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XPeng goes from four-wheeled EVs to four-legged robots with $100M in Series A funding

XPeng Robots

XPeng Robotics, an affiliate of XPeng Inc., has announced an agreement to receive over $100 million in Series A capital funding, led by a group of longtime investors. The fresh financing will enable XPeng Robotics to further its R&D in robotic hardware and software and talent acquisition while accelerating product development. XPeng expects to have its dog-like robots in people’s homes within the next two years.

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Apex.AI tapped to implement its autonomous tech into swarms of electric farming robots

farming robots

Yes, you read that correctly. Agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO is continuing its technical partnership with Apex.AI in order to use its Apex.OS software development kit to add autonomous capabilities to its farming robot concept. The battery-powered Xaver farming robots were developed by AGCO brand Fendt and can autonomously plant seeds on farms 24 hours a day.

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Watch robots test-drive a Mach-E under extreme conditions at Ford’s Weather Factory

test drive Mach-E

Ford has shared test-drive footage of its Mustang Mach-E facing extreme weather conditions with a newly hired driver, a robot. The footage comes from Ford’s state-of-the-art Weather Factory in Germany and shows the new robots performing driving test simulations under extreme heat and high altitude, many of which human drivers cannot easily manage.

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Elon Musk teases the Model X nearing production and confirms 542 robots on Tesla’s second production line

Elon Musk teases the Model X nearing production in a picture posted to Instagram Saturday night. Tesla’s CEO says the company is still “bringing up” the second production line, which is expected to increase Tesla’s production capacity at the Fremont factory and allow the company to start production of the long awaited Model X.

The CEO also confirmed that the production line is equipped with 542 robots including 15 operating simultaneously at the central assembly point. Expand