QuantumScape Stories July 27

In a letter to shareholders recapping Q2 of 2021, solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape has offered some exciting updates surrounding its solid-state battery technology. In addition to making progress on its pre-pilot manufacturing facility, the company is also developing and testing multiple layered versions of its solid-state batteries as part of a timeline for scaled production in the next several years.

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QuantumScape Stories March 23

In a press release this week, solid-state battery manufacturer QuantumScape announced it’s seeking additional funds to expand its QS-0 pilot line. The company plans to use the funds to double the size of the originally announced pilot line. QuantumScape will use this pilot line to manufacture prototype cells for its partner Volkswagen Group and other potential automakers.

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QuantumScape Stories February 16

Solid-state battery maker QuantumScape has announced a plan to build a new pilot battery production factory in California.

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QuantumScape Stories December 8, 2020

QuantumScape unveiled the data about its new solid-state battery technology today, revealing some impressive results with fast-charging and long-range capacity.

It received praise from many battery experts, including Tesla co-founder JB Straubel, who described the result as “a major breakthrough.”

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QuantumScape Stories November 27, 2020

QuantumScape (QS), a battery startup backed by Volkswagen and Tesla cofounder JB Straubel, went public with a bang today.

The stock is already up more than 50%.

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