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This new street-legal electric utility vehicle is a mini pickup with a dump truck bed


Club Car, an iconic golf cart producer, introduced the Club Car Urban LSV and XR on Wednesday, its latest street-legal electric vehicle. The Club Car Urban EV is a mini pickup built to get the job done with a dump truck bed for conveniently hauling and dumping payloads with several other cargo options.

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The new Pepsi challenge: Coke and Pepsi race toward sustainable delivery fleets

Coke and Pepsi are fighting for first again. Only this time, they are battling for the right reasons. A few days before Pepsi is set to receive its first Tesla electric semi trucks on December 1, Coca-Cola has exciting news of its own – the company has begun deliveries in its new electric truck fleet.

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The Shyft Group receives first pre-order for 2,000 units of its Blue Arc electric delivery vans

electric delivery vans

Specialty vehicle manufacturer The Shyft Group has received its first pre-order for all-electric walk-in delivery vans under its new Blue Arc sub-brand. The initial order comes from one of the largest automotive dealer groups in the Carolinas and will consist of 2,000 Blue Arc electric delivery vans to begin.

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Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: World’s smallest taco truck

tiny taco truck

One of the coolest things about the funky electric vehicles sprinkled around China’s largest online shopping platform is their small size. They often look like they were inspired by full-size vehicles, but then somehow shrunk in the wash. Though this week’s entry in the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column looks like it might have partially melted in the wash too.

That’s a win for us though, since now it gets to become the world’s smallest taco truck!

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EAVX, Morgan Olson, and REE Automotive share live demonstrations of Proxima electric van

One year after announcing a collaboration with JB Poindexter subsidiaries to develop commercial EVs, REE Automotive, EAVX, and Morgan Olseon have kicked off live demonstrations of the Proxima van – a joint prototype combining MO/EAVX’s new body and REE’s P7 platform.

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Canoo stock doubles as Walmart orders up to 10,000 EVs in deal that includes warranted shares in company [update]


EV startup Canoo continues to feverishly lay the railroad down right in front of itself as it chugs along its route toward scaled production. A recent feeling of dread has been encapsulated by the company’s low stock, but new life has been injected into Canoo in the form of an order of at least 4,500 delivery EVs from Walmart, with the possibility of up to 10,000 in total.

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REE Automotive shares robotic assembly update and teases walk-in van prototype


Electric vehicle technology company and platform provider REE Automotive has offered two updates to its progress in the commercial EV segment. First, REE has proven its cloud-based robotic assembly approach and is on schedule to implement it in the UK followed by the US. Additionally, REE has teased its first commercial EV developed alongside JB Poindexter subsidiary, EAVX. REE Automotive and EAVX’s walk-in van prototype will begin customer evaluations this summer.

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Arcimoto’s fun 75 mph electric three-wheelers are NYC’s newest little right-sized delivery vehicles

joco arcimoto deliverator

Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicles (FUVs) have proven to be a versatile three-wheeled electric vehicle platform for all sorts of interesting variations. From camera cars to ambulance trikes, an FUV can be just about anything. And thanks to a new partnership with urban e-bike delivery company JOCO, New York City is about to get a fleet of delivery EVs built on Arcimoto’s ultra-versatile platform.

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With outrage over the USPS’s gas-guzzler plans, should it buy these electric cargo bikes instead?

Electric cargo bikes, especially four-wheeled versions that function as mini delivery vans, are becoming an increasingly common solution for mail delivery around the world. As USPS struggles with its own delivery van ordering scandal, the latest example of alternative lightweight and efficient electric four-wheeler delivery vehicles saw yet another European country demonstrating the effectiveness of switching away from gas-powered mail trucks.

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The Shyft Group signs multi-year agreement with Proterra to power its Blue Arc electric delivery vans

Proterra Shyft Group

The “Proterra Powered” moniker continues to expand throughout the commercial EV industry, as The Shyft Group is the latest OEM to sign a multi-year supply agreement to use Proterra battery systems in its vehicles. Shyft Group will implement Proterra’s battery technology into its modular EV chassis and Blue Arc electric delivery vans.

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Nuro shares third-generation autonomous delivery vehicle with external airbag, BYD to help with assembly

autonomous delivery

American robotics company Nuro has just introduced the third version of its autonomous, zero-occupant last-mile delivery vehicle as it enters pre-production. Together with the help of BYD North American, Nuro hopes to manufacture the first zero occupant autonomous vehicle to be produced at scale this year. This third-generation EV comes with some cool features too. Do I smell pizza?

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