EPA Stories June 23

The upcoming Mustang Mach-E GT

Ford’s performance SUV EV has a very large battery at 88 kWh. But with those bigger motors and sporty tires, will the Mustang Mach-E GT and Mach-E Performance retain its ability to go on long drives?

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EPA Stories June 11

Porsche's Taycan Cross Turismo

Probably the biggest concern with Porsche’s Taycan is the car’s seemingly low EPA range, especially compared to other EVs in its class. We had a chance to review the bigger, off-road Cross Turismo variant last month and came away thinking that Porsche would be less conservative with its EPA range estimates this time around. We were right but only slightly…

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EPA Stories April 26

EPA acknowledges federal law, drops trump’s illegal attempt to block California clean air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Monday that it is “reconsidering the previous administration’s withdrawal of California’s waiver to enforce greenhouse gas standards for cars and light trucks.”

EPA Stories February 2

All automakers have dropped support for a lawsuit that threatened California’s long-held legal ability to set its own emissions rules, as reported by Reuters.

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EPA Stories December 17, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Representative Deb Haaland (D-NM) for secretary of the interior and Michael S. Regan as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Haaland (pictured above left) will be the first Native American cabinet secretary and head of the Department of the Interior. Regan (pictured above right) will be the first Black man to head the EPA. Both appointments will need to be confirmed.

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EPA Stories November 10, 2020

After four years of being filled by such industry mouthpieces as corrupt oil stooge Scott Pruitt and lying dirty coal advocate Andrew Wheeler, it looks like the Environmental Protection Agency is set to resume its actual purpose of protecting the environment come Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

While Biden’s selection for EPA head has not yet been announced, one name that should be familiar to electric car enthusiasts is reportedly on the short list: Mary Nichols, head of California’s Clean Air Resources Board (CARB).

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EPA Stories September 29, 2020

The head of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Andrew Wheeler mocked and threatened to block California’s recently announced plan to phase out gas-powered cars.

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EPA Stories July 15, 2020

On January 9, Donald Trump announced there would be an overhaul of the US’ landmark environmental law, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Today, he finalized a rollback of the NEPA.

This drastically limits the ability of citizens and communities to learn about and give input on major infrastructure projects that could threaten public health and the environment.

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EPA Stories June 2, 2020

The Trump administration has eliminated states’ and tribes’ rights to halt projects that risk hurting their water quality by rolling back a section of the Clean Water Act (CWA).

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EPA Stories May 1, 2020

Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier this week claimed that the “Long Range Plus” version of the Model S was robbed of achieving a 400-mile range rating by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During the Q1 earnings call, Musk said that the EPA left the car’s door open and the key inside when stopping during range testing, resulting in the car losing 2% of battery capacity. The EPA now refutes Musk’s claim.

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