SpaceX Stories May 22

SpaceX started building a satellite constellation for a space-based broadband internet service and there has been some speculation about Tesla using the network.

Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s President and COO, now contributes to that speculation by saying that ‘Tesla could use the network’ in a new interview. expand full story

SpaceX Stories May 16

Elon Musk’s vision for the Boring Company becomes clearer as the CEO reveals that he plans on combining the startup’s hyperloop technology with SpaceX’s plan to use its latest rocket program to create a transportation system to get anywhere on earth in less than an hour. expand full story

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SpaceX Stories February 13

After the highly publicized Tesla Roadster launch on a Falcon Heavy, it looks like there’s going to be again some synergy between Elon Musk’s two main companies.

SpaceX is about to launch the first two prototypes for its satellite constellation to provide internet broadband services and Tesla is getting a ground station. expand full story

SpaceX Stories February 9

Astronomers spot Starman and his Tesla Roadster floating through space

After this week’s planned Falcon Heavy test launch with a Tesla Roadster as ballast, the world was treated to some incredible images of the car, with driver, orbiting the Earth.  Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had the good sense to attach multiple cameras to the car so everyone could see what was happening up there, and the images did not disappoint.

Now, a couple days later, astronomers at an observatory on the ground have given us a different view of Starman and his Tesla Roadster – a tiny dot speeding along amongst the stars on its journey towards the asteroid belt.

SpaceX Stories February 6

Ahead of the launch, Elon Musk said that many unknown factors result in “about a 50% chance” that the Falcon Heavy demonstration flight fails and destroys his Tesla Roadster in the process.

Yet, the launch was actually successful and all three first stage boosters separated to propel the second stage with the Tesla Roadster into space. expand full story

SpaceX Stories February 5

Elon Musk shares simulation video of Tesla Roadster going to Mars on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy

A day ahead of the planned demonstration launch of SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy rocket, CEO Elon Musk released a simulation video of a Tesla Roadster, the demonstration payload, going to Mars.

SpaceX Stories January 27

Elon Musk’s unbelievable plan to use his own Tesla Roadster as the demonstration payload for the inaugural test launch of SpaceX’s new rocket, the Falcon Heavy, is reportedly set to happen on February 6. expand full story

SpaceX Stories January 24

Tesla has delivered yet another Powerpack project and this time, it’s a lot closer to home and yet it could help send things far away from earth.

SpaceX’s new rocket launch site in Texas is getting a new energy storage system from Tesla. expand full story

SpaceX Stories December 5, 2017

We have recently seen increasing numbers of collaborations between Tesla and SpaceX, two companies co-founded and led by Elon Musk.

Now an analyst suggests that the two companies could nurture an even closer relationship over time, including “possible strategic partnerships, technology transfer, co-investment and potentially a combination.” expand full story

SpaceX Stories December 2, 2017

Elon Musk says he is launching a Tesla Roadster into space. Really? (update: yes, really)

In today’s installment of “is Elon Musk actually a crazy person,” he has announced on Twitter that the payload of the first SpaceX falcon heavy rocket will be his personal “midnight cherry” Tesla Roadster.

In tribute to David Bowie, the plan is for the car to be playing “Space Oddity” on its speakers during the launch.

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