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Bluetti reveals modular home backup battery and more

Bluetti, makers of battery backup systems both large and small, have announced its modular take on the home battery backup. With the Tesla Powerwall only available to solar roof customers (and backorders up the wazoo), many are dipping their toes into vehicle or home backup systems from the likes of Bluetti.

Bluetti has announced its flagship AC300 modular backup system, the B300 modular battery, the Fusion Box Pro to connect staggering power, and also the upgraded AC200 MAX all-in-one unit.

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Will the Tesla Cybertruck be able to beat gas trucks for home power supply?

Gas generators still own the portable, emergency home-backup power space. Ten years ago there was a lot of hope and hype for using all the energy stored inside EVs’ batteries to power your entire house, but it hasn’t come to pass. No EV maker will sell you a bidirectional charger, outside of Japan and a handful of small utility pilots.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Ford F-150 will come with the option for its own built-in, onboard gas generator. And aftermarket companies, like Indiana’s Real AC power, offer sleek, chassis-integrated generator systems (pictured above) for internal combustion engine (ICE) trucks. EV makers ceded this space for unknown reasons. But now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased a 240V AC power outlet on the Cybertruck, something neither Rivian nor Bollinger have announced. We don’t know how many watts we can expect, though. So will the Tesla Cybertruck finally offer EV enthusiasts a path to navigate societal collapse? Or are we stuck with settling for “head’s up, you’re going to lose power” messages?


Tesla started shipping the Powerwall: custom crate spotted

Powerwall Crate featured

Tesla started testing the Powewall, its home battery system, with “pilot customers” last summer. At the time, a Tesla spokesperson told Electrek that the 7 kWh version of the battery pack was in production and that over the next few weeks they would “continue to ramp up to volume production”, but a few weeks later, the company moved the production line of its Tesla Energy products to the Gigafactory in Nevada, which delayed the ramp up of production. Expand