BMW i3 Stories January 18

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) made a big deal of its announcement that it is leasing 288 electric vehicles, including 160 fully-electric vehicles (mostly BMW i3s) back in 2015.

But now that the fleet has been in operation for over a year, a report shows that the all-electric vehicles are barely being used. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories December 6, 2017

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled its new 2018 i3 electric car with a small design refresh and new sport package.

Today we get to take a look at the new EV with a twist – through augmented reality with BMW’s new app using Apple’s ARKit. expand full story

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The BMW i3, which is the German automaker’s only all-electric car, is also offered with a gas-powered range extender and the option is now putting the company in trouble with the UK’s consumer watchdogs.

The automaker is being asked to pull an ad that markets the vehicle as “clean” and “zero-emission.” expand full story

BMW i3 Stories October 26, 2017

BMW celebrated today the production of its 100,000th i3 electric car at the Leipzig plant in Germany today.

While that’s a cool milestone, that wasn’t the coolest thing happening at the Leipzig plant today. For the occasion, they also inaugurated a new battery storage facility powered by old BMW i3 battery packs. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories August 29, 2017

This week, BMW unveiled the 2018 version of its flagship all-electric vehicle, the BMW i3.

Unless you are a true fan of the i3 program, you probably won’t see anything major with this new version, which doesn’t feature any significant powertrain upgrade, but there are a few new nice changes.  expand full story

BMW i3 Stories July 27, 2017

Someone paid over $100,000 for this ridiculous-looking all-electric BMW i3

The all-electric BMW i3 is already considered weird-looking for a lot of people, but at ~$43,000, it can be reasonably priced after EV incentives.

Now someone was willing to pay a lot more for an even more ridiculous-looking version of the electric car.

BMW i3 Stories July 20, 2017

On the new electric vehicle front, BMW had nothing to offer since launching the i3 and i8 almost 5 years ago and they are not expected to have a new EV built from the ground up to be electric until the end of the decade.

But they could be releasing updated versions of their current EVs in order to compete with new longer range electric cars coming to market. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories July 5, 2017

After Zero Motorcycles’ e-bike powertrains being used to power electric jetskis, now BMW’s i3 battery packs are powering electric boats.

The German automaker confirmed today a deal with Torqeedo, a German boat manufacturer, to use their battery pack in a new electric boat powertrains. expand full story

BMW i3 Stories May 16, 2017

The opinions of people on the BMW i3 seem to be very divided. They either love the car or simply hate it. It is either good or bad. Black or white. Is that accurate though? Can it be placed in a box like that or is there more to this little EV?

I think there is a lot more to this car than meets the eye. The i3 seems to be the only car over a long period of time where BMW actually took a risk and thought outside of the box. BMW went all out and built a car that was entirely new from the ground up. And when I say new, I don’t mean new, like the new 5 series is new. No, I mean new as in using a new approach with new materials, based on a new design and with a new way of propulsion, i.e. electric.

BMW thought way outside of the box and built a very efficient and lightweight electric vehicle. I lease an electric-only i3 from 2015, and over the last so many months I have put more than 10,000 miles on it, driving it all over the NY metro area. I drove it during warm summer days, during torrential downpours and during the Stella snowstorm. By now, I think, I have enough miles under my belt to know (and share) what it is like to daily-drive the BMW i3. The last twelve months have changed the way I see this car and it is anything but simply black or white. Some features, I love and some others I don’t. Read on and find out what it’s like to drive in, and live with, the BMW i3.

expand full story

BMW i3 Stories March 20, 2017

Vattenfall, an important energy company in Europe, unveiled last year a new 2.8 MWh energy storage facility built with batteries from over 100 BMW i3 electric cars.

It was an interesting project since they are using used battery modules from electric vehicles, but now the company has announced a different contract with BMW this week to buy brand new i3 battery packs directly from them for the same reason. expand full story

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