Lamborghini Stories January 24

Lamborghini announced that this year is going to be its last for purely combustion engine vehicles. Starting next year, it will only introduce vehicles with electric motors – starting with hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The CEO also confirmed that the legendary automaker’s first all-electric vehicle is likely going to be a four-door.

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Lamborghini Stories October 9, 2021

Tech bro and manly compensation jokes aside, how cool would it be to have your own supercar parked in your garage? How many young boys didn’t grow up looking at Ferrari posters or have at least one Lamborghini in their Hotwheels car collection? I for one never thought I’d actually own one… at least until I found this work of art on Alibaba. Though the more I looked, the more things didn’t seem to quite add up for this being a bona fide Italian sports car.

The first clue might have been that it was on Alibaba.

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Lamborghini Stories May 18, 2021

Lamborghini has been reticent about going into all-electric vehicles, but it’s now finally breaking from its stance and has announced an upcoming all-electric car.

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Lamborghini Stories August 24, 2020

Segway-Ninebot may have just helped produce the most affordable Lamborghini ever — and the only electric one. Just don’t plan on taking it on the highway, since the new Lamborghini electric go-kart is built purely for the track.

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Lamborghini Stories September 4, 2019

Lamborghini has its “most powerful car ever produced,” the Sián, and they did so by creating a novel hybrid powertrain with supercapacitors. expand full story

Lamborghini Stories June 25, 2018

Electric supercars, or hypercars due to their efficiency aspect, are becoming more common thanks to startups like Nio and Rimac.

Tesla now wants to take it to a new level with the next-gen Roadster and remove the halo effect of internal combustion engines.

However, Lamborghini, which is often the first brand that people think of when talking about supercars, doesn’t think that it’s going to happen as it doesn’t see battery technology enabling the kind of performance that they expect in a supercar. expand full story

Lamborghini Stories November 7, 2017

Lamborghini has been hesitant to implement all-electric powertrains to its supercars, but it has been increasingly electrifying its lineup of vehicles as parent company Volkswagen is pushing electric on all its brands.

Now the Italian automaker is unveiling its latest electric concept car: the Terzo Millennio. expand full story

Lamborghini Stories December 29, 2016


Lamborghini’s Urus SUV concept has been long in the making. The Italian automaker first unveiled it in 2012 and it has since displayed several iterations at motor shows. The company says that it plans to bring it to market in 2018 as its first SUV and surprisingly, company officials have now confirmed that an electric plug-in version will be offered. expand full story

Lamborghini Stories October 7, 2016


Lamborghini is reportedly attempting to dethrone Tesla for the title of the ‘Quickest Production Car in the World’ and it’s going electric to make it happen. Reports coming from Germany suggest that the Italian sportscar manufacturer launched an electric supercar program called ‘Vitola’. expand full story

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