discount Stories October 29, 2021

TurboAnt, makers of both electric bikes and electric scooters, aims to answer 3 rides in one with the Thunder T1 electric bike. Being a jack of all trades, the Thunder T1 can tackle the trails, blast to work, and even has a touch of comfort for a Sunday cruise.

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discount Stories July 18, 2016

Tesla referral program round 4

As we discussed when Tesla announced its last round of the referral program, the automaker is still tuning the program since the first round over a year ago now. Tesla went through 4 rounds with the latest ending last Friday and each round had different rules, rewards and discounts.

On occasions, Tesla waited a few weeks before launching a new round, but now we learn that the company quickly renewed the referral program for the fifth round with again a $1,000 discount on both the Model S and X. expand full story

discount Stories March 15, 2016

model 3 design studio

Update: We’ve updated the post with confirmation that Tesla will be offering employees early access to Model 3 purchases but will not be offering employee discounts. 

A Tesla source has informed us that at least a few employees have been told that they will have first dibs on Model 3 reservations before the general public get access on March 31st. A guess would put this near the March 23-25th timeframe for employees. It isn’t clear if all employees would be eligible for the early reservations.

Currently, Tesla employees only get discounts on pre-owned and floor model Model Ses and will eventually on Xes as well – just like customers. And, just like for customers, Tesla doesn’t offer any kind of discount to its new vehicles other than through its referral program, which currently offers $1,200 credit for the installation of a charging station. expand full story

discount Stories December 28, 2015

BMW i3 black

A group buy organized by Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) helps bring the price of the BMW i3 down to $25,000 from the standard base MSRP of $44,000. expand full story

discount Stories November 13, 2015

Tesla ChinaTesla rarely, if ever offer discounts at the purchase of its products, but with its ambitious goal to deliver between 17,000 and 19,000 vehicles globally in the last 3 months of the year, it seems the company resorted to offering a significant discount to new Chinese customers.

The company announced through a blog post on its Chinese website that from November 15 to December 31, it will offer up to 80,000 Yuan ($12,500 US) in discount at the purchase of a Model S under its “fuel vehicle replacement” program. expand full story

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