MINI Stories July 27

Freshly electrified brand MINI has introduced a new concept called the Aceman – a design preview of its future generation of electric models in the premium small car segment. The Aceman’s unique design features sustainability factors like zero chrome or leather – plus, it sort of glows in the dark.

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MINI Stories January 25

Thanks to a passionate team of enthusiasts at MINI Plant Oxford, sustainable driving fun is now available in a classic car body – with factory backing! The MINI Recharged program stuffs an original Mini with pioneering technology in the spirit of making a more circular economy.

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MINI Stories January 12

The BMW Group had an incredibly successful 2021, with its BMW and Rolls-Royce brands posting record sales. The big news, however, is on the electric side, with sales of battery EVs from BMW and MINI more than doubling over 2020.

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MINI Stories September 2, 2021

German automaker BMW has announced an updated timeline to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire life cycle of its internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, including the entire production process. In an announcement ahead of next week’s IAA Mobility conference in Munich, the local automaker announced its new goal of a 40% reduction of 2019 CO2 levels by 2030, up from its previous goal of 33.3%.

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MINI Stories March 14, 2021

Mini will stop selling gas cars by 2030, according to a report by Der Spiegel. The brand also plans to introduce its last gas model in 2025 and for half of its sales to be electric by 2027.

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MINI Stories July 27, 2020

When BMW’s Mini announced that it would finally bring back the Mini Electric a full decade after the car had been previewed in limited release for potential EV owners, there was some excitement in the air. The Mini has always represented a fun, exciting, and compact car that could be quite popular in an EV form.

The record scratch moment came when it announced a range of barely 110 EPA miles and that its 32.6 kWh battery size was actually smaller than the Mini E demonstration car that people loved a decade ago.

Fast forward to this week when I finally got to drive, and to my surprise, really enjoy, the Mini SE…

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MINI Stories November 29, 2019

BMW and Great Wall inaugurated their new joint-venture that is going to build a factory in China to produce 160,000 electric vehicles per year, including new electric Mini vehicles. expand full story

MINI Stories July 22, 2019

Oliver Zipse is set to take over as BMW CEO next month, and while his predecessor drew criticism for overseeing a slow transition to electric cars, new comments from Zipse make it sound like the automaker is staying the course.

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MINI Stories July 10, 2019

BMW is looking to produce an electric Mini for 2022 based on the Rocketman concept it first revealed years ago, according to a new report.

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MINI Stories July 9, 2019

BMW has introduced the long-awaited all-electric Mini with its new Mini Cooper SE. We already know what it looks like but do its specs impress?

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MINI Stories November 1, 2018

Over the next year, Mini will bring its first all-electric vehicle to production in England.

BMW says that it is now investing millions in battery pack production in Germany in order to support the new Mini electric production. expand full story

MINI Stories July 12, 2018

In the epitome of teasing a vehicle release, BMW didn’t release actual sketches of its upcoming electric Mini.

Instead, it released today design sketches of features that will be in the production version of the vehicle coming next year. expand full story

MINI Stories November 29, 2017

The Mini Electric is expected to be BMW’s first new electric vehicle in a series of new production EVs coming to market in the next few years.

Now a board member of the company suggests that it could result in the brand going electric only – not unlike Daimler did with its smart car brand in North America. expand full story

MINI Stories February 29, 2016


I’ve hoped to see an electric Mini make it to market ever since BMW produced a few hundreds all-electric “MINI E” cars to test its electric drivetrain technology for what eventually became its “i” electric brand, but the vehicle never made it to a wide release.

Now although not fully electric, we should “pretty soon” see the first electric vehicle from BMW’s popular Mini brand, according to a brand representative. expand full story

MINI Stories October 5, 2015

MINI-E-RACE-Ring-4BMW’s MINI brand has been expected to come out with a battery-powered vehicle for a long time now. In 2009, when BMW was first working on its “i” program, which eventually resulted in the i3 and i8, the company produced a few hundreds “MINI E” to test its electric drivetrain technology, but the vehicle never made it to a wide release.

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Auto Express spoke with MINI’s product management chief Ralph Mahler who didn’t rule out an electric MINI, but it wouldn’t be for anytime soon… expand full story

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