Tesla Pickup Truck Overview Updated June 13, 2019

Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla's all-electric pickup truck

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March 2016 - June 2019

CEO Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla making an all-electric pickup truck for years now, but he said that third generation vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, were the priority for now. When revealing his ‘Master Plan Part Deux‘, Musk confirmed that Tesla has been working on a pickup truck but that the company is still in the ‘early stages of development’.

Nonetheless, he later added that we should expect an unveiling of the concept in “6 to 9 months”, which should end up being in early to mid-2017. It is expected to be in production within the next 3 to 4 years (2019-2020).

Not much is known about the vehicle at this point and we are stuck with only unofficial renderings from artists, like the one above, to help us envision what a Tesla pickup truck could look like.

Additionally, Musk did say that Tesla will likely build an all-electric cargo van on the chassis that it is developing for its pickup truck.

Tesla Pickup Stories June 13

The hype around the Tesla Pickup truck is bigger than ever and the mystery around the design is certainly helping. Now that we have more information about the electric pickup truck, some people are starting to imagine what it would look like with drawings and renderings. expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories June 11

During Tesla’s 2019 Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk gave a slight update to the timelines for the Tesla pickup truck and Tesla Semi truck. expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories June 2

Elon Musk made interesting new comments about the upcoming Tesla Pickup truck, including a first hint at the starting price, which he aims to keep under $50,000, and some of the functionality. expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories April 24

Tesla is planning to unveil its electric pickup later this year and the design of the vehicle is probably the most mysterious than any vehicle in Tesla’s history.

Now, a car designer is trying to imagine what Tesla Pickup Truck look like — love it or hate it? expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories March 27

Tesla’s electric pickup truck is set to be the next vehicle to be unveiled by the automaker and they have been teasing it over the last year.

Now, CEO Elon Musk hints at the towing capacity crushing the competition. expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories March 16

Elon Musk sent the Tesla community into a frenzy with his cryptic teaser of Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck.

Here’s how people have been trying to understand the teaser image: expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories March 15

Elon Musk has released the first teaser image of Tesla’s electric pickup truck, which he describes as a ‘cyberpunk’ truck and inspired by Blade Runner. expand full story

Electrek’s Jamie Dow just eloquently laid down the argument that it’s OK that nothing was surprising about Tesla’s Model Y unveiling last night even though people were expecting a ‘one more thing’.

But Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that “there was something, but no one caught it” — it’s rumored to be the electric Tesla Pickup. expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories March 7

A Tesla carrier was spotted with a truckload of Tesla vehicles, which is nothing out of the ordinary, aside from the fact that one of the vehicles was a camouflaged pickup truck – sparking speculation about Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup. expand full story

Tesla Pickup Stories March 4

Tesla’s electric pickup truck is going to be unveiled later this year and it will feature the mysterious futuristic design that CEO Elon Musk has been talking about for a while now. expand full story

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