism, its global markets are still feeling many of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic that have yet to be eradicated. Many people have pivoted toward remote work. This has increased smartphone and laptop demand, leading to shortages of essential components like semiconductors. One industry that is beginning to experience the impact of these shortages is automakers. If semiconductor manufacturers can’t catch up, it could spell more delays for several major automotive companies.

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Renault returns to old urban EV formula: Twingo minicar with tiny 22-kWh battery

Renault has sold nearly 4 million units of its gas-powered Twingo city car. That experience over nearly two decades taught the French automaker what makes a winning Euro-chic city car. Renault will try to leverage those insights with the all-electric Twingo ZE. The formula is urban maneuverability and a 22-kilowatt-hour battery pack that can fill up in an hour at a Level 2 charging station.