Renault Stories May 6

Today in France, Renault CEO Luca de Meo and the Renault brand team shared their new vision of the company. They painted themselves as an energy transition leader on the forefront of the latest technology and services, operating in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

As part of the event, they snuck in a few images of the Electric Mégane E-TECH Electric hatchback, including an Android-focused center stack.

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Renault Stories February 12

As the world enters 2021 with a cautious optimism, its global markets are still feeling many of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic that have yet to be eradicated. Many people have pivoted toward remote work. This has increased smartphone and laptop demand, leading to shortages of essential components like semiconductors. One industry that is beginning to experience the impact of these shortages is automakers. If semiconductor manufacturers can’t catch up, it could spell more delays for several major automotive companies.

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Renault Stories January 15

As part of its plan to restructure its various brands and become one of the leaders in electrification by 2025, Groupe Renault is teaming up with Groupe Lotus to design an all-electric successor to the mid-engine Alpine A110. 

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Renault Stories January 14


French automaker Renault announced its plan for the next 5 years and it includes 7 new electric cars to hit the market.

One of them should be based on this new Renault 5 electric prototype.

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Renault Stories October 15, 2020

Renault held a virtual event today during which it unveiled a sleek new electric hatchback and an inexpensive new EV under the Dacia brand.

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Renault Stories May 26, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron announced an €8 billion ($8.8 billion) plan Tuesday to revive the country’s auto industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasing production and sales of electric vehicles is central to the plan.

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Renault Stories April 14, 2020

Renault announced today that it would stop making and selling gas-powered cars in China. But the French automaker will retain its interest in three different ventures to produce multiple electric vehicles in the world’s largest auto market and for export.

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Renault Stories March 3, 2020

Renault is going to bring its ultra-cheap China-made K-ZE electric crossover to Europe under its Dacia brand. expand full story

Renault Stories February 25, 2020

Renault has sold nearly 4 million units of its gas-powered Twingo city car. That experience over nearly two decades taught the French automaker what makes a winning Euro-chic city car. Renault will try to leverage those insights with the all-electric Twingo ZE. The formula is urban maneuverability and a 22-kilowatt-hour battery pack that can fill up in an hour at a Level 2 charging station.

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Renault Stories February 20, 2020

Renault’s bet on the Zoe electric car is starting to pay off. Sales surged to almost 10,000 units in Europe last month and the vehicle is becoming one of the brand’s best-selling cars. expand full story

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