Panasonic Stories February 5

Electric vehicle sales seem to be growing by the minute in the US. Although they still only have a tiny corner of the auto market cornered, astronomical valuations of industry leaders like Tesla offer a glimpse at the potential of a virtually nascent market. In order to bring costs down even further to entice consumers, the US has plans to amplify battery production on its home soil over the next decade. With global competitors miles ahead, does the US have the technology, or more importantly the resources, to gain ground in the EV battery market?

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Panasonic Stories February 3

Panasonic confirmed that it plans to set up Tesla 4680 battery cell production at GIgafactory Nevada later this year.

They expect higher revenue from the Tesla partnership.

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Panasonic Stories January 4

Tesla (TSLA) has announced a new battery cell deal with Panasonic through an SEC filing today.

It’s the latest of many recent moves from Tesla in an attempt to secure a large battery cell supply to support its ambitious expansion goals.

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Panasonic Stories December 27, 2020

Tesla (TSLA) has recently introduced plans to produce its own battery cells called ‘4680’, but now we learn that Panasonic will also be producing the new cell for them, according to a new report.

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Panasonic Stories November 3, 2020

We can expect Tesla vehicles to get a bump in charging speed as the automaker is reportedly about to get new battery cells produced by Panasonic at Gigafactory Nevada with faster charging capacity.

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Panasonic Stories October 29, 2020

Panasonic announced that it is working with Tesla to build a new prototype production line to produce its 4680 battery cell at Gigafactory Nevada.

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Panasonic Stories September 8, 2020

Panasonic has confirmed plans to expand at Tesla Gigafactory Nevada with a new production line, resulting in more battery cell production next year.

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Panasonic Stories August 19, 2020

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is getting a new battery cell production line as Panasonic invests an additional $100 million, according to a new report coming out of Japan.

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Panasonic Stories July 30, 2020

Panasonic says that Tesla’s ‘2170’ batteries produced at Gigafactory Nevada are going to get a 20% increase in energy density over the next five years, which could result in significant performance improvements.

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Panasonic Stories May 18, 2020

The relationship between Tesla and Panasonic has been deteriorating the past few years, but they are apparently back to making money — boosting the relationship and even resulting in talks to expand battery production at Gigafactory Nevada. expand full story

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