video Stories March 25, 2020

The M2S All Terrain R750 sits in the sweet spot of off-road, comfort, and commuting. The price is great, too, starting at $1,499 (early adopter pricing has concluded).

M2S has made great choices on components and price, making a down-to-business bike without adding frills that often bulk up the price. The R750 has a plentiful amount of electric power, which is paired especially well with the size.

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video Stories July 7, 2016

tesla commercial

It’s well-known at this point that Tesla doesn’t pay for advertising, the company prefers spending its money in R&D and service (though it has a significant marketing budget), but that doesn’t stop fans from creating unofficial TV spots for the automaker’s flagship sedan. expand full story

video Stories May 11, 2016

EGO Power Plus Lawn mower review

I like the idea of doing lawn work. Through all of the sweat and heat, there’s a deep sense of satisfaction once the job is completed. I think I enjoy it primarily because it’s the antithesis of my daily routine as a tech blogger.

Sadly, there are some things that make it hard to enjoy the traditional lawn care routine. The putrid smell of gasoline, the allergies, dealing with mowers that won’t start, the deafening noise, the numbing vibrations of the handle, running out of gas, etc.

The very idea of an alternative-powered lawn mower always appealed to me, but their shortcomings were too much for me to seriously consider one…until now. expand full story

video Stories April 18, 2016

Model S facelift bjorn

Tesla officially unveiled the updated Model S last week, but only released a few promo shots and updated the renderings on its online design studio. Now that the new vehicle is making its way to showrooms and service centers across the world, we get to see the vehicle in more details. expand full story

video Stories April 14, 2016

Tesla Introduces Self-Driving Features With Software Upgrade

Self-driving cars are expected to facilitate the life of a lot of people with disabilities, like the visually impaired, but also some elderly people who often face restrictions when driving after a certain age.

Of course, it will require a period of adaptation as evidenced by this 70 years old woman’s first experience with the Tesla Autopilot caught on video. expand full story

video Stories April 13, 2016

Gigafactory march 2016 video

Although far from having completed the project, it’s quite impressive what Tesla accomplished in the Nevada desert in a little less than 2 years – of course that’s with the help of several contractors and its partner, Panasonic.

After breaking ground in July 2014, before even announcing a deal with the state, Tesla has now completed the first phase of its giant battery factory, which should soon be officially inaugurated.

You can watch a quick time-lapse of its construction below. expand full story

video Stories April 9, 2016

autopilot save

We’ve seen some close calls saved by the Model S’ active safety features powered by the Autopilot, like auto emergency braking preventing a 45mph head-on collision here, but today we take a look at a great example of Tesla’s auto emergency steering at work. expand full story

video Stories March 23, 2016

ludicrous top speed test

We’ve seen plenty of Tesla Model S 0 to 60 mph acceleration tests, but we’ve rarely seen tests of the car’s top speed, which is advertised at 155 mph (250 km/h). So rarely, that I forgot that the speedometer actually turns red when approaching the top speed.

It’s probably due to the logistics of testing a vehicle at such speed, which can’t be done outside of a select few roads and tracks, but today we get to see a fun and quick test in all legality from AutoTopNL on the Autobahn. expand full story

video Stories March 21, 2016

Alpha Model X

We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous Tesla drag races over the years, more recently a Model S vs a snowmobile, but this one easily takes the first prize. At first glance, it might look like a fair fight, a Alfa Romeo 4C versus a Alfa Romeo 4C, but the second one is actually being towed by a Model X P90D.

If we want to be more accurate and look beyond the gimmick, the race is really between a Alfa Romeo 4C and a Tesla Model X P90D towing ~2,500 lbs, which is still an interesting experiment.  expand full story

video Stories February 21, 2016

model x assembly line

Tesla released over the weekend a new short video of a timelapse of the Model X assembly line titled: “Symphony of robots building Model X“. expand full story

video Stories February 19, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.29.59 PM

Last weekend, Tesla brought the Model X to the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto for the vehicle’s Canadian debut and someone took the opportunity to make a 360° video of the all-electric SUV, which you can watch below the fold: expand full story

video Stories February 16, 2016

nissan self-parking chair

Nissan released this week a video of an intelligent “self-parking” chair concept leveraging its own self-driving car technology. The short video is worth a watch. expand full story

video Stories February 12, 2016

model x wing installationn

Tesla released an interesting albeit short video of its giant robots installing a Falcon Wing door on the Model X assembly line in Fremont, California. expand full story

video Stories February 9, 2016

HT world gov summit

Hyperloop Tech co-founder and CTO Brogan Bambrogan was at the World Government Summit to pitch the Hyperloop to a crowd of government officials and world leaders today. You can watch his full pitch below: expand full story

video Stories January 26, 2016

Elon Musk HK

Today Elon Musk sat down with CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout to talk about Tesla and some of his other projects at the StartmeupHK tech forum in Hong Kong. You can watch the video in full below. expand full story

tesla not a dream ad

It’s impressive how many quality amateur commercials were produced for the Tesla Model S. Maybe it’s because of Tesla’s own lack of advertising or because of the company’s arguably altruistic mission which could be inspiring amateur filmmakers, but either way we are not complaining. Keep them coming. expand full story

Revolutionize Your Commute

Last night, Tesla released a new video titled “Revolutionize Your Commute”. expand full story

video Stories January 25, 2016

Elon Musk hong kong event

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk held a special event for Roadster and Model S owners in Hong Kong today. Musk revealed that he hopes to obtain approval to soon enable the ‘Autosteer’ feature of the company’s Autopilot system, which has been disabled in Hong Kong since November, just a few weeks after its release. expand full story

video Stories January 16, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 1.12.03 PM

As Tesla is ramping up production of the Model X, we are starting to see more walkthroughs and mini-reviews of the all-electric crossover. expand full story

video Stories January 12, 2016

Model S Summon Drag Times

In its latest video, Drag Times demonstrated a potential application for Tesla’s latest feature. Drag Times used the new ‘Summon’ feature to  autonomously move the Model S a few dozen feet to “save” the owner from the rain by picking him up under a porte-cochère. expand full story

AP 7.1 45 -40

Tesla’s ‘Summon’ feature got most of the attention after the release of the version 7.1 of its software pushed via an over-the-air update this weekend, but the Autopilot’s ‘Autosteer’ feature also got a significant upgrade, which the following video beautifully highlights. expand full story

video Stories January 10, 2016

Tesla Autopark

The new “Summon” feature received most of the attention after yesterday’s release of Tesla’s software v7.1, but the automaker also released ‘auto perpendicular parking’, which adds to the ‘auto parallel park’ feature Tesla released in October with the update v7.0. expand full story

video Stories January 5, 2016

FFZERO video still

Electric car startup Faraday Future took its biggest step out of stealth mode tonight by unveiling its first concept car at CES in Las Vegas. As much as we didn’t want it to be true, the leak we publish early in the morning turned out to be correct.

As it turns out, despite Faraday’s short timeline aiming to bring to market its first car in 2017, the company is holding on showing its mass market car, which was only briefly mentioned during the presentation, and instead shows a “test bed” concept to showcase some technology and “design DNA”: the FFZERO1. expand full story

video Stories January 3, 2016

Model X towing a boat - Max Kennedy youtube

We get our first good look at the Model X’s range while towing at near full capacity courtesy of Signature Model X owner Max Kennedy. Max is one of the 208 Model X owners who had the chance to take delivery of the all-electric SUV before the end of the year, and he decided to start an interesting Youtube channel documenting his experience with the vehicle, especially with its towing capacity. expand full story

video Stories December 30, 2015

faraday teaser video 2

Faraday Future is only 5 days away from unveiling its car concept at CES in Las Vegas. Electrek will be there and we can’t wait. Faraday seems to know that because they keep teasing us with these short videos. expand full story

video Stories December 29, 2015

Mission E battery pack

An interesting video of the Porsche Mission E surfaced on Reddit this week. It gives us one of the best look of the interior of the concept and the structure of the electric drivetrain. expand full story

video Stories December 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.57.48 PM

Less than 2 weeks away from its big reveal at CES, Faraday Future released today a teaser video hinting at a new car ownership experience for its upcoming long-range electric vehicle. expand full story

video Stories December 18, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 6.13.25 PM

Tesla published a new video on its Youtube channel of a Model S traveling down the assembly line at its plant in Tilburg, Netherlands. The automaker opened the new 78,000 square-meter (840,000 sq-ft) plant in the city earlier this year. expand full story

video Stories December 16, 2015

dragtimes launch mode

Last week, Tesla released a new update with ‘Launch Mode’ to Performance Model S owners. The new feature assists the driver to accelerate “as quickly as possible” from a standing start.

DragTimes installed the update on its Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode and did some tests with mixed results. expand full story

video Stories December 14, 2015

Borat sheep model S

It’s the first time we hear about a Tesla Model S in Kazakhstan and as you can see, they are not making a great effort to distance themselves from Borat’s portrayal of the country. Indeed the first evidence we have of a Model S in Kazakhstan is from this video posted to Youtube yesterday of people trying to fit a sheep in the frunk of the car. expand full story

video Stories December 3, 2015

Musk Paris nov 2015On the margins of the UN conference on climate change in Paris, Elon Musk was at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University yesterday for a talk about what can be done to curb CO2 emissions, which he followed with a Q&A with students.

The main point Musk was trying to make during the talk was that the fundamental problem with carbon emission is that companies are currently incentivized to use fossil fuels rather than sustainable energy. He argued that to end the incentives, you need to attach a price to carbon emissions, and the best way to that is to introduce a carbon tax. expand full story

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.49.34 PM

DEFCON finally posted the entire video of the “How to Hack a Tesla Model S” presentation from the conference earlier this summer. Let me preface this by saying that Tesla already pushed OTA software updates to its fleet to fix the issues unveiled by the two security researchers, Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers.

Nonetheless, it is a very interesting talk worth the watch if the security of connected cars is an issue of interest to you, which to a certain degree, it should be. expand full story

video Stories October 8, 2015

drone giga oct 2015A new video posted to Youtube today gives us the closest and most recent look at Tesla’s Gigafactory. We get a good view of the exterior work Tesla has been doing on the battery factory, but we also recently wrote about Tesla acquiring several permits for multi-million dollar interior construction work, which gives us a good idea of the progress on this $5 billion project.

See the video below the break: expand full story

video Stories October 1, 2015

Watch the Model X’s panoramic windshield in the rain – “the water goes up” [video]

Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson was one of the first person to take delivery of the new Model X last Tuesday. He is already putting the car to the test with a road-trip accompanied by his VC colleague at DFJ, Bubba Murarka. Murarka posted a short video of the Model X in the rain, which is an interesting experience with the car’s panoramic windshield.

video Stories September 30, 2015


Tesla launched the Model X last night in Fremont. You can read our quick overview of Elon Musk’s walk-through of the vehicle here, but here’s the video of the event and a roundup of the videos shot during the press day leading up to the event.

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video Stories September 7, 2015

Test flight of manned aerial battery-powered multi-rotor drone [Video]

A youtuber (gasturbine101) built a manned drone prototype powered by 54 rotors equipped with small battery packs. He posted a video of a 6 minute test flight last week. 

video Stories May 18, 2015

A new video of Tesla’s battery factory in Sparks, Nevada was posted to Youtube today. The video shows the progress the company made in the last few months on the planned 10 million square feet facility.

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