BMW i3 Stories July 19

The BMW i3 has mainly seen relatively small incremental upgrades and big battery cell updates since its launch back in 2013.

Now the all-electric car is rumored to get another battery cell upgrade to push the range over 200 miles. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories May 21

The use of electric car battery packs to create large energy storage projects is becoming increasingly popular.

Now, a new one made of BMW i3 battery packs is connecting to the UK National Grid and has become one of the largest to date. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories April 2

As BMW confirmed that it is about to unveil a series of new all-electric vehicles this year, a company executive said that they are considering getting rid of their current only all-electric vehicle, the BMW i3, and their plug-in hybrid of the same sub-brand, the BMW i8. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories March 23

Norway’s electric vehicle association decided to put 5 popular all-electric vehicles to a thorough winter test to see how they performed under harsh conditions.

Between the Nissan Leaf, VW e-Golf, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Opel Ampera-e (Chevy Bolt EV), and the BMW i3, the association tentatively declares the Ioniq as the winner. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories March 5

When you are an executive at an automaker, especially the CEO, you generally drive a vehicle made by your company.

It was the case of Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann, but now that he left the automaker in the midst of GM selling the company to the PSA Group, the executive, who tried to steer Opel toward becoming an electric-only automaker, went all-electric himself with a Tesla and a BMW i3.

Here’s why it is interesting. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories March 1

Pacific Gas and Electric customers in California can (now until May 31st) receive an additional $10,000 off the price of a BMW i3 via the instructions on the press release below. They join Southern California Edison customers and New Jersey’s PSE&G customers in getting the $10,000 rebate.

That’s in addition to the $7500 federal tax credit and the $2500 California State EV credit for eligible incomes as well as use of the HOV lanes and other incentives. PG&E throws in a $500 Clean Fuel rebate as well. That’s a total of $20,500 off the price of the BMW i3 which starts at around $44,500 making the final base cost of the i3 $24,000. Find BMW i3 inventory and lowest prices using this link.

expand full story

BMW i3 Stories January 18

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) made a big deal of its announcement that it is leasing 288 electric vehicles, including 160 fully-electric vehicles (mostly BMW i3s) back in 2015.

But now that the fleet has been in operation for over a year, a report shows that the all-electric vehicles are barely being used. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories December 6, 2017

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled its new 2018 i3 electric car with a small design refresh and new sport package.

Today we get to take a look at the new EV with a twist – through augmented reality with BMW’s new app using Apple’s ARKit. expand full story

The BMW i3, which is the German automaker’s only all-electric car, is also offered with a gas-powered range extender and the option is now putting the company in trouble with the UK’s consumer watchdogs.

The automaker is being asked to pull an ad that markets the vehicle as “clean” and “zero-emission.” expand full story

BMW i3 Stories October 26, 2017

BMW celebrated today the production of its 100,000th i3 electric car at the Leipzig plant in Germany today.

While that’s a cool milestone, that wasn’t the coolest thing happening at the Leipzig plant today. For the occasion, they also inaugurated a new battery storage facility powered by old BMW i3 battery packs. expand full story

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