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What happens now to EV and clean energy momentum in Virginia?

On November 2, Republicans won elections in Virginia for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and the GOP has likely just squeaked past Democrats to take control of the House of Delegates. Does that mean that the majority of Virginians align with the Republican Party’s disinterest in transitioning to clean energy and electric vehicles?

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EGEB: Can coal state West Virginia become the ‘poster child’ for clean energy?

West Virginia wind farm

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • There are currently more than $127 million in clean energy projects in West Virginia.
  • Dominion Energy proposes the largest solar and storage expansion in Virginia’s history.
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Virginia saves our kids; becomes the catalyst for electric school buses

New York school bus

Sic semper tyrannis. True to its motto, Virginia has dealt a death blow to the tyranny of diesel school buses. A few weeks ago, we highlighted some successful electric school bus V2G pilots, discussed the countless benefits, but lamented that we seemed to be stuck with one-off pilot projects involving just a handful of school buses. But now Virginia and utility Dominion Energy have delivered us salvation: They will be buying a minimum of 1,050 V2G electric school buses over the next five years. That single purchase dwarfs all others, and will serve as the catalyst for a nationwide fleet conversion by bringing down the upfront cost of electric school buses. It will also hopefully shame the rest of the US into ceasing purchases of child-poisoning diesel school buses. But it doesn’t end there.


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Contractor dies during Supercharger installation in Norfolk, VA

Sad news: It appears that one of the contractors putting up a Tesla Supercharger got electrocuted (unconfirmed but speculated) and has died.

Norfolk Police are investigating a report of a worker who may have been electrocuted, Tuesday.

Norfolk police said crews were called out to the JANAF Shopping Center located in the 5900 block of East Virginia Beach Boulevard, around 10:30 a.m. According to a witness, contractors had been working at the Tesla Supercharging center located at the shopping center.

A Tesla spokesperson tells , “During the installation process at our new Supercharger station in Norfolk, there was an accident involving an electrical contractor.”

Extremely sad news for sure but with over 500 stations being built an accident was statistically likely to happen.  Other local news reports here, here and here.