CES Stories January 7

The show must go on. Despite the sparse attendance and looming threat of new Covid variants, the CES trade show had a limited opening during these difficult times. Electrek put boots on the ground and takes you along to see some of the latest tech in the electric vehicle space.

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CES Stories January 6

Pure Watercraft has unveiled the first fruits of its collaboration with General Motors at CES 2022, and it’s a Pure-branded, “affordable luxury” electric pontoon boat that offers silent running, smooth acceleration, and dramatically reduced maintenance – without exhaust gas and oil leaks ruining the water for everyone. Is it enough to to make a splash in the recreational boat market, and why did GM buy 25 percent of the company back in November? Read on.

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CES Stories January 5

Chrysler today officially revealed its new Airflow Concept at CES 2022 – a name invoking the legendary streamlined Chrysler from the 1930s – promising “Level 3” autonomous driving capabilities, more than 350 miles of range, and a fully battery-electric portfolio by 2028. The only real question left is: will they build it?

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CES Stories January 3

Indigdo Technologies promises “a new class” of purpose-built electric vehicles that it says are smooth, spacious, sustainable, and aimed at the meaty middle of the rideshare and delivery markets. They’re also promising in-wheel electric motors, active suspension systems, wireless high-speed charging, and revolutionary battery management software at a competitive price.

Is the Indigo too good to be true?

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CES Stories February 25, 2020

Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX) is an electric vertical takeoff & landing (eVTOL) partners. The company just signed a memorandum of understanding and a definitive agreement to cooperate with Spirit AeroSystems design. ASX moves closer to manufacturing what it says will be an affordable, certified eVTOL. expand full story

CES Stories January 4, 2020

CES 2020 will not be the EV extravaganza that it’s been in past years. But we’re looking forward to seeing Nissan’s Ariya all-electric crossover, the Fisker Ocean, and a trio of plug-in hybrid Jeeps. Beyond that, we’ll get updates from Byton and Mercedes-Benz about their EVs coming in 2021. And because it’s CES, there will be all kinds of wacky concepts, including the configurable electric Fiat Centoventi, an i3 Urban Suite, and maybe even a couple of flying electric cars.

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CES Stories January 7, 2016

drone gigafactory

Panasonic confirmed being a partner in Tesla’s battery factory early in the development of the project, but other than some estimates from Tesla, the electronic giant never committed to a dollar amount in investment until today.

Tesla made clear its plan to remain in control of the project and to contribute the majority of the estimated $4 billion to $5 billion investment required to build its massive battery factory. Panasonic confirmed today that it plans to invest between $1.5 billion and $1.6 billion in the Gigafactory. expand full story

CES Stories January 5, 2016


BMW unveils a new version of its plug-in hybrid i8 with cameras instead of mirrors at CES in Las Vegas today. Back in 2012, Tesla unveiled an alpha prototype of the Model X without any side mirrors and announced that it will try to change regulation in order to make the technology legal. expand full story

FFZERO video still

Electric car startup Faraday Future took its biggest step out of stealth mode tonight by unveiling its first concept car at CES in Las Vegas. As much as we didn’t want it to be true, the leak we publish early in the morning turned out to be correct.

As it turns out, despite Faraday’s short timeline aiming to bring to market its first car in 2017, the company is holding on showing its mass market car, which was only briefly mentioned during the presentation, and instead shows a “test bed” concept to showcase some technology and “design DNA”: the FFZERO1. expand full story

CES Stories January 4, 2016

FF concept app

We didn’t want to believe it this morning, but it looks like the concept car we saw in the iOS app leak (see above) is what Faraday Future is about to unveil tonight at CES in Las Vegas.

Nonetheless, the presentation tonight should give us more information about FF’s ownership model and if the concept car is mainly for design cues and showcasing the company’s technology, or if they actually plan on bringing to market something similar. expand full story

faraday teaser video 2

We recently wrote about Porter Harris for our piece on SpaceX’s battery development – Tesla is not Elon Musk’s only company developing high-tech battery packs – and also when covering Faraday Future since Harris joined the company as ‘Chief Battery Architect’ in November 2014, but today we learn via his LinkedIn profile (first spotted by Bloomberg) that he left the electric car startup just as it’s about to reveal its first concept. expand full story

FF sketchy leak

Update: we added a video of the app below.

A Twitter user going by supererogatory claims to have leaked the concept Faraday Future plans to reveal later today in Las Vegas. He claims that Faraday accidentally released an iOS app, which was meant for the release of the concept and includes renderings as well as some information about the vehicle, but was quickly pulled from the app store last night. expand full story

CES Stories January 3, 2016


We are kicking off the new year at Electrek with extensive coverage of everything electric vehicle related at CES in Las Vegas this week.

There might be a few surprises, but we made a quick list of the main events, especially the new electric cars debuting at the show, so you can have a good idea of what’s coming in the EV industry in the next few days: expand full story

CES Stories December 30, 2015

faraday teaser video 2

Faraday Future is only 5 days away from unveiling its car concept at CES in Las Vegas. Electrek will be there and we can’t wait. Faraday seems to know that because they keep teasing us with these short videos. expand full story

CES Stories December 16, 2015


Rinspeed announced that it will debut a plug-in hybrid sport car at CES next month. The company says the car, called “Ʃtos”, is based on the BMW i8 and comes with drone. expand full story

CES Stories December 14, 2015

VW CES conceptVolkswagen’s Chairman of Passenger Cars Dr. Herbert Diess is scheduled to give a talk and unveil a new electric vehicle concept at the upcoming CES 2016. The company released a teaser picture (see above) for the concept and rumor has it, it could be a new electric version of VW’s flagship Type 2 minibus. expand full story

CES Stories December 11, 2015

continental_intelligent_car_windows_en-dataAutomakers are not waiting for battery technology to improve in order to increase the range of electric vehicles. They are looking at every possible way to make their vehicles more efficient with aerodynamic performance and weight reduction. With the same mindset, Continental thinks that its latest film technology could help them make vehicles more efficient and increase the range of EVs by as much as 5.5%. expand full story

CES Stories December 9, 2015

Herbert Diess, chairman of Volkswagen's passenger cars brand, leaves a presentation at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo, Japan, October 28, 2015. REUTERS/Yuya Shino

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that during the keynote address of Volkswagen’s Chairman of Passenger Cars Dr. Herbert Diess at the upcoming CES 2016, he will unveil a new all-electric concept car.

Diess is scheduled to deliver a keynote address about “electric mobility driving the automotive market” on January 5 at the Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Theater. expand full story

CES Stories November 20, 2015

2015 Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept all electric vehicle. Overhead view of concept with glass roof. Bolt EV Concept features an unexpectedly large interior from a subcompact crossover EV. Chevy’s experience gained from both the Volt and Spark EV to make an affordable, long-range all-electric vehicle to market. The Bolt EV is designed to meet the daily driving needs of Chevrolet customers around the globe with more than 200 miles of range and a price tag around $30,000.
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GM executive vice president Mark Reuss was speaking at the LA Auto Show this week and he said that the company plans to unveil the production version of the Bolt at CES 2016 – almost a year to the day after unveiling the concept car at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. expand full story

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