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ALVA Yachts introduces new 78-foot solar electric catamaran with ‘transatlantic range’

ALVA Yachts

Luxury electric boatbuilder ALVA Yachts is back with its latest solar electric catamaran. The upcoming OCEAN ECO 78 will arrive as a mid-size marine vessel in ALVA’s current lineup and comes equipped with the solar and electric propulsion technology to reach a top speed of 14-15 knots (16-17 mph) at sea, plus plenty of battery capacity to go far – all backed by solar panels on its roof.

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Meet Project Cosmos: 1,000 mile range, emissions-free megayacht from Apple Watch designer


German luxury boatbuilder Lürssen Yachts has shared video footage of it successfully launching a zero-emissions megayacht longer than two olympic swimming pools, suspected to be commissioned by a Japanese billionaire. The exterior of hydrogen powered megayacht, codenamed Project Cosmos, is being designed by Apple designer Marc Newson.

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2023 Miami Boat Show recap: More marine electrification than ever, but plenty of room for more

Miami boat show

The 2023 Miami Boat Show has officially come to a close after flooding Miami Beach with all things marine and marine adjacent the past five days. As my second consecutive year attending the show, I noticed a significantly larger footprint for electrification in the segment; I not only got an up-close look at many of the electric boats we cover but also got introduced to several up-and-coming companies, which you can learn more about below.

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Legacy boatbuilder Chris-Craft unveils 133 kWh electric boat concept at Miami Boat Show

Chris Craft Electric

Veteran boatbuilder Chris-Craft kicked off this year’s Miami International Boat Show by unveiling its first-ever all-electric boat concept. The Launch 25 GTe is a fully-operational electric boat concept that will be used for testing as the company looks to refine a commercialized product for the marine market.

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I actually bought a $1,000 electric boat from China. Here’s what showed up

Chinese electric boat alibaba

Ever since I helped my dad upgrade his fishing kayak with an electric motor, I’ve been angling for an electric boat of my own. And with some significant internet digging, a deep breath and, a leap of faith, I sent $1,000 off to China for an electric boat I found on Alibaba. A few months later, this is what showed up.

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This electric performance boat voyaged from Florida to the Bahamas on a single charge

Electric performance boat

Marine electrification specialist Voltari has begun showcasing the capabilities of its flagship electric performance boat – the Voltari 260. This 740 horsepower all-electric vessel is a culmination of previous companies combining their expertise in carbon fiber and electric powertrains that not only go fast, but also far. Recently, the Voltari team took the 260 out from Florida through the Gulf Stream waters to the Bahamas on a single charge. You’ve gotta check out the innovation that went into this build in the video below.

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Tennis legend Rafael Nadal is E1’s latest team owner, spotlighting electric boat racing league

Rafael Nadal

Nascent electric boat racing league UIM E1 continues to make waves ahead of its inaugural season kicking off later this year. Tennis great Rafael Nadal has officially signed on as the league’s latest team owner, representing his native home of Mallorca, Spain. Additionally, Nadal will support the league’s Blue Action Program, which helps restore marine ecosystems, working alongside his own academy to promote sustainability through sport.

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These are the most fun electric watercraft we tested this year

candela c-8 electric boat

Here at Electrek we often get first dibs at testing some of the newest and most interesting electric watercraft in the industry. From electric boats to personal electric watercraft and everything in between, 2022 was a big year for anything electric that floats.

These are some of the coolest and most interesting electric watercraft we tested this year.

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Ultra-exclusive yacht club invites commercial electric boats to compete in 2023 race

electric boat race

To celebrate its 10th race competition, the Yacht club de Monaco is inviting commercially available electric boats to compete in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (MEBC) for the first time. The new commercial electric boat rally will join the Solar, Energy, and Open Sea Classes already in place with hopes to host the world’s largest gathering of electric maritime vessels.

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Silent Yachts launches all-electric, 6-passenger Tender 400 that can hit 20 knots

electric tender

Solar electric yacht builder Silent Yachts has announced an all-electric tender to support its growing lineup of zero-emissions ships. Despite being a tiny vessel, the SILENT Tender 400 was built with the same design standards as Silent Yachts’ larger boats. Built with carbon fiber and up to 30 kW of electric power, the Tender 400 is light and agile, whether it’s sitting on the stern, or transporting up to six people to and from shore. Have a look.

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