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Elon Musk Stories July 29

Elon Musk announces a date, August 19, for Tesla AI Day, an event to share progress in the automaker’s software and hardware development related to artificial intelligence.

The CEO aims to use the event as a recruiting platform for Tesla’s AI team.

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Elon Musk Stories July 21

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is “most likely” going to resume taking Bitcoin payment after some due diligence on the improvements in the energy mix used to mine the cryptocurrency.

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Elon Musk Stories July 19

In its quest to offer an electric vehicle (EV) option to suit everyone on the planet, Tesla has expanded the size and scope of its carbon-conscious repertoire over the past 17 years. Tesla currently manufactures two sport utility options – the mid-sized offensive lineman of the Tesla family, the Model X, and the new(er) crossover kid on the block Model Y. Below is a side-by-side matchup of both Teslas to help you decipher which option may be better for you.

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Elon Musk Stories May 11

Tesla could move even further into the world of cryptocurrency as Elon Musk teases the potential for the automaker to accept payment using a second cryptocurrency: Dogecoin.

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Elon Musk Stories May 10

As the two youngest electric vehicles to join Tesla’s fleet, the Model 3 and Model Y have quickly helped propel the automaker to a market cap over $600 billion. While both EVs share several of the same parts, they do remain unique from one another in many ways. While not exhaustive, this side by side comparison of Tesla’s Model 3 and its Model Y should help you get a basic idea for how these cars differ…

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Elon Musk Stories May 9

Tesla’s Model S and Model 3 provide drivers with either a taste of veteran performance or refreshing innovation and value. Both combine to form the US automaker’s line of electric sedans, although they share more of their mechanical makeup with their respective assembly-line SUV partners. Below is a comprehensive breakdown comparing old and new to help you decide which sedan may be the Tesla for you.

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Elon Musk Stories May 8

Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) – here’s how to watch it

Whatever you think of him, Elon Musk is indeed the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. And, again, whatever you think of him, he’s inexplicably hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, May 8. Here’s everything you need to know about how to catch the “Technoking” himself on TV or streaming…

Elon Musk Stories May 3

Elon Musk famously doesn’t accept his salary from Tesla, but the CEO still has a generous compensation plan that has the potential to net him around $30 billion this year.

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Elon Musk Stories April 28

Elon Musk rejected the idea of Tesla going back to having a PR department, and his reasoning behind it is quite revealing: He doesn’t believe in “manipulating public opinion.”

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Elon Musk Stories April 22

Elon Musk, who has generally welcomed valid criticism, has now dismissed some serious concerns about Tesla as “weird” attacks from the media.

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