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I actually bought a $1,000 electric boat from China. Here’s what showed up

Chinese electric boat alibaba

Ever since I helped my dad upgrade his fishing kayak with an electric motor, I’ve been angling for an electric boat of my own. And with some significant internet digging, a deep breath and, a leap of faith, I sent $1,000 off to China for an electric boat I found on Alibaba. A few months later, this is what showed up.

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Awake launches ‘easiest eFoil ever’ as beginner-friendly flying electric surfboard

awake vinga 3 electric hydrofoil board

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to ride a flying electric surfboard but have been put off by what looks like a steep learning curve, then you’ll want to check out Awake’s new VINGA 3 electric hydrofoil board. The company just launched the eFoil board as a beginner-friendly platform for newcomers to the sport.

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Cheap mini e-truck? Flying electric boats? Top 5 wildest non-car EVs I tested this year

Top 5 wildest electric vehicles

One of my favorite things about the electric vehicle industry is just how much diversity there is in the designs and types of EVs hitting the market. Part of that is due to the way electric drivetrains help break the mold of aging design constraints, but it’s also due to a new wave of forward-thinking engineers boldly pushing products in new and exciting directions.

As Electrek‘s resident tester of all things not-cars, I was fortunate enough to get behind, on top, and inside of some interesting and far-out forms of electric transportation. Here are the top five wildest and most awesome personal electric vehicles I tested in 2022.

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These are the most fun electric watercraft we tested this year

candela c-8 electric boat

Here at Electrek we often get first dibs at testing some of the newest and most interesting electric watercraft in the industry. From electric boats to personal electric watercraft and everything in between, 2022 was a big year for anything electric that floats.

These are some of the coolest and most interesting electric watercraft we tested this year.

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From electric boats to surfboards, these are the wildest EVs I’ve tested all summer

I’ve had the pleasure of testing a wide range of interesting non-car electric vehicles. From three-wheeled Fun Utility Vehicles that can hit 75 mph to flying electric boats to Harley-Davidson’s flagship electric motorcycle, it’s been a wild few years.

But this summer has been especially jam-packed with fun electric vehicles ranging from electric watercraft to e-bikes and long range electric motorcycles. These are the top five wildest EVs that I’ve tested this summer.

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I tested Awake’s epic 37 mph electric surfboards and survived. Here’s how it went [with VIDEO]

It was a beautiful morning in Stockholm when I rolled up on a sandy beach, ready for my first electric surfboard experience in two years. I’m not a complete beginner at e-surfboards, but my couple of sessions over the last few years don’t exactly make me a seasoned professional either. Even so, I was excited to test out some of the most high-performance electric surfboards in existence: Awake’s RÄVIK boards.

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Candela C-8 first flight: Testing the most premium flying electric boat in the world

candela c-8 electric boat

Let’s be real: There just aren’t that many flying electric boats in the world. But even if there were, the Candela C-8 would undoubtedly be at the top of the list for premium models. Not only is it competing well against (and sometimes outselling) internal combustion engine boats in its class, but the Swedish boat is racking up sales all over the world ahead of the first shipments later this year.

Candela was kind enough to invite me out to Stockholm to spend a few days on the first ever C-8 prototype, and now you get to join me as I relive the amazing experience of flying silently over the Swedish archipelago.

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World’s first flying electric taxi boat, the Candela P-8 Voyager, unveiled in Venice

candela p-8 voyager electric boat

Stockholm-based Candela, the world leader in hydrofoil electric boats that fly above the surface of the water to consume significantly less energy, has just unveiled its newest electric watercraft: the Candela P-8 Voyager. Designed to replace traditional water taxies and commercial passenger watercraft that have conventionally relied on combustion engines for power, the P-8 Voyager is preparing to usher in a brave new world for maritime transportation.

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The world’s most extreme 35 MPH electric surfboard just got… even more extreme!

Swedish electric surfboard company Awake has spent several years enjoying elite status in its industry, known for creating the most extreme electric surfboards that money can buy. And now with the Awake RÄVIK S 22, the company is splashing down with yet another new board that continues to push the limits of what e-surfboards can do.

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Candela’s flying electric boats raises additional €24M for scaling up mass production

It’s only been a few months since Stockholm-based Candela announced plans for its mass-produced C8 electric hydrofoil boat, but production planning is moving full steam ahead. And now, things may begin moving into overdrive thanks to a large new funding round that will see €24 million added to the company’s war chest.

It’s the largest funding round ever completed by a European boat maker, gas-powered or electric.

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Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: $700 electric sea scooter bodyboard

There is no shortage of fun-looking electric vehicles on Alibaba, the mystical and sometimes downright oddball Chinese shopping site. And while I normally find something decidedly more land-loving for my Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column, this week we’re going to get a bit wet.

So grab some sunblock, inflate your arm floaties, and join me in the shallow end of the pool while we check out this awesome little electric sea scooter that will either have you cracking open your wallet or cracking open a new bottle of dramamine.

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Electric bodyboard/water scooter review: Firduo’s electric jet board rips through the surf!

firduo electric bodyboard

Bodyboarding the old-fashioned way is plenty of fun, but what if the sea is too calm (or you’re in a pool or lake)? Then an electric bodyboard can give you the same thrill no matter what type of water you’re in. I just had the chance to test out Firduo’s electric bodyboard, and I haven’t stopped smiling since!

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