GMC Stories Yesterday

In 2022, electric vehicle sales continue to boom. Nearly all legacy automakers have set end dates for manufacturing new combustion vehicles and have begun introducing all-electric options into their fleets more and more. This year alone, the world will see over twenty new electric vehicle models ranging from most expensive, to rather affordable. Below is a list of which EVs are or will soon be available, and how expensive they are.

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GMC Stories June 27

Following initial deliveries of the GMC Edition 1 Hummer EV, current and future drivers will soon be able to experience “Extract Mode” – an upcoming adaptive air suspension feature that can lift the vehicle higher than several competitors in both the combustion and electric truck markets. Check out the video footage below.

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GMC Stories June 17

GMC has announced the start of new customization options for current reservation holders of the Hummer EV ahead of placing their official orders. Additionally, the news comes with the caveat that any Hummer EV orders placed after today will see a significant price increase to the base MSRP.

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GMC Stories May 12

During a media day for Magna International’s “Tech Week,” we got to visit the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, to test drive some of the contract manufacturer’s electrified tech. This included a GMC Sierra 2500 converted to a BEV using Magna’s Etelligent Force 4WD powertrain. With it, we were able experience the system’s 14,500 lb towing capacity and drive some other unique EVs too.

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GMC Stories April 7

Hummer EV GMC 2022
Heavy-duty ball-spline half-shafts maximize axle articulation for the precise maneuverability in the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup.

GMC flew Electrek out to Scottsdale, Arizona, last month to test-drive the new Hummer EV on proving grounds, backroads, highways, and desert trails. After a few days with this beast, it is clear that this thing has all the bells and whistles – but with a huge 200+ kWh battery, is the Hummer brand still a little excessive?

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GMC Stories March 29

General Motors marque GMC recently shared that it has received over 65,000 reservations for its electrified Hummer pickup and SUV, much higher than the American automaker’s initial expectations. As a result, GMC is expediting Hummer EV production to keep up with the growing consumer demand. That being said, the SUV version of the Hummer is not scheduled to deliver until 2023, and new pickup orders won’t be fulfilled until 2024 under current production timelines.

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GMC Stories November 12, 2021

General Motors recently shared that it is speaking with the US military about building an electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (eLRV) prototype based off the GMC Hummer EV. The eLRV prototype planned for 2022 will be developed by GM Defense as a modified version of the Hummer EV, to fit US Army specifications. The move completes the circle started when the original Humvee was adapted from from a military personnel transporter to civilian gas guzzler at the end of last century.

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GMC Stories August 31, 2021

As we sit in the midst of 2021, electric vehicles remain a major storyline. Even long-established, legacy automakers (some with over 100 years of experience) have finally wisened up and pivoted toward EVs to remain competitive. In the next couple years, three major automotive brands, old and new, will release three highly anticipated electric trucks. This includes the Tesla Cybertruck, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC’s modern spin on a gas-guzzling behemoth with the Hummer EV.

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GMC Stories July 19, 2021

General Motors (GM) has confirmed that it is working on a new GMC electric pickup truck to follow the GMC Hummer EV.

It will be GM’s third electric pickup after the Silverado electric.

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GMC Stories February 17, 2021

After over 100 years as one of the world’s largest ICE automobile manufacturers, General Motors has freed its head from the deep sand to join the emerging EV revolution. The US automaker has pulled a 180 in order to combat emissions rather than enable them. Just recently, GM announced plans to be carbon neutral by 2040, a bold statement. Let’s hope it’s more than just talk. Below is how General Motors plans to achieve this green goal.

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GMC Stories January 24, 2019

The race to make all-electric pickup truck has started and GM is now being dragged in.

A GMC executive confirmed that they are considering including all-electric vehicles in their GMC SUV and pickup truck lineup. expand full story

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