Panasonic Stories May 18

The relationship between Tesla and Panasonic has been deteriorating the past few years, but they are apparently back to making money — boosting the relationship and even resulting in talks to expand battery production at Gigafactory Nevada. expand full story

Panasonic Stories November 27, 2019

Tesla is making deals with several battery manufacturers in China for Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, but the company is expected to eventually make its own batteries. Now Panasonic, Tesla’s partner for Gigafactory 1, denies any plan to partner with Tesla on Gigafactory 3 battery production. expand full story

Panasonic Stories October 31, 2019

Tesla Gigafactory 1 battery cell production is “quickly ramping up,” according to Panasonic, but some production efficiency improvements have been “delayed.” expand full story

Panasonic Stories October 9, 2019

A new report paints the Tesla-Panasonic relationship as hitting some hard times and it happens just as Tesla is moving to manufacture its own battery cells. expand full story

Panasonic Stories May 15, 2019

A new report shows that Tesla’s solar factory in Buffalo, which the company dubbed ‘Gigafactory 2’, mainly serves as a Panasonic factory to supply other solar companies. expand full story

Panasonic Stories May 13, 2019

Tesla’s main battery supplier and partner in Gigafactory 1 says that the start of Model Y production next year will result in a battery cell shortage at the factory. expand full story

Panasonic Stories April 25, 2019

Tesla’s battery supplier Panasonic is considering switching 18650 battery cell production lines, which currently supply cells for Tesla’s Model S and Model X, to 2170 cell production, according to a report from Japan. expand full story

Panasonic Stories April 11, 2019

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) fell early this morning after a questionable report stated that the automaker and its partner Panasonic have suspended their investments in the expansion at Gigafactory 1. expand full story

Panasonic Stories January 22, 2019

Toyota and Panasonic have confirmed that they are starting a wide-ranging new battery joint-venture to manufacture and sell battery cells for electric vehicles. expand full story

Ever since Tesla’s inception, Panasonic has been the automaker’s only approved battery supplier when it comes to its electric vehicles.

Now Tesla is reportedly looking to approve its second one in order to supply battery cells to Gigafactory 3 in China. expand full story

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