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Aptera’s clever new community funding program prioritizes your SEV delivery the more you invest

Aptera funding

One week after sharing details of its Launch Edition Solar EV, Aptera Motors has announced a community funding program called Accelerate Aptera, hoping to raise between $20 and $50 million. By investing a predetermined minimum, reservation holders have a better chance at receiving delivery of one of the 2,000 Launch Edition Apteras planned. Better still, the person who invests the most on the leaderboard (yes, there’s a leaderboard) locks in delivery slot #1.

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The future of solar EVs dims: Lightyear is bankrupt, Sion fights for its life, Aptera on the brink

Solar EV

It’s been a real tough month for the few but extremely innovative solar EV companies out here. Having just announced a shifting of its business strategy and a request to suspend all payments to its operating company, Lightyear has officially declared bankruptcy. Sono Motors’ flagship solar EV, the Sion, is staring down a similar barrel, as the startup fights to raise more funds to keep it alive. Meanwhile, Aptera has a production-intent design, but still needs millions of dollars to get it to production.

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Aptera takes customer feedback to heart, quickly makes DC fast charging standard on all solar EVs

Aptera DC charging

Just a few days after sharing specifications of its Launch Edition solar EV, Aptera Motors has backtracked on a previous comment stating that its upcoming vehicles will not come with DC fast charging capabilities. Aptera has now let its community of loyal fans know it hears them, vowing to equip all its solar EVs, including the aforementioned Launch Edition, with the capability to charge on Tesla’s supercharger network.

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Aptera debuts Launch Edition solar EV, but start of production will take some time… and money

Aptera EV

Aptera Motors has inched closer than ever to customer deliveries of its flagship solar EV donning the company name. During a webinar presentation earlier today, the California-based startup unveiled new details its Launch Edition solar EV – a unified configuration that includes all-wheel drive and 400 miles of range, but Aptera still has a few financial and infrastructural hurdles to overcome before it can start delivering these solar EVs to the masses. More below.

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Lightyear 2 waitlist goes live, 500+ mile range solar EV priced below $40K for US customers

Less than a month after kicking off production of its flagship solar EV the 0, Lightyear has begun teasing images of its second, much more affordable model, the Lightyear 2. Following an announcement this morning, Lightyear has opened up its waitlist to pre-order the Lightyear 2, which will be sold in the US, UK, and Europe. It promises to deliver over 500 miles of range on a single charge with the help of our Sun and start at an MSRP below $40,000.

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Weird Alibaba: This funny-looking $2,000 electric mini-truck is solar powered

solar electric truck

We like to think that we have it all figured out in the West, but while we’re still trying to get solar electric cars off the drawing board, China’s EV engineers already have them driving around. Look no further than this awesome little three-wheeled electric truck that just happens to have enough solar panels to give it nearly infinite range — at least while the sun is out.

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Sono Motors launches Hail Mary purchase campaign to keep Sion solar EV alive

Sono Motors

Hours after posting its Q3 2022 results, Sono Motors CEOs and cofounders Jona Christians and Laurin Hahn offered a public statement outlining the financial struggles of its Sion solar EV program, which now teeters on the edge of being scrapped so the company can focus on its revenue-generating B2B solar technology business. Before it gives up however, the Sono team has launched a 50 day campaign called #saveSion which implores its community of reservation holders to commit to a solar EV purchase to help kick off a 12-month journey to get the Sion into production.

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Lightyear wins race to market with start of solar EV production in Finland

Just six years after what began as a solar vehicle competition among students, Lightyear has reached a watershed moment in clean mobility. Today, the company officially kicked off the start of production for the Lightyear 0 solar EV at Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, Finland, and we were fortunate enough to be the only US media outlet in attendance. Today not only proves that solar EVs are possible, but also scalable, kicking off an even more sustainable echelon of zero-emission mobility.

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Bosch to handle Sion Solar EV repairs under partnership with Sono Motors

Bosch Sono

Solar EV developer Sono Motors has found a service and repair partner in fellow German company Bosch. The two parties announced that when Sono’s flagship Sion SEV begins deliveries in Europe, owners will be able to have all maintenance and repair services performed under a network of shops within the framework of the Bosch Car Service network.

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Aptera names solar cell supplier as it begins panel production for solar EVs that ‘never need to charge’

Aptera solar

Solar EV startup Aptera Motors has just announced another major milestone in bringing its long-promised flagship model into production. Solar cell production is now underway with the help of Maxeon Solar Technologies – the newly announced cell supplier to Aptera as part of a “cross-company collaboration.”

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Lightyear 0 solar EV dethrones GM’s EV1 as the most aerodynamic production car ever made

most aerodynamic car

As it sits mere months away from bringing its first solar EV to market, Lightyear is once again showcasing the potential of its Lightyear 0. Following a series of drag-coefficient tests in Germany under WLTP conditions, the Lightyear 0 SEV should hit the market as the most aerodynamic production car ever built. Its test numbers shatter a title held by GM’s EV1 dating back to the late ’90s.

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Aptera publicly debuts the gamma version of its 1,000-mile-range solar electric vehicle

Following the teasing of interior images of the gamma version of its upcoming solar electric vehicle (SEV) last month, Aptera officially debuted the full prototype in front of a crowd in San Diego at Fully Charged Live. The gamma version now marks Aptera’s biggest milestone as it approaches SEV production in 2023.

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Sono Motors is on track to put over 32,000 solar electric vehicles on roads this decade

Sono electric vehicles

Sono Motors is trying its damndest to stay at the top of everyone’s news feed this week. In addition to announcing it has received over 20,000 reservations for its upcoming Sion solar EV, Sono Motors has announced a new partnership for retrofit solar implementation on city buses. Additionally, car subscription platform FINN has upped its previous Sion reservation up to 12,600 units, bringing Sono’s demand for solar electric vehicles up over 32,000 units.

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Lightyear announces Koenigsegg as investor and ‘technology-sharing partner’ for future EVs, like Lightyear 2

Lightyear Koenigsegg

Solar EV manufacturer Lightyear has announced Swedish high-performance sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg as its latest investor. Furthermore, the latter will join Lightyear in a “technology-sharing partnership” in which both automakers will share proprietary and patented information to develop ultra-efficient vehicles like the upcoming Lightyear 2.

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Sono Motors unveils a new and improved production design of its Sion solar EV

During its inaugural “Celebrate the Sun” community event held in Munich today, Sono Motors debuted the production design of its upcoming Sion solar EV. Not to be outdone, Sono Motors followed up with an additional world premiere, unveiling its new “Solar Bus Kit” that can be retrofitted on existing city buses to help reduce carbon emissions.

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Aptera announces two new supply agreements to bring its flagship SEV to serial production

Aptera production

Following news of a strategic deal for electric motors announced last week, Aptera Motors has announced an additional agreement to receive lithium-ion battery cells from EVE Energy Co., Ltd. With two new supply agreements in place, Aptera moves one step closer to serial production of its flagship solar electric vehicle.

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Lightyear launches production version of its flagship solar EV, renamed the Lightyear 0

During an online global premiere today, solar EV startup Lightyear unveiled the final production-ready design of its first vehicle, the Lightyear 0, formerly known as the Lightyear One. After six years of development, the Lightyear 0 is available for order ahead of first deliveries this fall.

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Squad Mobility officially launches its Solar City Car optimized for private and shared EV use

Following three years of development, Squad Mobility has officially launched the SQUAD Solar City Car – a two-seater solar electric vehicle (SEV) that can be driven in several EU countries without a driver’s license. Designed for both private ownership and shared mobility, the compact SQUAD Solar City Car will soon be able to bridge the gap between passenger EVs and electric two-wheelers.

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Sono Motors and Valmet Automotive sign terms to manufacture Sion SEVs in Finland, but will hike prices again

Sono Valmet

Sono Motors announced it has signed a term sheet with contract manufacturer, Valmet Automotive, to produce the latter’s Sion solar electric vehicle (SEV) in Finland beginning in 2023. Due to increased manufacturing costs and a need for additional funding, the Sion SEV will soon see a second price increase in less than six months.

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Many Aptera 2022 reservation holders report delivery dates pushed to 2023-24, company claims to remain on schedule

Aptera Deliveries

Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) startup Aptera Motors appears to have delayed some deliveries of its flagship vehicle, according to reports from multiple reservation holders. The Aptera SEV recently entered beta phase of development and was previously on track to begin first deliveries late this year. According to Aptera, it remains on track to hit this 2022 delivery target, although it’s unclear how many reservation holders will see Aptera deliveries before year’s end.

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Aptera tests a beta version of its SEV at the track ahead of production later this year

Aptera Beta version

Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) startup Aptera Motors, recently shared test footage of the beta version of its upcoming SEV. The SEV prototype was seen on a test track alongside the three alpha versions already unveiled by Aptera. The beta version represents Aptera’s last phase before pre-production and deliveries later this year.

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An up close look at the Aptera SEVs and interview with co-founder Chris Anthony

Aptera SEV

Solar EV startup Aptera recently invited Electrek to visit its current headquarters in San Diego, CA, and see the alpha versions of its Aptera SEVs close up. In a sit-down interview with Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony, I was able to gain insight into Aptera’s future plans as it navigates its beta phase of SEV development and looks to begin production in 2022.

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Sono Motors now has 15,000 Sion reservations valued at $385 million, SEV price increase to come

Sono Motors reservation

German EV startup Sono Motors has confirmed that it now has 15,000 reservations for its flagship Sion solar electric vehicle (SEV). Accounting for an average down payment of $3,300, Sono Motors is currently valuing its total orders at $385 million from consumers throughout Europe. The company also shared details of an imminent price increase to its Sion SEV.

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