Panasonic Stories January 22

Toyota and Panasonic have confirmed that they are starting a wide-ranging new battery joint-venture to manufacture and sell battery cells for electric vehicles. expand full story

Ever since Tesla’s inception, Panasonic has been the automaker’s only approved battery supplier when it comes to its electric vehicles.

Now Tesla is reportedly looking to approve its second one in order to supply battery cells to Gigafactory 3 in China. expand full story

Panasonic Stories January 21

Panasonic, Tesla’s battery cell partner, is reportedly teaming up with Toyota to create an important electric vehicle battery cell venture in China and Japan. expand full story

Panasonic Stories December 26, 2018

China is the place to be when it comes to electric vehicles and Panasonic now plans to almost double its electric vehicle battery production in the country to take advantage of the surging market. expand full story

Panasonic Stories October 31, 2018

Panasonic is currently deploying new production lines at Tesla Gigafactory 1 to get to 35 GWh of battery cell production by the end of the year.

Now the battery manufacturing says that it is in talks with Tesla to increase its investment at Gigafactory 1 to push the production beyond 35 GWh. expand full story

Panasonic Stories September 26, 2018

Panasonic’s battery cell production at Tesla Gigafactory 1 has emerged as a bottleneck in Model 3 production as Tesla managed to fix its own production issues.

The battery manufacturer has been deploying new production lines to fix the problem and they now say that they are “ahead of schedule.” expand full story

Panasonic Stories August 8, 2018

Tesla made a deal with Panasonic to produce solar cells for its solar roof tiles at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, but now we learn that the slow rollout and production ramp-up of Tesla’s new solar products is resulting in Panasonic seeking new buyers for the solar cells produced at Gigafactory 2. expand full story

Panasonic Stories July 31, 2018

Panasonic, Tesla’s exclusive battery cell supplier for electric vehicles, is planning to increase battery cell production by 30% by the end of the year at Tesla Gigafactory 1.

The company says that ‘production at Tesla is gaining momentum’ and it needs to make sure not to become a bottleneck in the Model 3 production. expand full story

Panasonic Stories July 20, 2018

Panasonic, Tesla’s exclusive battery cell suppliers for its vehicles, has shut down its relationship with a cobalt supplier due to a possible violation of the US embargo with Cuba. expand full story

Panasonic Stories July 2, 2018

With Model 3 production steadily increasing as Tesla confirmed today, Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, where Tesla and Panasonic produce the batteries for the vehicle, is going to need to keep up with the production of the critical EV component.

Panasonic now says that it is open to increasing its already large investment in Tesla Gigafactory 1 in order to support the growth. expand full story

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