Netherlands Stories June 10

As Chinese EV automaker XPeng continues its market expansion into Europe, it has already set up shop in the Netherlands with the intent to inevitably begin sales there. While XPeng determines whether to bring its P5 or P7 sedan to the Netherlands first, I got the chance to visit the country, test them both out, and give feedback. Here’s how it went.

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Netherlands Stories March 1

It may come as no shock that the Netherlands is solidly aboard the pro-bike bandwagon. But new figures show just how heavily the Dutch have embraced electric bikes.

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Netherlands Stories January 24

As EV adoption continues to grow around the world, Europe in particular appears to be moving at a quicker pace. With automakers vowing to go all electric as a result of laws to eventually eliminate the sale of combustion vehicles, countries overseas are well on their way to fully embracing zero-emissions vehicles. A new study used historical date to predict where European countries will stand in 2035, based on new EV registrations.

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Netherlands Stories June 30, 2016

Aftermath of rare rollover during a Tesla Model S crash with a truck [Video]

The Tesla Model S is an extremely difficult car to rollover. With close to 5,000 lbs (2,300 kg) and a very low center of gravity thanks to the battery pack platform, it’s not surprising that it achieved a 5-star rating with a probability of only 5.7% rollover in a high-speed crash, according to NHTSA.

It makes rollover events like this one extremely rare.

Netherlands Stories April 12, 2016

Tesla Model S promo shot

The Netherlands is an important market for Tesla. It’s the automaker’s second biggest market in Europe, behind Norway, though technically it was Tesla’s third biggest European market in 2015 because of the temporary surge in sales in Denmark ahead of this year’s tax increase for electric vehicles.

But now that Tesla’s sales are virtually nonexistent in Denmark following the price increase, the Netherlands is back as the second biggest market in Europe and things are looking good for 2016. expand full story

Netherlands Stories March 31, 2016

fastned tesla map chademo

After India evaluating a scheme for all its fleet to be electric by 2030, now we learn that the Dutch government is discussing the possibility to ban gas-powered car sales and only allow electric vehicle sales starting in 2025.

Although the parliament is considering the possibility to implement such a drastic law, the house is divided and the liberal coalition in power does not see the rule being implemented any time soon. expand full story

Netherlands Stories March 2, 2016

fastned tesla map chademo

In order to attract the almost 5,000 Tesla Model S owners in the Netherlands to its fast-charging station network, Fastned announced today that it will add Tesla CHAdeMO adapters to its 50 stations across the country. expand full story

Netherlands Stories February 25, 2016

meet model x 2-1

After quickly zipping by the camera near Audi HQ last month, the Tesla Model X is to debut at the Geneva International Motor show next month (March 3-13th) according to an email we’ve received and translated.

We are delighted to welcome you again this year on our stand at the motor show in Geneva. In addition to the Model S we provide for the first time the safest, most versatile and fastest SUV in history before – the Model X. 

It combines the practical advantages of an SUV with the high security and performance requirements of Tesla. The striking Falcon Wing-wing doors and seats for up to seven people make the Model X to a vehicle that is more practical in every respect than other SUVs.

Our Product Specialists will advise you on the latest product options and bring you the advantages of our technology closer.

A white Model X was also recently spotted in the Netherlands on Feb. 16th on the highway near Tesla’s Tilburg assembly facility as shown in the video below: expand full story

Netherlands Stories January 26, 2016

leak tesla nl watermark

A picture leaked from inside Tesla in the Netherlands, either from the Amsterdam service center or the Tilburg assembly plant, shows what could be a new vehicle and large shipment of Powerwall battery packs. expand full story

Netherlands Stories December 10, 2015

Tesla Model S promo shot

Tesla needs to deliver a record-breaking ~17,000 units in the last quarter of the year to achieve the low-end of its 2015 delivery guidance of  50,000-55,000 vehicles. Since the company now sells more cars in Europe than in North America or Asia, Model S deliveries in European markets are more important than ever.

Here’s our November 2015 look at Model S deliveries based on registration data in Tesla’s most important European markets: expand full story

Netherlands Stories December 9, 2015

Eneco will bring the Tesla Powerwall to the Benelux in early 2016

Dutch electric utility Eneco announced yesterday via a press release that it will bring the Tesla Powerwall to the Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg) in early 2016.

Netherlands Stories December 1, 2015

tilburg1According to the registration data coming in for November in European markets, Tesla delivered 157 Model S’s last month in the Netherlands – up from 145 units in October. The Netherlands continue to be an important market for Tesla. It is the second biggest European market for the company with Norway being the first.

Year-to-date, the company delivered 1,613 cars in the country, which represents a 44% increase versus the same period last year. expand full story

Netherlands Stories November 5, 2015

Tesla delivered 145 Model S’s in the Netherlands in October – sales are up 49% year to date

The Netherlands continue to be an important market for Tesla. According to registration data, the company delivered 145 Model S’s last month, which represents a 437% increase versus the same period last year and brings the year-to-date growth to 49% or 12 more points than last month.

Netherlands Stories October 5, 2015

IW20G9BThe Netherlands is an excellent market for electric cars, it’s not quite Norway, but when adding plug-in hybrids it’s getting close. As for all-electric vehicles, Tesla’s Model S is by far the best-selling in the country based on registration data.

Tesla confirmed last week that it delivered 11,580 vehicles worldwide from July through September and based on registration data, the Netherlands contributed to ~3.5% of the total with 409 Model S’s during the third quarter. expand full story

Netherlands Stories September 23, 2015

Tesla Model S sales are up 73% year over year in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an important market for Tesla Motors. The country is Tesla’s second biggest market in Europe behind Norway. The company has an important presence in the country especially through its plant in Tilburg (see picture above) where some light assembly operations are completed for the Model S’s going to Europe.

Model S sales in the Netherlands have been progressing nicely. In 2014 it was the best-selling 100% electric vehicle in the country and it remains at the top spot so far this year with an impressive ~73% growth.

Netherlands Stories September 22, 2015

2016_nissan_leaf_02-e1441884170552Nissan announced today a new partnership with Fastned to offer 2 years of free fast-charging when buying a new LEAF in the Netherlands. Fastned has an extensive 38-station network of fast charging stations all around the Netherlands, which hadn’t been really put to the test until now. The company says it is building a new station every week. expand full story

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