BMW i8 Stories May 27

As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles.

Whether you qualify is not a simple yes or no question… well, actually it sort of is, but the amount you may qualify for varies by household due to a number of different factors. Furthermore, there are other potential savings available to you that you might not even know about yet.

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BMW i8 Stories May 6, 2020

BMW has reportedly decided to cancel its new electric supercar program, which would have competed with the new Tesla Roadster. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories March 11, 2020

BMW i8, the best-selling plug-in hybrid sports car, is going to see the end of its production run next month after about 20,000 units produced. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories June 25, 2019

At its ‘NEXTGen’ event in Munich today, BMW announced the acceleration of its electrification plans and unveiled a series of EV concepts including the ‘BMW Vision M NEXT’.

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BMW i8 Stories May 21, 2019

BMW is leaning toward making its next-generation i8 sports car an all-electric model, according to a new report.

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BMW i8 Stories January 26, 2019

The BMW i8 has been some kind of a black sheep in the German automaker ‘i’ brand. When BMW launched the i3, we thought that they would make ‘BMW i’ an all-electric brand, but they instead followed up with the BMW i8 as a plug-in hybrid.

It was disappointing, but to be fair to BMW, it is still the “most electric” roadster/coupé on the market years later and they give it an upgrade this year with a little more battery capacity and a convertible version.

So we decided to give it a shot. Here’s our review: expand full story

BMW i8 Stories February 13, 2018

BMW has just released pricing for the new BMW i8 Roadster, which goes into production next month, according to BMWBLOG.  The starting price will be $163,300, putting it in position as the most expensive BMW available in the US.

The BMW i8 coupe has also been updated, and will set you back $4,100 more than last year’s model, with a base price of $147,500.  BMW is taking orders now at your local dealership and cars should be hitting dealerships in April or May.

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BMW i8 Stories November 29, 2017

BMW made the plug-in hybrid i8 sports coupe part of its electric ‘i’ brand despite the fact that it is barely an electric vehicle with only about 15 miles of range.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show today, the German automaker is unveiling an updated version of the vehicle with a slightly bigger battery pack for more range and a new roadster version to go with the coupe.

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BMW i8 Stories August 23, 2017

BMW is about to unveil its new roadster version of its BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and today it released new teaser images of the vehicle and preliminary energy consumption figures. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories July 3, 2017

BMW is planning a new roadster version of its BMW i8 plug-in hybrid next year and today it released the first teaser images of the vehicle. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories September 29, 2016


While automakers like Renault and Mercedes are unveiling new battery pack options and brand new electric vehicle models at the 2016 Paris Motor, BMW is unveiling a new color option for its lineup of electric cars.

It’s kind of disappointing, but to be honest, I find the new paint job to be so stunning that I almost forgive them for not having anything else new on the EV front for the Paris Motor Show. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories August 11, 2016


After unveiling its ‘Vision NEXT100’ plan, BMW was reportedly “putting electric vehicles on the back burner” in order to focus on self-driving. The company only officially announced a new BMW i8 in 2018, hopefully all-electric this time, and its iNEXT all-electric and autonomous car in 2021. The iNEXT will be based on a concept unveiled earlier this year.

Now a new report on the German automaker’s updated electric vehicle timeline claims to give more insights into vehicle releases over the next 5-6 years, and it is just as disappointing as BMW’s official timeline. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories June 23, 2016


Earlier this month, we reported on how BMW is putting electric vehicles on the ‘back burner’ to focus ‘i’ brand on self-driving cars. The German automakers announced its plan for electric vehicles and it looks like we shouldn’t expect much until at least the turn of the decade.

But now hope for BMW’s EV programs comes in the form of a new report claiming that the company is currently working on an all-electric version of the BMW i8, which is only offered as a plug-in hybrid with very limited electric range at the moment. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories June 2, 2016

bmw next vision

In a not so surprising but disappointing report for EV enthusiasts today, we learn that BMW is putting its electric vehicle programs on the “back burner” in order to focus its ‘i’ brand, under which the German automaker has been releasing its electric vehicles, on self-driving cars instead.

The company reportedly will not release a new all-electric vehicle until 2021. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories April 20, 2016

File picture of Tencent's headquarters at Nanshan Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Shenzhen

Several executives in BMW’s electric vehicle leadership, including 20-year BMW veteran Carsten Breitfeld who reportedly developed the i8, left the German automaker to join a Chinese EV startup, according to a new WSJ report.

The startup in question is Future Mobility Corp, a newly formed EV company backed by Tencent Holdings.

Tencent is an important holding company in China with significant investments in several of the country’s biggest internet, video game and social media companies. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories February 12, 2016


The BMW i8 is arguably not a great electric vehicle since it’s quite frankly barely electric, but in my opinion it is a beautiful car and the German automaker often uses it to unveil new design features and to show case some interesting technology. Considering BMW is quite committed to all-electric vehicles with a new i3 battery pack coming and a rumored all-electric SUV, I like to keep up with what they are unveiling, and today we learn of a new special edition “Protonic Red” BMW i8 to be unveiled in Geneva. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories January 20, 2016


Car Magazine claims to have unveiled BMW’s long-rumoured third “i” electric vehicle; the BMW i6 – the magazine published the rendering of the vehicle featured above. The report is somewhat odd and it should be taken with a grain of salt in my opinion. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories January 7, 2016


After the mirrorless BMW i8, the German automaker unveiled an updated version of its i8 spyder at CES in Las Vegas, but the company has yet to offer any production timeline. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories January 5, 2016


BMW unveils a new version of its plug-in hybrid i8 with cameras instead of mirrors at CES in Las Vegas today. Back in 2012, Tesla unveiled an alpha prototype of the Model X without any side mirrors and announced that it will try to change regulation in order to make the technology legal. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories December 7, 2015

BMW i8 convertibleOver a year after the first deliveries of the plug-in hybrid BMW i8, the open-top version is still not available even though the option was unveiled in 2012 – prior to the release of the production version.

But now BMW CEO Harald Krüger reiterated the company’s commitment to the feature and said the company is working on a production version. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories November 25, 2015

bmw-i8-laser-lightBMW debuted the i8 with ‘Laser Lights’ in the U.S. at the 2015 LA Auto Show last week. The ‘Laser Light’ option was available in Europe since the introduction of the i8 in 2014, but the FDA has been stalling the feature the in the U.S. until now. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories October 12, 2015

JIm ChanosJim Chanos is a famed billionaire hedge fund manager known for short selling companies. He is also a regular market commentator for CNBC and Bloomberg. Chanos recently disclosed having a short position on solar installer SolarCity (SCTY) and although he refused to disclose his position on Tesla Motors (TSLA), he doesn’t have good things to say about the company.

During an interview with Bloomberg on Monday morning, Chanos explained why he thinks both companies are overvalued, but the “facts” he used to support his opinion are misleading. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories October 2, 2015

BMW had a record month for electric car sales – up 67% in September

Yesterday BMW released its US sales report and confirmed 1,710 BMW i3’s delivered in September; a 67% increase over the 1,022 delivered last year and 116% increase over the 792 units sold in August. This is excellent news for the German automaker’s electric lineup especially since i3 sales were flat or even lagging for most of the year.

BMW i8 Stories September 15, 2015

bmw-i3 (1)In an interview at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW’s sales chief Ian Robertson revealed that the company is in the “final stages of consideration” to introduce new all-electric vehicles by expanding its “i” lineup.

Currently BMW only sells the i3 and the i8 under its electric “i” brand, but the German automaker is evaluating a “number of options” to take advantage of the new platform introduced in 2013. expand full story

BMW i8 Stories February 16, 2015

Where to begin? Top Gear, which is famous for sabotaging its Tesla Roadster review so badly it got sent to court, got its hands on a BMW i8 which is barely an electric car to begin with. It has about a 20 mile range on electric alone and electric horsepower similar to a Toyota Prius.

Our hero, the aging Clarkson, pulls up to an Electric charger and then begins fumbling with cables like he’s just come directly from the stone age. He then feigns a frustrated “stupid” scream. When he finally is able to plug in the female to the male charger cable he has difficulty getting the charger to turn on. Then when he gets back to the car, he realizes his battery, like his moral character is empty.

Good thing he has gas. A lot of it.

BMW i8 Stories January 10, 2015

Tesla P85D vs. BMW i8 by the important numbers

This is what I’ve been saying. As a plug-in Prius owner with more than half the i8’s range I can tell you both are BS as electric cars. Sure it looks sporty, but it ain’t a great car.

BMW i8 Stories March 28, 2014


BMW i8 Stories March 21, 2014


The look of this thing is growing on me (when it isn’t orange). Bottom line from this review: The base Model is a deal but the add-ons aren’t worth it.

BMW i8 Stories February 22, 2014


Test drive between Tesla Model S P85+ and BMW i3 filmed in Ultra HD featuring Christian von Koenigsegg.

BMW i8 Stories February 21, 2014


This 2 seater only goes about 20 miles on its 100HP electric engine so its (sub-Tesla 7 seat Model S) 0-60 in 4.4 is mostly a petroleum feature. But it does look very, very cool.  More videos here

BMW i8 Stories January 31, 2014


I’m still infatuated with the Chevy Spark EV. The Korean/American EV can be had for significantly under $20K or $200/month meaning it can be free after gas cost savings for big commuters. The practical little 4 seat hatchback can go around 80 miles on a charge and can be charged quickly using the same SAE DC  charger as the BMW i3.

There’s more!

It has more torque (over 400ft/lbs) than a Ferrari 458 Italia and can hit 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds flat.

Did I mention it is essentially free if you currently spend $10/day on gasoline?

The Spark EV starts its life in Changwon, South Korea where gasoline and electric sparks are built by GM Korea, which was once known as Daewoo. But the heart of the Spark comes from America. GM is building the permanent magnet motors in Maryland, and instead of LG batteries made in Korea (like the Volt) GM is using American-made batteries courtesy of B456 (formerly A123. I’m not making this up). For reasons we don’t understand, GM isn’t “doing a CODA” and shipping cars sans-drivetran to America for assembly. The plant in Maryland ships the batteries and drivetrain to Korea, GM Korea inserts it in the car and ships the completed unit back to the USA.

Anyway, here’s a great review. I have no idea how they keep these in stock. Chevy please send these outside of California and Oregon.  Money quote:

Power is supplied by a 560lb, 21.3 kWh lithium battery pack located where the gas tank is in the gasoline Spark. As with the Chevy Volt, GM is taking the cautious path to battery preservation equipping the pack with an active heating and cooling system. That’s a stark contrast to the Nissan Leaf which uses a passive cooling system. Thanks to the lightest curb weight in the group (2,989lbs), the Spark scores 82 miles of EPA range and the highest efficiency rating of any EV to date. Depending on the weight of my right foot, my real world range varied from 70-100 miles.

BMW i8 Stories January 16, 2014


We don’t often talk about hybrids here but the BMW i8 does a solid job of being electric and has looks to die for. Unfortunately the $150K price tag may also cost a human life.

BMW i8 Stories November 20, 2013

[youtube=] 2 BMW i8s at a GAS STATION

Reuters got the numbers from the Los Angeles Auto Show

Luxury carmaker BMW has orders for nearly 10,000 of its i3 electric cars, the first of which were delivered in Germany last week, the company’s global sales chief, Ian Robertson, said at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday.

Robertson also said the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car due to be introduced in mid-2014 has sold out for its first year of availability. He did not say how many the company will sell in that first year.

BMW i8 Stories October 13, 2013

Being shown filling up is not exactly good PR for BMW who’ve already shown off the full sized carbon-fiber i8 in promos. This would be one of the first public sightings.  If you aren’t familiar with how the i8 works, it has an interesting 131 hp front electric engine and a rear 231HP engine that sends it hurdling forward with a 4.4 0-60.

Think further to go further. The intelligent plug-in hybrid system in the BMW i8 combines the benefits of an electric motor and a petrol engine into an extraordinary driving experience: highest efficiency and maximum dynamics are simultaneously possible. The electric drive, a powerful 96 kW (131 hp), is located on the front axle. The rear axle is driven by an authoritative BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine with 170 kW (231 hp) of peak performance and up to 320 Nm of torque; combined with the electrical boost of the hybrid system, it guarantees typical BMW driving pleasure.

Together the pair accelerates the BMW i8 from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds*. And this with an enormous saving in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as it uses just 2.5* l per 100 km and emits 59 g/km*.

Although I’m not a fan of the 131 EV engine (matches $19K Chevy Spark!) I do like the look of this thing!

via InsideEVs

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