CHAdeMO Stories April 28, 2020

On April 24, the CHAdeMO Association released the 3.0 version of its charging protocol. It was co-developed by the China Electricity Council, setting up a global battle of EV quick-charging protocols between a Japan-China alliance – and automakers in Europe and the US that use the CCS standard.

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CHAdeMO Stories June 3, 2019

Tesla has sold a CHAdeMO quick charge adapter for Model S and X for a while now.  When Model 3 hit the road using the same plug as the S and X, people assumed the adapter would work with the Model 3, but early tests showed that it did not.

That seems to have changed today with an update to Tesla’s shop, which now states that the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter is compatible with “the North American version Model S, Model X, and Model 3.”  It has also been added to the “adapters” section of Model 3 accessories.

Update: not long after this post, Tesla changed the text in their shop again, and it now states that “CHAdeMO is not compatible with Model 3,” contradicting the page from earlier today (which you can see via Wayback Machine). expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories August 27, 2018

The world of electric vehicle charging standards is still fragmented, but some leaders are starting to clearly emerge.

While most automakers and EV charging station makers seem to be turning to CCS, China, which developed its own standard, is now turning to CHAdeMO to develop a next-gen ultra-fast EV charging standard. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories June 15, 2018

The battle of different electric vehicle charging standards is still very much ongoing, but they all have something in common: they are all pushing for faster charging.

CHAdeMO has now unveiled its new protocol for 400 kW ‘ultra-fast’ charging. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories October 26, 2017

YEARS in the making, EVgo this week released their first app for consumers on both Android and iOS. I’ve tried it on both platforms and have gotten similar results in a little over a day of testing with two separate EVgo 50kW DC fast chargers. I tested both the Chevy Bolt with CCS SAE Combo charger and the Tesla Model X with Chademo adapter. So, how’d we do? expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories December 22, 2016


Utah, Colorado, and Nevada are three of the nation’s leading examples when it comes to EV ownership. Each is host to a number of charging stations and Colorado even offers a stipend to potential EV owners when shopping for a vehicle; in fact, it’s one of the most generous states in the nation in that regard.

Those states’ governors announced on Monday that they will be teaming up on a new initiative to create an EV charging network, making travel for EV owners easier than ever. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories March 2, 2016

fastned tesla map chademo

In order to attract the almost 5,000 Tesla Model S owners in the Netherlands to its fast-charging station network, Fastned announced today that it will add Tesla CHAdeMO adapters to its 50 stations across the country. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories February 5, 2016


Charging protocols and standards are fuelling an ever evolving debate in the electric vehicle industry. Some are calling for a global standard, while others are just fine with multiple infrastructure efforts using different adapters. Where does Tesla fit in this debate? The company has been developing its own charging infrastructure called “Superchargers“, while offering a range of adapters to let Tesla owners use other charging networks. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories December 21, 2015


BMW and Nissan jointly announced today an important partnership to deploy DC fast charging stations at 120 locations across 19 states. The locations are equipped with Greenlots-networked charging stations, which include both CHAdeMO and CCS (Combo) connectors, suitable for all DC Fast charging-capable electric vehicles in the U.S. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories September 10, 2015

Australia brings online its own “Electric Highway”

The Royal Automotive Club of Australia opened the “RAC Electric Highway“; a network of charging stations along the Australian west coast.

CHAdeMO Stories July 5, 2015

The CHAdeMO fast-charging standard increases in popularity with Nissan championing the program by recently installing over 1,600 CHAdeMO charging stations at their dealerships in Japan, bringing the worldwide total to over 8,550. expand full story

CHAdeMO Stories January 16, 2014


A nice option for a truly impressive little EV car. However 20 minutes for every 80 miles of drive time doesn’t really let you take long trips (vs 20 minutes for 170 miles on the Tesla Model S.

It would also have been nice if Chevy was compatible with Nissan/Toyota/Mitsubishi’s CHAdeMO Fast DC chargers so the companies could blanket more the the country with compatible chargers. expand full story

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