Chrysler Stories November 28, 2017

Rumors that Apple plans to develop and market a self-driving vehicle may have gone cold, but CEO Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged that the company is working on a ‘large project’ around autonomous systems.

The latest detail in the story comes via Jalopnik which reports that Apple may have leased Chrysler’s old proving grounds which could be used for testing autonomous cars.

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Chrysler Stories July 21, 2017

When we say that the lack of awareness is surprisingly still the biggest problem for electric vehicle adoption, this is a good example.

Chrysler says that they don’t want to call their Pacifica Hybrid a ‘plug-in’ electric van because they think it has a bad connotation in most of the country.  expand full story

Chrysler Stories April 19, 2017

The electric plug-in version of Chrysler’s new and well-received Pacifica van has been delayed for a while even though hundreds of customers had already placed orders.

FCA is now announcing that they are finally starting deliveries and they offer a peace-offering to customers who have been waiting. expand full story

Chrysler Stories January 12, 2017

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today issued a notice of violation to Fiat Chrysler (FCA) over alleged violations of the Clean Air Act for installing and failing to disclose engine management software that changed the emission results of their vehicles – just like several other automakers over the past year.

While those ‘DieselGate’ scandals are disappointing for the light they shine on what is an unscrupulous corporate culture of cheating, they also clearly show that the best way to reduce emissions from vehicles is electric propulsion and not increasingly more deceivingly efficient diesel engines. expand full story

Chrysler Stories January 7, 2017

The Consumer Electronic Show, now only known as CES, is becoming a popular trade show for the automotive industry. The auto section was a significant part of the show this year and while it was light on new products, we decided to give ‘Electrek awards’ to the best of CES 2017 for electric vehicle products. expand full story

Chrysler Stories January 3, 2017

Chrysler has been rumored to be unveiling an all-electric version of its plug-in hybrid Pacifica minivan at CES this week. As it turns out, the automaker is indeed unveiling an all-electric minivan, but not quite the Pacifica.

The company unveiled the ‘Portal Concept’, an autonomous and electric van “for millennials”. expand full story

Chrysler Stories December 9, 2016

After a rare step into electrification with a so far well-received plug-in hybrid version of the Pacifica minivan, Chrysler is reportedly ready to move to an all-electric version of the vehicle or at least an all-electric vehicle based on the same platform. The new vehicle is expected to be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas next month. expand full story

Chrysler Stories June 13, 2016

FCA’s outspoken CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has been known to make unpopular but frank comments about electric cars and the future of the auto industry. The man in charge of Alfa, Fiat, Chrysler and Jeep, called for its customers not to buy his electric car, the Fiat 500e, because he estimates the company is losing about $10,000 per units.

In a recent interview with Car Magazine, he reiterated his comments and elaborated on how he doesn’t understand how anyone can make money selling electric cars other than to comply with government mandates. He also made some interesting and somewhat confusing comments on Tesla’s success. expand full story

Chrysler Stories May 25, 2016

Google today announced that it will open a self-driving car technology development center in Novi, Michigan, which is about 30 miles outside of Detroit. Google has had teams working from Detroit for the past few years, but this marks the company’s first physical presence in the area.

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Chrysler Stories May 3, 2016

Following a report this morning from Bloomberg suggesting that Google and Chrysler were about to announce a deal that would see Google’s self-driving technology being implemented in Chrysler’s upcoming new Pacifica minivan, the CEOs of both companies have now confirmed an agreement albeit not exactly what was being discussed earlier today.

While this morning’s report suggested a plan to work on a few “dozens of self-driving prototypes” in order to later bring the technology to the production version of the Pacifica, instead the deal would now see Google buying about 100 Pacifica minivans from Chrysler to use as prototypes,  but no exactly like it does with its current Lexus SUVs, and the Mountain View company will provide a “technological crash course” in self-driving technology to Chrysler though the new partnership. expand full story

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