In order to attract the almost 5,000 Tesla Model S owners in the Netherlands to its fast-charging station network, Fastned announced today that it will add Tesla CHAdeMO adapters to its 50 stations across the country.

Tesla has already 7 Supercharger locations in the Netherlands

The company says that the adapters should be available by the end of the month. Fastned CEO Michiel Langezaal:

“Before the end of March Tesla drivers will have 50 extra fast charging stations in the Netherlands. They don’t have to make detours to fast-charge, thus saving time and energy.”

Indeed, Tesla owners now have more fast-charging stations to choose from and like Langezaal said, it could save them some time traveling, but a Model S can charge at about 250 km/h at Fastned’s stations while it can charge at twice that rate at the Superchargers. Also, Superchargers are free to use, while Fastned charges €0,35/kWh – still cheaper than petrol though.

Nonetheless, electric vehicle onwers always like more infrastructure. Tesla driver and board member of the Dutch Club for Electric Drivers Vincent Everts commented on the announcement:

“This is a great initiative by Fastned, which shows impressive growth with its current 50 fast charging stations. With this CHAdeMO adaptor I can now recharge everywhere in The Netherlands up to 250 km/hr. When your battery is low you know that there will always be a station close-by.”

You can visit Fastned’s website to find all their locations. last year, the company announced a deal with Nissan to offer free charging to new LEAF owners and also confirmed preparing its stations for next generation charging at a rate of 300 kW – though that’s not for any time soon.

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