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July 2015 - November 2017

Faraday Future is an electric vehicle startup based in California. It was founded and it is being primarily financed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting.

Founded only in 2014, the company already has around 1,000 employees and reportedly raised 100s of millions.

It started construction on a $1 billion electric vehicle factory in North Las Vegas and plans to bring its first vehicle to market with the next 2-3 years.

Faraday Future Stories November 13

It feels like Faraday Future, once a well-funded electric car startup with over 1,000 employees, has been fading away over the last few months.

Now it looks like the end is near as the company loses several members of its top leadership again. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories August 18

Faraday Future recently had one of its first good news in a while when it announced that it is moving into an existing factory instead of building its own in the middle of the desert.

It was seen as a more feasible approach to bring its first electric car to market.

But it looks like FF is still trying to figure out its whole business model as it sent out a survey to its followers for them to help “shape key aspects of their business.” expand full story

Faraday Future Stories August 7

After having abandoned (officially put on hold) its massive $1 billion electric vehicle factory in Nevada, Faraday Future is now announcing a new less ambitious factory to bring its electric car to market.

The new facility is in Hanford, California – roughly halfway between Los Angeles, where FF is based, and Silicon Valley.  expand full story

Faraday Future Stories July 10

After months of financial difficulties stalling the project, electric vehicle startup Faraday Future issued a statement today announcing that they are abandoning their $1 billion EV factory in Nevada… for now. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories June 26

Everywhere you look, EV records keep improving.  Our newest example is Faraday Future’s FF 91, which took on the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb this weekend and shattered the previous record for a “production” EV, set last year by a stripped but otherwise mostly unmodified Tesla P90D.  The FF 91 beat the Tesla’s time by over 20 seconds, setting a time of 11:25.083.

expand full story

Faraday Future Stories June 23

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has somewhat become a proving ground for electric vehicles over the years. A Tesla Model S set a new record for a production electric vehicle, Rimac also did an impressive job with its all-electric 1.1 MW monster racecar, and several all-electric bikes also made good impressions.

Now Faraday Future is trying to position its new FF91 has a top performance all-electric car and it is currently at Pikes Peak to prove it. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories June 5

While Faraday Future’s future is unclear as it attempts to raise a significant round of financing after its main backer, Jia Yueting from LeEco, is having liquidity issues, the FF91, the company’s first production-intent vehicle, is still very real and going through its test program.

This week, the electric car started showcased its dynamic vehicle control and announced that it will test it at the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories May 26

Faraday Future’s troubles intensified over the past few months and as we reported earlier this week, it resulted in dozens of employees jumping ship.

Nonetheless, the company is apparently still investing in its factory under construction in Nevada, where its investment has now reached $174 million, though at a slower pace.They are now reportedly trying to raise a $1 billion round to complete the construction. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories May 24

When Faraday Future first set up its electric vehicle development effort in 2014 and ramped it up in 2015 and 2016, it was a strain on Tesla’s team since it poached literally dozens of engineers from the electric automaker. 

Now it’s going the other way around as dozens of Faraday Future employees have been jumping ship as things are becoming gloomy at the company.  expand full story

Faraday Future Stories April 11

Faraday Future’s all-electric FF91 has been dubbed a classic electric “weird-mobile” by a lot of people. A term that might have originated from Tesla CEO Elon Musk referencing the way some automakers are designing EVs to specifically look “weird”.

I tend to agree based on the prototypes that FF unveiled in January, but we now get to see a matte black beta prototype, which definitely looks more badass than the silver and white prototypes with camouflage that Faraday showed before. expand full story

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