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Faraday Future is an electric vehicle startup based in California. It was founded and it is being primarily financed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting.

Founded only in 2014, the company already has around 1,000 employees and reportedly raised 100s of millions.

It started construction on a $1 billion electric vehicle factory in North Las Vegas and plans to bring its first vehicle to market with the next 2-3 years.

Faraday Future Stories November 16, 2021

EV startup Faraday Future recently notified the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it is unable to file multiple reports pertaining to the third fiscal quarter of 2021. Faraday Future states the reason for the delay is due to a special committee performing an independent internal review into allegations made by a noted “short seller” in early October.

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Faraday Future Stories May 24, 2021

EV startup Faraday Future is celebrating the grand opening of what it’s calling the FF Futurist Experience in New York City, allowing the public to see its upcoming FF 91 EV up-close for the first time. This experience will coincide with Faraday Future’s pending SPAC merger to promote its flagship vehicle while the deal finalizes.

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Faraday Future Stories May 19, 2021

Faraday Future has unveiled a new feature in its FF91 electric vehicle: a 27-inch backseat screen with a video conferencing feature.

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Faraday Future Stories March 2, 2021

We continue to spotlight up-and-coming or lesser-known electric vehicle companies, with Faraday Future. The Los Angeles based-automaker has had its fair share of ups and downs and controversies around electric vehicle technologies. With its first production EV in road testing, Faraday Future remains an automaker to watch.

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Faraday Future Stories December 2, 2019

Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) is in discussions about using EV technology from Faraday Future and Seres (formerly SF Motors), according to a report last week by The Verge. Current and former FCA employees said that Faraday Future retrofitted FCA vehicles with its electric powertrain and started road testing. That effort follows months of reported meetings between FCA and Faraday Future. With an FCA-Peugeot merger in the works, are we seeing signs of a new EV consolidated effort?

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Faraday Future Stories August 27, 2019

Faraday Future CEO Jia Yueting is reportedly finally stepping down from his role at the electric vehicle startup as part of a restructuring into a partnership. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories July 3, 2019

Rivian has grown to employ 750 people, with a new report detailing the startup’s recent hires from Tesla, Ford, and McLaren — but most notably, an influx of new employees from fading EV startup Faraday Future.

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Faraday Future Stories June 13, 2019

Evergrande, a Chinese firm believed to be the biggest real estate company in the world and backers of electric vehicle startups like Faraday Future and NEVS, announced a massive $23 billion investment in the production 1 million electric cars and 500 GWh of batteries per year. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories April 30, 2019

After years of trouble trying to bring its first electric vehicle to market, Faraday Future (FF) is still surviving as it announces a new $225 million bridge loan, but a bridge to where? expand full story

Faraday Future Stories January 2, 2019

Faraday Future, once seen as the main EV startup, had a tough 2018, but it announced that it closed out the year by settling its dispute with its main investor.

Though it doesn’t mean that it’s out of the woods just yet. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories December 5, 2018

Following a significant fallout with its main investors, Faraday Future is running out of cash and it is on the brink of bankruptcy.

The startup now says that it can’t pay employees and it is putting more of them on furlough. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories October 30, 2018

Faraday Future’s story has been a roller-coaster. Once seen as the number one EV startup, it has since been crippled by severe financial and management problems.

It seems like the startup was finally out of the woods after a large Chinese holding company promised a massive $2 billion investment in Faraday Future, but after a fallout with the investors, the company recently had to lay off employees and cut salaries. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories August 29, 2018

With the recent cash injection, Faraday Future is moving forward with the production of the FF91 electric vehicle.

The startup has now unveiled the first pre-production FF91 – pictured above – assembled at its factory in Hanford, California. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories August 15, 2018

In a strange move announced this week, Evergrande Health, a large Chinese holding company that recently invested $2 billion in EV startup Faraday Future, reportedly took over the Chinese operations of the electric vehicle startup. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories July 24, 2018

We haven’t heard much from Faraday Future in 2018 as the troubled EV startup was trying to secure an important round of funding in order to get out of its seemingly constant financial troubles.

Now the company claims to be flush with cash after a $2 billion investment and they are getting ready to put the focus back on the FF91 all-electric crossover as they now test the vehicle at high-speed. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories June 26, 2018

Electric vehicle startup Faraday Future confirms the long-rumored financing round that saved the company last year.

The California-based startup now announces that it closed $2 billion in financing to bring its electric vehicles to market. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories March 13, 2018

We first revealed the existence of Evelozcity, an electric vehicle startup founded by former Faraday Future (FF) executives, a few months ago and it might already be a $1 billion company.

The startup now claims to have raised ~$1 billion to bring its electric vehicles to market. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories March 12, 2018

Despite its many setbacks over the last few years, Faraday Future claims that it is now flush with money and still plans to launch the FF91, its first electric vehicle, by the end of the year.

The startup now teases a new fleet of prototypes ahead of the launch. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories February 14, 2018

Despite its production plan for the all-electric SUV FF91 falling apart over the last year, Faraday Future claims that it can still bring the vehicle into production by the end of the year.

The company appears so confident that it now even teases future vehicles this week. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories February 1, 2018

Only a few weeks after we first revealed the existence of Evelozcity, an electric vehicle startup founded by former Faraday Future (FF) executives, FF announced that they filed a lawsuit against them for alleged theft of trade secrets. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories January 2, 2018

Jia Yueting (YT), founder of LeEco and now CEO of Faraday Future (FF) was placed on a debt blacklist in China and asked to return home to face his creditors following financial issues. Now, he says that he needs to stay in the US to oversee the current fundraising round of his electric car startup. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories December 20, 2017

Over the past few months, things appeared to be out of control at the high-profile electric car startup Faraday Future. The new leadership brought in by billionaire founder Jia Yueting, including Stefan Krause, former BMW and Deutsche Bank CFO, and BMW’s head of EVs, Ulrich Kranz, along with several other high-profile employees, left in masses.

Now, sources have told Electrek that those same Faraday Future expats are launching their own electric car startup. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories November 13, 2017

It feels like Faraday Future, once a well-funded electric car startup with over 1,000 employees, has been fading away over the last few months.

Now it looks like the end is near as the company loses several members of its top leadership again. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories August 18, 2017

Faraday Future recently had one of its first good news in a while when it announced that it is moving into an existing factory instead of building its own in the middle of the desert.

It was seen as a more feasible approach to bring its first electric car to market.

But it looks like FF is still trying to figure out its whole business model as it sent out a survey to its followers for them to help “shape key aspects of their business.” expand full story

Faraday Future Stories August 7, 2017

After having abandoned (officially put on hold) its massive $1 billion electric vehicle factory in Nevada, Faraday Future is now announcing a new less ambitious factory to bring its electric car to market.

The new facility is in Hanford, California – roughly halfway between Los Angeles, where FF is based, and Silicon Valley.  expand full story

Faraday Future Stories July 10, 2017

After months of financial difficulties stalling the project, electric vehicle startup Faraday Future issued a statement today announcing that they are abandoning their $1 billion EV factory in Nevada… for now. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories June 26, 2017

Everywhere you look, EV records keep improving.  Our newest example is Faraday Future’s FF 91, which took on the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb this weekend and shattered the previous record for a “production” EV, set last year by a stripped but otherwise mostly unmodified Tesla P90D.  The FF 91 beat the Tesla’s time by over 20 seconds, setting a time of 11:25.083.

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Faraday Future Stories June 23, 2017

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has somewhat become a proving ground for electric vehicles over the years. A Tesla Model S set a new record for a production electric vehicle, Rimac also did an impressive job with its all-electric 1.1 MW monster racecar, and several all-electric bikes also made good impressions.

Now Faraday Future is trying to position its new FF91 has a top performance all-electric car and it is currently at Pikes Peak to prove it. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories June 5, 2017

While Faraday Future’s future is unclear as it attempts to raise a significant round of financing after its main backer, Jia Yueting from LeEco, is having liquidity issues, the FF91, the company’s first production-intent vehicle, is still very real and going through its test program.

This week, the electric car started showcased its dynamic vehicle control and announced that it will test it at the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories May 26, 2017

Faraday Future’s troubles intensified over the past few months and as we reported earlier this week, it resulted in dozens of employees jumping ship.

Nonetheless, the company is apparently still investing in its factory under construction in Nevada, where its investment has now reached $174 million, though at a slower pace.They are now reportedly trying to raise a $1 billion round to complete the construction. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories May 24, 2017

When Faraday Future first set up its electric vehicle development effort in 2014 and ramped it up in 2015 and 2016, it was a strain on Tesla’s team since it poached literally dozens of engineers from the electric automaker. 

Now it’s going the other way around as dozens of Faraday Future employees have been jumping ship as things are becoming gloomy at the company.  expand full story

Faraday Future Stories April 11, 2017

Faraday Future’s all-electric FF91 has been dubbed a classic electric “weird-mobile” by a lot of people. A term that might have originated from Tesla CEO Elon Musk referencing the way some automakers are designing EVs to specifically look “weird”.

I tend to agree based on the prototypes that FF unveiled in January, but we now get to see a matte black beta prototype, which definitely looks more badass than the silver and white prototypes with camouflage that Faraday showed before. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories March 31, 2017

Several companies developing electric vehicle and self-driving technologies have used Tesla’s vehicles, whether it was to reverse engineer them, like Audi did with the Model X, or to work on new sensors and autonomous driving technologies, like Bosch did with a Model S for its self-driving program.

Now Faraday Future is using a Model X as part of its test program for its own electric and autonomous vehicle. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories March 22, 2017

Like Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) did for Tesla’s Gigafactory last week, they released the quarterly report for Faraday Future’s own electric vehicle factory project in the state.

As of the last reported quarter (Q4 2016), the company reportedly made a $160 million capital investment in the project, but the only result so far is a lot of dirt being moved around. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories March 4, 2017


Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz has been a strong opponent of the deal that brought electric vehicle maker Faraday Future to the state. He went as far as calling it a “Ponzi scheme.”

Schwartz is turning up the scrutiny on the company and dragged Tesla into it by calling for an audit of the deals they made with Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). expand full story

Faraday Future Stories February 28, 2017


Before even unveiling its first car, Faraday Future had shown an impressive ability to attract top talent, but a few of them recently left the electric vehicle startup. They have been losing quite a few high-profile executives since financial and legal problems came to light over the past few months.

Nonetheless, they appear to have kept the ability to attract new top talent since we now learn that Stefan Krause (54), the former CFO of BMW and Deutsche Bank, is joining the company to lead its finance team. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories February 20, 2017


Despite highly publicized financial and legal troubles both before and after its big reveal at CES last month, it seems like Faraday Future is still alive and moving forward with its electric vehicle factory in Nevada.

A state official recently disclosed that the company invested $160 million in the factory, but they currently have little to show for after that sizeable investment.  expand full story

Faraday Future Stories February 2, 2017


Faraday Future’s big unveiling of its first production-intent vehicle at CES last month was tainted by several lawsuits and financial issues leading up to it. It got so bad that there were strong doubts about the company even being able to bring the car to production.

It now looks like FF is still aiming to bring it to production, but we learn that it is downsizing what was previously supposed to be a massive $1 billion electric vehicle factory to manufacture the vehicle in North Las Vegas. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories January 13, 2017


A lot has been said about Faraday Future leading to the unveiling of its first production-intent vehicle at CES earlier this month and since, but the price range of the all-electric vehicle has so far been elusive and the company has never confirmed it.

Jia Yueting, CEO of LeEco and Faraday Future’s main backer, gave us our best idea of the price this week by saying that will cost “less than $300,000”. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories January 7, 2017


In this week’s top stories: Tesla CEO Elon Musk shares some thoughts on the upcoming Trump administration, Tesla Model 3 could soon be the most American made car, Chargepoint shows us its new 400kW charging station at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, and Ford, Faraday Future and others unveil their latest EVs and concepts at the show.

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Faraday Future Stories January 6, 2017

Faraday Future FF91 gets a test drive video by MKBHD, let’s try to keep an open mind

We’ve already laid out our thoughts concerns with Faraday Future and its just announced FF91. The company’s got an uphill battle getting to production and it is hard to imagine how much this will car cost if/when it comes to market.

On one side, you’ve got tons of goodies and crazy styling with will add tons of cost. But the actual test car that can be driven actually looks kind of tame and the differences from the Model X are a lot more muted.  That same Model X has been on sale for a year and the production model is only a hair slower than this Faraday FF91 prototype.

The ‘fastest electric car’ moniker that Faraday keeps throwing around is also a bit of a facepalm. If these were in production or even anywhere close, they might be able to say that but as prototype concepts, this thing is in the same class as the faster Rimac Concept one which is actually shipping. Heck, someone threw a beast of an electric engine in a rear wheel drive ’68 Mustang and got a sub-2 second 0-60 – so let’s lay off that talk.

But for now let’s just admire what this company has put together and maybe the bigger picture of what can be accomplished with an electric powertrain. Here’s a good look at that from YouTuber Marques Brownlee:

Faraday Future Stories January 5, 2017


Faraday Future has just announced in a post on the company’s facebook page that they’ve received a total of 64,124 reservations globally for their FF 91 within the first 36 hours.  They did not specify the proportion of “standard” free reservations to $5,000 “priority” reservations, but we can assume that a vast majority of these reservations are of the free variety.

Faraday Future announced their impressive-but-expensive-seeming 2018 production-intent FF 91 concept car two nights ago at CES.  You can see our writeup of the reveal here.  See how Faraday’s reservation numbers compare against some other EVs below the jump.

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Faraday Future Stories January 3, 2017


Faraday Future has just finished revealing their first car, the “FF 91”, in a livestreamed demonstration from CES 2017, and boy was the demonstration a doozy.

The FF 91’s specs are incredibly impressive.  With a 130kWh battery, it will have 1050 horsepower, which Faraday Future claims is the most of any electric car (but actually falls short of the Rimac Concept_One by 38hp) and 378 miles of EPA range.  The 200kW DC charging system purportedly charges the car at a rate of 500 miles of range per hour (and a 15kW AC home charging system for 50% charge in 4.5 hours), and the car will include self-driving capability courtesy of a 3D LIDAR system embedded in the center of the hood.

See more about the specs and presentation, and some photos, below the jump. expand full story


Faraday Future’s unveiling livestream hasn’t even started yet, and already the link to reserve a car has gone live on their website (edit: post updated with the first image available of the car, from the livestream).  The website mentions “priority reservations” which require a fully refundable deposit of $5,000, which then makes you eligible to upgrade your reservation to an “Alliance Edition” spot when that is announced in the spring. expand full story

Faraday Future CES 2017 Announcement liveblog: Time to put up or shut up!

We’re here, for better or worse, this is Faradays put up or shut up moment. We’ll be doing the play by play.

The Venue is pretty swank, it looks like people flew overnight to get here:

The countdown has stopped and the music just got louder so something, anything has to happen…soon, right?

There’s a “reserve now” link which is live on the website

5k deposit, refundable, upgradeable to an “FF 91 alliance edition” which is limited to 300 units or you can do a ‘standard reservation’ with no money down and non-priority spot. The standard preorder literally just takes a button click and an email account on the site

Show begins in 1 minute (6:12PM PT)

6:15: Nick Samson recap time. very dramatic. 1400 Employees from 36 countries. MAke life better for the generations to come.



Some big words no cars yet tho…

1st look at the car:




Some charging specs:

200kw* DC charging (vs. Tesla’s current 145kW) peak charge rate is 500 miles per hour

130kWh of battery life

370 miles of EPA range (LA to Silicon Valley with miles to spare) 400 miles at 55mph

1050 horsepower

0-60- 2.44 secs.

(livestream is up, embedded below)


(refresh for the latest)

Faraday Future Stories December 29, 2016


There’s some confusion around the relationship between Faraday Future and LeEco’s LeSee electric car division beyond the fact that they were both founded by Jia Yueting. They are both separate companies – FF is based in the US and LeSee in China, but the technology behind LeSee’s electric sedan has been developed by Faraday.

It’s a similar arrangement as the joint-ventures US automakers have with Chinese companies in order to produce vehicles in the country. There have been doubts about Faraday Future or LeSee’s ability to bring any vehicle to market after financial issues.

Faraday Future had to delay work at its own factory in Nevada, but now LeEco announced this week that it broke ground at its $3 billion electric car factory in China. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories December 28, 2016


While the controversy surrounding its financial situation is the main subject of conversation around Faraday Future (FF) at the moment, the company is still moving ahead with the endless teasing of its first production-intent electric vehicle.

It has now released the first images of the interior of the concept. expand full story

Faraday Future Stories December 23, 2016


Two of Faraday Future’s most senior executives have left the company this week following reports of financial troubles at the electric car startup and just ahead of its upcoming unveiling event in CES next month. While the company doesn’t have an official CEO, it was listing eight top executives on its website. Two of them, Marco Mattiacci and Joerg Sommer, quit this week, according to sources inside the company, and we are told that Chinese billionaire and the main investor of Faraday Future, Jia Yueting, has virtually taken over the company. expand full story

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