When it comes to electric vehicles, Yamaha’s electric bicycle division has been charging into the future while its electric motorcycle division has been oddly quiet and unproductive — at least outwardly.

But now we’re getting a new look at a series of electric motors that Yamaha has been developing — motors that could rapidly progress Yamaha’s EV efforts.

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August 2

This is an ongoing journal of my first few weeks with Model Y. Check out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, too.

One of the most important jobs for our Model Y is getting the whole family up to our summer/ski condo in Vermont from our home outside of NYC. The trip is around 180 miles. Our Model X 90D would get such poor range that we’d almost always have to make a Supercharger stop along the way in order to make it with confidence. I should note that the route is quite curvy and hilly, and the last leg is climbing a mountain, so it isn’t a straight shot by any means.

So one of the things I’m hoping to get from the Model Y is the ability to make it the whole way comfortably, without charging. To make it more interesting, we added bikes to the back, using our freshly installed tow hitch. Would the Model Y be able to make it?

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August 1

  • Two new groundbreaking, comprehensive studies prove that reducing air pollution saves lives.
  • UN Secretary-General António Guterres has new youth leaders to advise him on climate action.
  • July 29 was International Tiger Day, which highlights the importance of protecting the species.
  • And more…

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July 31

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