Panasonic Stories October 2

Panasonic’s automotive battery business has significantly grown over the last few years through its partnership with Tesla, which has become the biggest li-ion battery consumer in the world.

Now the Japanese electronics giant has announced the expansion of its battery production to support other automakers. expand full story

Panasonic Stories July 31

The new ‘2170’ li-ion battery cells, manufactured by Panasonic at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada, are a key part of the Tesla’s Model 3 battery architecture.

The Japanese manufacturer now says that the batteries are costing them, but they expect to turn a profit next year. expand full story

Panasonic Stories July 12

Tesla has been able to turn its manufacturing plants into some kind of attractions. The company offers regular tours of its Fremont factory for Tesla owners to see where their cars are coming from and it even pushed an “industrial tourism” bill that would have enabled out-of-state buyers to pick up their cars at the factory.

Now, Tesla also plans to open up Gigafactory 1 in Nevada for regular tours. expand full story

Panasonic Stories July 11

Tesla Gigafactory 2, a factory in Buffalo that Tesla took over after the acquisition of SolarCity, is about to start production of the company new solar roof tiles.

Like at Gigafactory 1 for battery production in Nevada, Tesla partnered with Panasonic to produce the cells and now the company is looking to hire as many as 300 workers as it is about to start production.  expand full story

Panasonic Stories April 27

Panasonic unveiled today its latest battery manufacturing facility and first in China. The ~$400 million plant, which was first announced in 2015, will manufacture battery cells for the growing electric vehicle market in China.

The Japanese electronics giant claims that the projected annual capacity will support the production of “around 200,000 electric vehicles”. expand full story

Panasonic Stories March 22

There are thousands of them inside the Model S and X yet it’s one of the least understood part of Tesla’s vehicles. While Panasonic, Tesla’s battery cell manufacturers, lists the specifications of almost all its different cells, they don’t release the specs of the custom cells it developed with Tesla.

Without going into too many details, a new breakdown of a Tesla cell shows what is inside. expand full story

Panasonic Stories March 8

After the Model 3, Tesla’s ‘solar roof’ is probably the company’s most anticipated product of 2017, which brings some scrutiny to its plans for production – not unlike the Model 3’s production program.

The recent release of information from Tesla and Panasonic led to some confusion over the production of the product at Gigafactory 2, which the company is now clarifying. expand full story

Panasonic Stories February 28

Shortly after Toyota unveiled a new solar roof option for the 2017 Prius Prime, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Model 3 will “probably” also have a solar roof option.

Now we learn that Panasonic, a current solar cell and battery cell supplier for Tesla, is releasing a  new solar product designed for automotive applications, which will first be used in Toyota’s solar roof option for the Prius. expand full story

Panasonic Stories January 19

Panasonic has become a crucial partner to Tesla over the years. After becoming the first battery manufacturer to accept to supply them despite having no track record in the mid-2000s, their partnership grew to multi-billion dollar battery supply contracts.

The partnership has since transitioned to a manufacturing collaboration at the Gigafactory for batteries and at SolarCity’s Buffalo factories for solar panels.

And it could now grow to other parts of Tesla’s business according to Panasonic CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga. expand full story

Panasonic Stories December 27, 2016

After the Christmas break, the markets reopened today and Tesla was among the top movers thanks the announcement that they signed a deal with Panasonic to invest over a quarter of a billion dollar in the manufacturing of solar cells and modules at Tesla’s factory in Buffalo. expand full story

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