General Motors Stories December 1, 2021

General Motors announced a joint venture alongside POSCO Chemical to erect a new factory in North America to process Cathode Active Material (CAM). CAM will be vital to GM’s production of its proprietary Ultium EV batteries, as the legacy automaker looks to establish a larger presence in US EV production.

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General Motors Stories September 16, 2021

Following previous news that it was halting all Bolt EV and EUV production until battery supplier LG can supply defect-free cells, General Motors (GM) has announced an extended pause into October. The decision follows a recall of Chevy Bolt EVs over battery issues resulting in twelve reported fires.

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General Motors Stories July 15, 2021

In an announcement this morning, General Motors (GM) has unveiled plans to expand its newly formed Ultium Charge 360 program to include commercial fleets. GM’s holistic approach to charging infrastructure and acceleration of electrified fleets already has five partners onboard, including EVgo.

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General Motors Stories May 27, 2021

A recent SEC filing has revealed that electric vehicle charging network EVgo is still 82 charger installations short of meeting its June 30 milestone deadline for the quarter, part of an agreement with General Motors (GM). According to the filing, missing this milestone would give GM the power to terminate the agreement and seek pre-agreed liquidated damages of up to $15 million, although GM currently remains confident in EVgo.

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General Motors (GM) continues to expand its electric vehicle fleet and has decided Earth simply isn’t enough. Together with Lockheed Martin, GM plans to develop an electric lunar rover for NASA to be operated by Artemis astronauts to explore our Moon.

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General Motors Stories April 20, 2021

SES recently announced that it has completed a Series D funding round of $139 million led by General Motors (GM). The company is known for its development and manufacturing of next-generation Lithium-Metal rechargeable batteries, particularly for electric vehicles.

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General Motors Stories February 17, 2021

After over 100 years as one of the world’s largest ICE automobile manufacturers, General Motors has freed its head from the deep sand to join the emerging EV revolution. The US automaker has pulled a 180 in order to combat emissions rather than enable them. Just recently, GM announced plans to be carbon neutral by 2040, a bold statement. Let’s hope it’s more than just talk. Below is how General Motors plans to achieve this green goal.

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General Motors Stories January 15, 2021

GM is considering expanding the Corvette into a family of vehicles, with the first new vehicle being an all-electric crossover SUV with Corvette branding, according to a report by Bloomberg. If GM does go through with the plan, the electric Corvette SUV wouldn’t hit the road until at least 2025.

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General Motors Stories September 16, 2020

GM has unveiled today its lineup of Ultium electric drive units that will power its next-generation electric vehicles — starting with the Cadillac Lyriq.

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General Motors Stories September 14, 2020

GM has unveiled the Hummer EV’s Crab Mode, a four-wheel steering system that enables the electric pickup truck to drive diagonally.

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General Motors Stories September 9, 2020

GM is unveiling today its new wireless battery management technology that will power its third-generation electric vehicles equipped with Ultium batteries.

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General Motors Stories September 8, 2020

Nikola Motor (NKLA) announced a partnership with GM that will result in the latter engineering and manufacturing its upcoming Badger electric/hydrogen pickup truck, and maybe eventually its other vehicles.

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General Motors Stories August 6, 2020

Cadillac's Lyriq electric crossover SUV

Cadillac took the wraps off its Lyriq EV this evening. In a digital event, GM’s luxury brand revealed a striking and ultra-luxurious crossover EV. It’s still a “show car,” although the company says it’s about 80% toward production. The Lyriq goes on sale in the US in late 2022.

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General Motors Stories July 29, 2020

GM shared an update on the progress at its new, important battery cell factory that will support its upcoming new electric vehicles with images.

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GM is slowly releasing and teasing more information about their upcoming first electric pickup, the GMC Hummer EV, and now they’ve announced an unveiling in the fall.

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General Motors Stories July 7, 2020

General Motors confirmed that it plans to end production of its Chevrolet Sonic small gas car in October. With the Sonic’s demise, gas cars will no longer be produced at GM’s Orion Township Assembly Plant near Detroit. Orion will become an all-EV plant, where the Bolt compact and Bolt EUV will be manufactured.

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General Motors Stories June 15, 2020

Mary Barra, the chief executive of General Motors, took questions from car journalists today during a virtual “fireside chat,” held by the Automotive Press Association. Even though the writers represented mainstream auto outlets, many of the questions focused on GM’s EV plans.

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General Motors Stories May 29, 2020

Chevy told us this week that its Bolt EV will carry the weight of GM’s electric vehicle program until the company’s new wave of battery-powered cars arrives. General Motors and the Chevrolet brand will use the Bolt to expand its base of EV buyers beyond early adopters. As part of that effort, Chevrolet published 15 videos that it calls “Bolt EV Academy.”

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General Motors Stories May 28, 2020

Twitter, Facebook, and Shopify are among the companies that are allowing employees to work at home permanently. If the trend continues, there could be long-term reductions in oil use, congestion, and car pollution.

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General Motors Stories May 27, 2020

Despite the pandemic, Chevrolet increased its Q1 sales of the Bolt EV by 36% compared to a year ago. Electrek spoke this week with Tony Johnson, the marketing and advertising lead for Chevy cars and crossovers, to see how the brand will maintain that momentum. Johnson told us that Chevy is “doubling down” on the Bolt this year as it paves the way for future EVs. Chevy might even have an electric sports car in the works.

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General Motors Stories May 19, 2020

Tim Grewe, GM’s director of battery cell engineering and electrification strategy, held a virtual media conference today about the company’s EV battery strategy. It was a wide-ranging info session explaining the General Motors approach to chemistry, cell, and module design, and how EV batteries will be manufactured in high volume. “Categorically, we think that the pouch cell is the winner,” said Grewe.

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General Motors Stories April 16, 2020

When the owners of GM vehicles learn about the automaker’s failure to support strong vehicle pollution standards, its reputation goes down and sales suffer. A negative view of GM’s stance on emissions rules was shared by GM customers regardless of party affiliation. That’s the finding of a new poll of 1,000 Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC owners.

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General Motors Stories April 2, 2020

General Motors announced today that it will work with Honda to produce two next-generation EVs. Honda will develop the two models with unique interior and exterior designs – and they will be powered by GM’s recently unveiled Ultium battery system. The vehicles, to be sold as Honda models, are expected to go on sale in the United States and Canada in the 2024 model year.

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General Motors Stories March 27, 2020

A worker prepares a cleanroom to produce surgical masks at GM’s Warren, Michigan manufacturing facility.

President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon said he signed a presidential memorandum directing the government to use “any and all authority available under the Defense Production Act” to require General Motors to make ventilators for hospitals to help patients with COVID-19.

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General Motors Stories March 26, 2020

The new Wuling/GM electric car

Wuling Motors, a joint venture with General Motors and SAIC Motor, revealed photos this week of its first all-electric vehicle. The company said that it’s inspired by Japanese Kei cars, among the world’s smallest highway-capable vehicles. It could give us a glimpse of the type of cars that GM will help fulfill the country’s promise of selling a million EVs a year by the middle of the 2020s.

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When automakers tout big plans for electric vehicles, the key question is: How many will you produce and when? Specific numbers are seldom provided. But Reuters reports today that the total combined output in North America from General Motors and Ford in 2026 will be 320,000 electric vehicles. That’s based on internal planning information provided to suppliers by the automakers and obtained by AutoForecast, a sales planning analysis firm.

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General Motors Stories March 11, 2020

Last week, General Motors unveiled an entire portfolio of about a dozen electric vehicles that it plans to sell in the next four years. At the event, we had the chance to speak with Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive. We asked Barra about EV profitability, regulations, and the big-ness of most of its upcoming electric vehicles.

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General Motors Stories March 5, 2020

Any legitimate EV development program starts with the batteries that make electric vehicles go. So when General Motors (GM) yesterday laid out its multi-brand, multi-segment EV strategy — for getting to 1 million EV sales per year asap — it presented the company’s flexible Ultium battery system as the key.

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General Motors Stories March 4, 2020

General Motors held an EV-unveiling event today that was unprecedented in the volume and range of zero-emission vehicles intended for production. Instead of showing a single new model, or one aspect of electric-propulsion technology, the company fanned out its entire upcoming portfolio using all four of GM’s existing brands: Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, and Buick.

Mark Reuss, GM’s president, said, “Everything you see here is real.”

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General Motors Stories March 3, 2020

General Motors announced today that it will add 3,500 EV chargers to its facilities in the US and Canada. This represents a tripling of workplace charging at GM plants and offices. Daniel Flores, manager of communications at GM, said, “Charging is free for GM employees and will continue to be free.”

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General Motors Stories February 24, 2020

Last Thursday, the body of the last Chevrolet Impala inched down the assembly line at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant. Employees gathered around the car, snapping pictures of the final internal-combustion vehicle to be made at the storied Detroit plant. It will roll off the assembly line this week.

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General Motors Stories February 10, 2020

On a recent trip to Detroit, we spent a few minutes with Tim Grewe, GM’s director of battery cell engineering and electrification strategy. The company has a robust and expanding battery-cell R&D program and testing facility. At the same time, GM announced a new joint venture with LG Chem to build an Ohio-based battery gigafactory with 30 GWh of annual capacity.

General Motors will be relying on Grewe and his team to deliver battery solutions for the GMC Hummer EV and a growing list of future GM electric vehicles. Here’s an edited version of our interview with Grewe.

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General Motors Stories November 25, 2019

General Motors president Mark Reuss penned a missive on CNN’s website titled, “Electric Cars Won’t Go Mainstream Until We Fix These Problems.” This title conveys three things:

  1. Electric vehicles have big problems
  2. They’re not suitable for the “mainstream,” aka most people, and
  3. GM will fix (future tense) these problems, and normal people should just stand by until GM says so.

Below we deconstruct this corporate PR hit piece and take a look at who it’s coming from.

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General Motors Stories November 14, 2019

Two weeks ago, Toyota sided with the Trump administration’s bid to bar California from setting its own fuel-efficiency and zero-emission rules. The next day, on Oct. 29, former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, tweeted, “Toyota, goodbye. The environmental goodwill you’ve built by pioneering hybrid cars has vanished in your choice of Trump over California. #toyotatrump.” And the Toyota-Trump boycott was started.

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General Motors Stories November 2, 2018

Today is a big day for car companies jumping on the electric bicycle bandwagon. First Elon Musk dropped a bombshell saying Tesla might build an electric bike, and now GM electric bicycles are on the horizon too.

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General Motors Stories May 1, 2016

Tesla Fremont factory 1

For the second year in a row, Tesla tried to pass a bill sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, D-Norwalk in Connecticut, to allow the sale of electric vehicles directly to consumers without having to go through the franchise dealerships model. Last week, the bill SB3 was in consideration and awaiting a vote in the state Senate, but it is now officially dead following an impressive lobbying campaign led by GM and the local dealership association.

The electric automaker is currently entrenched in several battles over its business model of selling directly to consumers without a third-party dealership. While it is not an issue in most of its markets, Tesla is not allowed or under restrictions to sell its cars in several states including Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Connecticut, Utah and West Virginia. expand full story

General Motors Stories October 22, 2015

GM adds a second shift and 1,200 jobs on the assembly line of the Chevy Volt

GM announced that the company will add a second shift and 1,200 jobs at its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. GM builds 5 models on a single assembly line at Detroit-Hamtramck including the plug-in hybrids Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR.

General Motors Stories October 1, 2015

Chevrolet-Volt-2016-hdGM CEO Mary Barra made a series of announcement today about the “future of personal mobility”, most notable of which a new plan for autonomous Chevy Volt to be available to GM employees to drive on private property next year.

A fleet of 2017 Volt equipped with GM’s self-driving technology will be made available in late 2016 for GM employees to reserve through a new car-sharing app and drive around the company’s Warren Technical Center campus in Michigan. expand full story

General Motors Stories September 9, 2015

Chevy Volt 2016 will be short-lived – 2017 model will come early

Over the weekend we reported that GM pushed the nationwide release of the 2016 Volt to next year and would only sell the car in CARB states in the meantime. Yesterday the company confirmed to Auto News that they simply don’t plan on releasing the 2016 model outside of their top EV markets, which coincidentally are mainly CARB states. Instead the company will release the 2017 version early for a nationwide launch.

General Motors Stories July 22, 2015

This American Life takes on the history of Tesla’s NUMMI plant and the GM-Toyota JV

This is a great listen if you want to know the history behind the NUMMI plant in Fremont California where Tesla currently builds its cars.  But this is about its past life, the only mention of Tesla is literally the last word.

General Motors Stories March 9, 2015

Every time I hear about the 2016 Volt, I can’t help but think how much nicer it is than the current one across a lot of different areas (from the Chicago Motor show above). The problem is that we’re quite a long time from the new one being on sale so Chevy has to sell the “old one” which is going to be a hard slog.

General Motors Stories October 28, 2014

GM/Chevy detailed its next generation Volt today with some nice surprises though they are pretty vague in their assessment.

Some factoids:

  • 80% off all Volt customer trips are EV only.
  • New battery capacity will increase by 20% on a volume basis when compared to the original cell, while the number of cells decreases from 288 to 192. The cells are positioned lower in the pack for improved (lower) center of gravity and the overall mass of the pack has decreased by almost 30 pounds (13 kg).
  • 20 million battery cells have been produced for the more than 69,000 Chevrolet Volts on the road today with industry-leading quality levels of less than two problems per million cells produced
  • Many owners are exceeding the EPA-rated label of 35 miles of EV range per full charge, with about 15 percent surpassing 40 miles of range.
  • Current generation Volt owners have accumulated more than 600 million EV miles
  • 2 motors replace 1 motor and 1 regen. The two-motor drive unit operates approximately 5 to 12 percent more efficiently and weighs 100 pounds (45 kg) less than the current system.
  • 1.5L range extender motor will be more efficient as well
  • GM will manufacture the Volt battery pack at its battery assembly plant in Brownstown, Mich.
  • Range estimates will be given at NA auto show in Detroit on January

So not too many specifics but one would think all of these updates would make the Volt an even more appealing package. More room in the back would have also come in handy. If we take the 20% more power in the battery pack combined with the weight reduction and more efficient motors at face value, the Volt may approach 50 miles on electricity.

The question now is who is going to buy the current version (Osborne effect)?

Press Release follows:

Next-Generation Chevrolet Volt Features All-New Voltec Propulsion System for More Efficiency

Debuting in 2015, new model will have increased EV range

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General Motors Stories January 31, 2014

I’m still infatuated with the Chevy Spark EV. The Korean/American EV can be had for significantly under $20K or $200/month meaning it can be free after gas cost savings for big commuters. The practical little 4 seat hatchback can go around 80 miles on a charge and can be charged quickly using the same SAE DC  charger as the BMW i3.

There’s more!

It has more torque (over 400ft/lbs) than a Ferrari 458 Italia and can hit 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds flat.

Did I mention it is essentially free if you currently spend $10/day on gasoline?

The Spark EV starts its life in Changwon, South Korea where gasoline and electric sparks are built by GM Korea, which was once known as Daewoo. But the heart of the Spark comes from America. GM is building the permanent magnet motors in Maryland, and instead of LG batteries made in Korea (like the Volt) GM is using American-made batteries courtesy of B456 (formerly A123. I’m not making this up). For reasons we don’t understand, GM isn’t “doing a CODA” and shipping cars sans-drivetran to America for assembly. The plant in Maryland ships the batteries and drivetrain to Korea, GM Korea inserts it in the car and ships the completed unit back to the USA.

Anyway, here’s a great review. I have no idea how they keep these in stock. Chevy please send these outside of California and Oregon.  Money quote:

Power is supplied by a 560lb, 21.3 kWh lithium battery pack located where the gas tank is in the gasoline Spark. As with the Chevy Volt, GM is taking the cautious path to battery preservation equipping the pack with an active heating and cooling system. That’s a stark contrast to the Nissan Leaf which uses a passive cooling system. Thanks to the lightest curb weight in the group (2,989lbs), the Spark scores 82 miles of EPA range and the highest efficiency rating of any EV to date. Depending on the weight of my right foot, my real world range varied from 70-100 miles.

General Motors Stories January 16, 2014

A nice option for a truly impressive little EV car. However 20 minutes for every 80 miles of drive time doesn’t really let you take long trips (vs 20 minutes for 170 miles on the Tesla Model S.

It would also have been nice if Chevy was compatible with Nissan/Toyota/Mitsubishi’s CHAdeMO Fast DC chargers so the companies could blanket more the the country with compatible chargers. expand full story

General Motors Stories November 4, 2013

You knew Fox News was going to stage a takedown of Tesla at one point or another. Here is Lauren Fix’s interview on the Tesla Fires (above).

‘Interviewer’: “…Something about Tesla Cars that cause them to blow up”?  Just … No

Fix: “supposedly a piece of metal that supposedly punctured the battery box” All facts. Seattle fire: Metal into the underside of the battery box at highway speeds. What would happen if it hit a gas tank?

Fix: “NHTSA didn’t investigate”. They did. They found no reason to push forward and the car acted like expected.

“After reviewing all available data, the NHTSA has not found evidence at this time that would indicate the recent battery fire involving a Tesla Model S was the result of a vehicle safety defect or noncompliance with federal safety standards,” the agency said in a statement.

Fix: “I assume they offered him a deal on a new car”. No. Published reports say the Seattle driver happily bought another one with the money he got from his insurance

Fix: “If this were Ford, GM, Toyota…[Congress] they would call them on the carpet and basically and draw and corner them” There are hundreds of vehicle fires every day. I don’t think that Congress acts on every one of them?

Fix “Something happened in a hit a wall but here wall on a regular combustion car your car is not likely to blow up” Actually the car did a lot more than bust through a wall. It was called an extreme accident where the vehicle travelling well over the speed limit experienced a violent crash with low wall after it jumped curb and went airborne. The driver walked away without any permanent injuries.

Fix: “There’s hundreds of people that complain; many many of these owners are happy because they’re environmentalists they want to be cool” There are quite a bit of owners who are speed freaks and who love havin a 7-seat sports car that is quiet and requires no maintenance.  Motor Trend and Consumer reports must be crazy.

Yes, it is a sloppy, stupid takedown but unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant and elderly people who watch Fox and actually consider it to be a source of information. The oil industry is a hundreds of billions of dollars per year industry. These attacks will only grow more prominent in the coming years.

Full Transcript and some more crazy from Lauren below: expand full story

General Motors Stories October 11, 2013

Just when you think the big automakers might be catching on to the electric car scene, GM goes and does something absurd like the 2014 Cadillac ELR. Remember the Cadillac Cimarron, the dressed up Chevy Cavalier? This is worse.

Introduced with pricing today and shipments in January, the $75,000 ($68K after Fed Tax Cred) car will have almost identical specs as the Chevy Volt in 35 miles in EV mode and 300miles on gas. That’s actually worse than the Volt’s upgraded 40 EV miles – probably due to the slightly higher performing engine on the Caddy. It even appears to have the same T-shaped battery going through the middle of the car as the Volt which makes it barely capable of seating of 4 people. Trunk space is listed at a comical 10.5 cubic feet which is about a third of the Tesla Model S before you consider the “Frunk”.

The ELR is a two door which probably lends itself better to the 2+2 seating that the 4-door Volt has currently.


As for performance gains, there is no listed horsepower but the 295 lb-ft compares favorably to the 273 lb-ft. torque listed or the Volt. But, as a sad comparison, the sub-$20,000 Chevy Spark 100% electric vehicle produces 400lb-ft of torque so that $75K Caddy is likely going to get smoked by a $20K hatchback with over twice the amount of EV battery made by the same company.

I’m in full agreement with Ed Kim, vice president of industry analysis at AutoPacific Inc., who on Friday tweeted: “A Volt with a Cadillac body and badge for Tesla Model S money? Is GM on crack?”

The Volt is a great car but GM isn’t going to have any kind of success taking it into the Tesla price category without significantly upgrading the batteries and motor and bringing some more innovation to the table. This is embarrassing.

The ELR specs below: expand full story

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