battery swap Stories September 17, 2020

The Teleport Mobility swappable battery system, a newly designed open source standard, hopes to create some order in the Wild West of e-bike and e-scooter battery packs.

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battery swap Stories January 1, 2020

Gogoro is one of the global leaders in electric scooter innovation, despite not expanding outside of its native Taiwan. But as slick as its 90 km/h (55 mph) seated electric scooters are, the Gogoro battery swap stations are perhaps one of Gogoro’s most important innovations.

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battery swap Stories May 10, 2016

Tesla battery swap dirtyfries 5

Tesla’s Battery Swap Program impressed a lot of people when it was unveiled back in 2013. It probably was one of Tesla’s most well-organized presentation. Elon Musk narrated a live test on stage during which the company performed two automated battery swaps while live-streaming a Tesla employee filling up a gasoline car.

Despite the impressive nature of the system, Tesla launched the program very carefully and it took over a year before it opened its first “pilot facility” in Harris Ranch, California. Only a select few Model S owners were allowed to participate in the program and swap battery packs. expand full story

battery swap Stories January 6, 2016


Without even trying out (not available in US yet) a Gogoro scooter I love the idea. It is a 2-wheeled vehicle that runs on two Lithium battery packs which contain the same Panasonic 18650 batteries that line the bottom of the Tesla Model S and X. While a Model S contains about 7,000 of these to hit about 70-90kWh, the Gogoro’s battery packs are only 1.3kWh each (so around 100+batteries/ea) and can be exchanged in a charging bay. The 2.6kWh, according to Gogoro’s specs will take the good looking scooter about 60 miles at 60mph (0-31 in 4.2secs). While solid specs, that’s not at all what makes Gogoro a gamechanger…

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battery swap Stories June 4, 2015

Tesla Model S owners in California reported receiving emails from Tesla inviting them to join the “battery swap pilot program”. Tesla originally sent invites to only a “few hundreds” Model S owners known to visit the Harris Ranch supercharger on a regular basis, but after reporting that very few owners took them up on the offer, Tesla started expanding the scope of invites to a greater area and to owners who rarely if ever visit the Harris Ranch supercharger, next to where Tesla’s only battery swap station is located.

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