MINI electric Stories January 25

Thanks to a passionate team of enthusiasts at MINI Plant Oxford, sustainable driving fun is now available in a classic car body – with factory backing! The MINI Recharged program stuffs an original Mini with pioneering technology in the spirit of making a more circular economy.

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MINI electric Stories December 10, 2021

Images of the upcoming refreshed electric Mini Cooper have leaked, showing significant exterior and interior changes including redesigned taillights and a rimless center screen.

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MINI electric Stories August 3, 2021

Move over, Mini Electric, there’s a new price-friendly EV in town. Nissan has released pricing on its all-electric 2022 Nissan LEAF, and it’s pretty aggressive. The automaker slashed the LEAF price by over $4,200 compared to the 2021 models, making it the most affordable EV in the US… at least for now.

Check all the latest EV prices in the Electrek EV Low Price and leasing guides.

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MINI electric Stories December 2, 2020

Last month we reported on rumors that BMW had greenlit development of a high-performance “GP” version of the electric Mini. Today BMW announced that the car is indeed being worked on, but it will be designated as a “John Cooper Works” model, a name reserved for the brand’s highest-performance, track-ready vehicles.

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MINI electric Stories October 28, 2020

BMW announced that it will release several new all-electric vehicles under the Mini brand in the next few years, including electric crossovers.

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MINI electric Stories July 27, 2020

When BMW’s Mini announced that it would finally bring back the Mini Electric a full decade after the car had been previewed in limited release for potential EV owners, there was some excitement in the air. The Mini has always represented a fun, exciting, and compact car that could be quite popular in an EV form.

The record scratch moment came when it announced a range of barely 110 EPA miles and that its 32.6 kWh battery size was actually smaller than the Mini E demonstration car that people loved a decade ago.

Fast forward to this week when I finally got to drive, and to my surprise, really enjoy, the Mini SE…

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MINI electric Stories June 16, 2020

BMW, the owner of the Mini brand, understands the vital importance of the Chinese auto market. And the Chinese government has aggressive goals for electric vehicles. So it’s not surprising that Mini will use a Chinese joint venture to produce two new SUVs: one all-electric and another powered by internal combustion.

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MINI electric Stories August 13, 2019

BMW disappointed some with the specs of the new all-electric Mini Cooper SE, but many others are apparently still looking forward to it, as the automaker claims to have received “over 45,000 reservations” for the new all-electric car. expand full story

MINI electric Stories July 9, 2019

BMW has introduced the long-awaited all-electric Mini with its new Mini Cooper SE. We already know what it looks like but do its specs impress?

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MINI electric Stories June 20, 2019

BMW is preparing to launch the Mini Electric next month and ahead of the unveiling of the production version, the automaker is teasing the new all-electric vehicle and opening orders in some markets. expand full story

MINI electric Stories May 31, 2019

BMW is going to launch an all-electric Mini car later this year and in order to promote the vehicle, they released a new video of a Mini all-electric towing a 150-ton Boeing 777. expand full story

MINI electric Stories May 28, 2019

It’s been ten years since the original MINI E hit the road in limited numbers, and BMW is ramping towards production of a new model slated to be released next year.  This weekend we saw a short video of the MINI Electric‘s production line, showing that the car seems to be pretty far along and just about ready for prime time.

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MINI electric Stories March 28, 2018

For a while now, BMW has been saying that its next all-electric vehicle after the i3 is going to be an electric Mini, but instead of unveiling the production vehicle, the German automaker has been unveiling electric Mini concept vehicles one after the other.

This week, it is unveiling the third concept electric Mini vehicle: “the classic Mini Electric.” expand full story

MINI electric Stories February 23, 2018

The electric Mini is expected to become BMW’s first all-electric vehicle in almost a decade when it enters production at its main plant in Oxford.

Now the German automaker also announced its intention to bring the vehicle to China. expand full story

MINI electric Stories August 30, 2017

Ahead of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW unveiled the design concept of the Mini Electric that will be debuting at the show.

The concept vehicle is setting the tone for the first all-electric Mini production vehicle, which BMW plans to produce in 2019. expand full story

MINI electric Stories October 5, 2015

MINI-E-RACE-Ring-4BMW’s MINI brand has been expected to come out with a battery-powered vehicle for a long time now. In 2009, when BMW was first working on its “i” program, which eventually resulted in the i3 and i8, the company produced a few hundreds “MINI E” to test its electric drivetrain technology, but the vehicle never made it to a wide release.

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Auto Express spoke with MINI’s product management chief Ralph Mahler who didn’t rule out an electric MINI, but it wouldn’t be for anytime soon… expand full story

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